More Evaluations


We had Ella Kate’s sensory evaluation a few weeks ago. I completely forgot to update about it. We took EK to get tested for Sensory Integration Disorder. There is been a link between hearing loss and sensory integration (in some patients). The symptoms we saw in EK that lead us to believe she had SI was constant motion, getting into peoples faces, oral fixation, not being able to sit still in the car, always wants her shoes, jacket, and backpack on, and a few other things. The eval went well. She gave us some things to work on home and we were supposed to go back in 2 weeks.

Amy couldn’t really pinpoint what would help Ella Kate. She wasn’t a black and white case of sensory integration disorder. As we worked at home we gathered more info on what helped EK and what didn’t seem to make a difference.

We came to the conclusion EK has mild sensory integration disorders secondary to core weakness. Amy gave us exercises to help EK strengthen her core. She’s using the wrong muscles causing her to not feel like she’s exercised her muscles and feeling the need to continually move to make up for that lack of pressure.

We’ve worked with her for a month off and on. We’ve gone from fighting her to do the “wheelbarrow” exercise to now being able to walk across the room on her hands while we hold her feet and then she puts pieces into the puzzle propping herself up on one hand while we continue to hold her feet. It seems to have helped calm her down in everyday life as well. We need to work on it more often.

We were supposed to go back for another appt but I had to cancel because I am exhausted. The end of school has been full of lots of awesome things that have completely drained me. More on that later. For now, I thought I’d finish this sensory post. :)

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    • You all are always on our hearts and in our prayers. Hope you are feeling better Jenn. Love to you all.

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