Since we’ve been back-I just thought May was bad


I’m singing “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson in my head now because of my catchy title to this post.  I use the term catchy very loosely.  So, we got back on Friday.  We left at 9am and got back at around 5pm.  I kid you not, we stopped for a total of 15 minutes the whole 10 hours.  We are not afraid to just keep driving.  The boys may have allegedly gone potty in a bottle so as to keep from stopping.  Thankfully they did not have to boom boom while we were driving.  That would be a phrase I just stole from Big Bang.  That show owns me.  And when we got home, we don’t rest, we keep going.  I had everything unpacked and loads of laundry going before bedtime.

We had a wedding Saturday evening.  The wedding was only about 15 minutes.  It started at 5 and we were finished with the reception by 630…and we were one of the last ones to leave.  We had paid a babysitter to feed, bathe, and put our kids to bed, so we weren’t about to head home just yet.  We ended up going to Starbucks and chatting with our friends till 10.

Sunday we went to the lake with my family.  My cousin and aunt and uncle were in town from Oklahoma and Texas.  It was so good to see them!  Courtney, my cousin, came back home with us.  I wish she could live with us permanently.  She’s so fun to have around.  I don’t have siblings, so she’s the closest thing I have.  Love her to pieces.

Courtney stayed Monday and Tuesday.  We also had VBS that week as well.  We took Court back to my aunt and uncle on Tuesday.  We met them and my meemaw and papaw in Hartselle for dinner.  Then Wednesday Jeb was off work and we got an offer on our house.  We also took the boys 2 best friends home with us Wednesday from VBS.  They spent the night and Jeb took all the boys to see Epic.  We accepted the offer on our house and then Thursday I went to look at another house for us to buy.  Jeb and I had only seen it once before and we weren’t looking at it with the intentions to buy it.   I went back Thursday without Jeb since he was working, and we put an offer in on Thursday evening.  Our offer was accepted Friday. 


We had a rainy carnival at church Friday night and I helped a friend pack to move.  Then I think we just hung around the house Saturday.  I’m really not sure.  Life is starting to run together at this point.  Sunday was supposed to be lake day with our SS class, but it looked like rain.  We changed it to pool day.  We went back and picked up the Murphrees after church.

We fed all 6 kids lunch and then took them to the pool.  We were only an hour late.  I count that as a success.  The boys were best friends with the oldest 2 Murphree boys, so they have been so sad to have to say goodbye.  They had a blast together Sunday though.


This little guy is the littlest of the Murphrees and he makes me laugh so hard.  The Hornsby’s sure are going to miss all of the Murphree’s.  We trust that the Lord called them to move for a reason though.  Praying He will be glorified through it.  

This week, the boys have slept together in the floor every night.  I’m not sure how long it will last, but we don’t mind.  It’s summer afterall.  They fall asleep every night watching a tv show.  Monday we started therapy with a new therapist, and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC.  I love her.  I left feeling good about life instead of wondering why my kid hated therapy and why my kid always acted so awful in therapy.  So thankful for this new change!  Today I ate lunch with another friend who’s moving, and we had our inspector come for our house .  We got a 100.  Yay!  That’s one hurdle down and 3 to go.  The appraisal is supposed to be done on the house we’re buying soon.  I’ve gotten all the paperwork in, now we’re just waiting on appraisals and inspections.  So nerve wracking.

Also, we’re supposed to be getting a german shephard puppy Friday…you know, because we don’t have enough going on right now.  Thankfully they will board her while we’re on our anniversary trip, and while we’re homeless for 20 days after the closing of our current house and closing of our future house.  That’s a long story for another day.

So, there you have it.  I think I’m juggling at about my maximum right now…PTO President for next year, finishing up treasurer duties from last year, selling house, buying house, keeping current house clean, being mommy and wife, laundry, trying to make meals work out of the food we currently have so we don’t have to go to the store.  We are out of milk and bread, so Jeb is asking that I go purchase the essentials tomorrow.  It promises to not be the low key summer I had imagined, but I am so thankful for the Lords faithfulness during this whole situation.  Thankful for the sale of our home.  Thankful for us finding a new home.   So thankful. :)

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  1. Wow! German Shepherd. So pretty much ya’ll are also adding a 4th kid. Love the house. Beautiful!

  2. Fun, fun, fun. I also am so thankful for the Lord’s blessings. Loving and praying for you always!

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