Dogs and Marriage


Meet Eliza.  I wanted to name her Piper, but no matter how much I told the boys this house isn’t a democracy, they still tipped the scales when they sided with Jeb on Eliza.  I thought Piper was so cute.  Now we’re going to have to adopt a kid so I can name it Piper. ;).

Eliza is a full bred German Shepherd.  When she runs through the house it sounds like a horse is galloping through the house.  Her breeders said she’d get to be about 75 lbs.  She’s a little hyper right now.  She thinks when JL runs from her, he’s playing with her, so she chases him…which has led him to be terrified of her.  EK is skittish around her as well.

I’m hoping everyone will get used to her and she’ll get used to us soon.  She’s already wanting to play a lot more than when they first left her with us.       


And, 10 years ago today, Jeb and I got married.  Wow, things were different back then.  In 10 years we’ve moved 5 times (about to be 6), Jeb has started and completed med school and residency, we’ve had 3 kids, we’ve both had LASIK, we’ve lived in 4 cities, and we’ve been to Disney 19 times.  When we said “I do” we did it for life.  Every day isn’t easy, but we persevere.  It honestly has never been hard to be married to Jeb.  I never would have expected to have been here 10 years ago.  I am so thankful for the life we have been blessed with.  I can’t wait to see what comes in the next 10. :)

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  1. There’s always something fun going on at your house :) By the way, I like Piper too :)

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