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We’re having Ella Kate’s birthday party and celebrating with all of the friends who have been such a blessing and encouragement to us over the past 3 years…our way of saying thank you and celebrating her all at the same time.

Caden read a book to EK last night.  It was so sweet. :) Brown bear brown bear, what do you see?

EK and I do therapy every day at the kitchen table.  This is the bucket game.  She’s really good at it…when she feels like focusing.

She LOVES her some yogurt.  She only had 2 today, usually it’s more like 4.  I’m so glad she likes something with calcium in it.  Capri Sun isn’t cutting it when it comes to strong bones.

He was trying to slide down on his belly.  It was pretty anti-climactic since he ended up having to walk down on his hands.

Miss Priss here wanted to be in the middle of all the fun.  She LOVED the water and wanted to be right where all the boys were rough housing.  Makes this mama super nervous and jumpy.  She survived…and so did her glasses and implants.

The past 2 pictures were from CAden’s tball party.  It was so fun and all the kids had a blast.  There were 4 inflatables, a barbie jeep, see saw, and swing set.  The kids could have played for hours.

Today we went to therapy, to find out we didn’t have therapy.  In an effort to find something to do, we went to Target.  The kids got popcorn and drinks (and JL got a hotdog too – that big belly isn’t going to fill itself) and we meandered through the store and found a few things we didn’t really need, but bought all the same.  After that we ate lunch at full moon (where JL got macaroni and cheese to eat in addition to his hotdog), and then we got ice cream at CFA (yes, JL got an ice-cream cone too).  This is the picture I took right before we headed home.  EK wanted to sit back with the boys, so I let her.  She loved it!  She bothered Caden the whole way home.  She kept getting car cleaning wipes out and cleaning Caden’s feet with them.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures of them.  It captures their personalities so well…and shows how much EK is in love with her 2 crazy brothers.


The boys with their best friends Collin and Micah

Both boys had a t-ball games last night…at the same time. Collin and JL are on the same team and Caden and Micah played each other, so their parents and Jeb and I were walking back and forth between fields all night. :) Caden swung his little heart out, he struck out once and hit the ball once…and got tagged out. You know the best part?!? He didn’t freak out!! Whoop whoop! So thankful! We had to talk him through it some, but we were still so proud of him! We took them to Yogurt Mountain afterwards.Jeb and I started running. We have ran for a whole 3 days. :) We’ve been doing 2 miles per day around our neighborhood. Considering the only running I used to do was to catch a Disney bus, catch a child, or, um, maybe that’s all, I’m pretty proud of 3 days straight running 2 miles per day. We’re going to run a 5k. I’m not sure which one Jeb’s wanting to do, but I’m wanting to run in Birmingham. Therapy is going well. EK is participating more and more. She still will pull a stubborn stunt out, but is doing so much better. Therapy at home goes so much more quickly when she cooperates. Caden had his solo at school this morning. He did wonderful! He sings so beautifully. He does not get that from me. I’ll have to give credit to his daddy. We have a video of it, but I’m not so sure how to break it up in iMovie and imbed it all all of those tech-y things.



She wanted to wear her purse like her mama.  It made me smile.  :)  I love this little girl.  I have lots to update on, but not tonight because I’m tired….running, therapy, baseball, Caden’s solo at school, and life in general.  I’ll be back soon, but until then, just smile at the cuteness in this photo. :)


Oh, today was a good day. It was filled with mom coming, lunch at rumors with Jeb, shopping for mother’s day, laying on mattresses at Bedzz express, Walmart to buy post tball snacks, tball, and yogurt mountain as a celebration after tball.
My most proud moment of the day? It was when Caden struck out and didn’t freak out. Not even One. Little. Bit. So, tonight we’re so thankful for a pretty much drama free tball game (including ek sitting in her stroller quietly for a while). It’s amazing how much energy you have when you don’t use it on calming down your freaking out 6 year old…or as Caden would say “frucked” out.
So, I wanted to update y’all on Caden’s good behavior. Thanks for those of you who were praying for us!!
Here are a few parting pictures of JL which have nothing to do with the rest of this post.


This is where you’ll find me most nights. We have 2 weeknights off, Wednesday and Friday, otherwise we’re at the ballpark.  You know, it’s fun, really…except for the constant movement of my 2 year old and the ever impending emotional breakdown of my 6 year old.  The 4 year old, he’s fine.  More often than not, he’s fine.  He goes out on the field and does as he’s told.  When his game’s over he finds his friend Harrison and they play in the dirt until Caden’s game is over. EK, she has an innate desire to move constantly everywhere…everywhere except for where I encourage her to move. Since last Monday we’ve had 7 baseball/tball games.  We were supposed to have one more but it was rained out.  We had the regular tball schedule plus a tournament.  That made for some exhausted kids and parents.

By Saturday afternoon we were all in dire need of rest, ice cream, and a bath.  Caden blew acceptable behavior out of the water with his actions at his final ball game of the tournament.  His innate desire to win and be the best got the best of him and he had a come apart when he realized his team would not win and he could not get on base because they kept tagging him out.  We have noticed some issues with his ability to control his behavior and we are beginning to deal with it head on.  I think we’ve known about it in the past, but we’ve dealt with it on an as needed basis…like when he’d lose control.  Now we’re trying to deal with it before it becomes a problem.  We’re trying to identify triggers for his loss of control and talk to him about emotional stressors and things that make him feel loved.  We had a few things happen this afternoon, that on a bad day would have sent him over the edge, but today (after spending a family day together yesterday and being intentional about our conversations and interaction) he didn’t freak out.  It was a nice feeling to all get along and not have to yell.  I hope it continues.

At the end of the boy’s tournament, they each got a medal.  JL was cheesing it up with his.  You can’t help but smile with this kid.  As far as I can remember, baseball has been about the extent of our life the past week.

Sunday after church I asked the boys to prioritize what was the most important thing we did that afternoon.  JL said he wanted to play in the water.  Caden said he wanted to play Mario.  So, while EK was napping we played Mario and then once she got up we got out various and a sundry water toys and played in the water.  Each boy got what they wanted, and it was easy…which was a win win for all of us.

Today, Jeb was off, YAY!  So, we took the kids to school, came home and did therapy with EK (she’s getting better at the 2 step commands, just in case you were wondering), took JL his nap mat (because I cannot get everyone to school with all they need), and met the Yeager’s at their farm house for a tour.  Afterwards, we ate lunch, and headed home.

We got EK down for a nap and then had some rest time ourselves.  I made more bracelets for the kids and folded clothes.  I’m not sure what Jeb did.  I’m sure it was important and probably had to do with something on the computer.  At about 2:20 I looked at the clock and realized, “OH MY GOODNESS IT’S 2:21 AND WE HAVEN’T LEFT THE HOUSE YET!”

Thankfully my friend, Lois Ann, picked JL up at school and after getting Caden I went over to their house and got JL.  Later this afternoon we decided to head to the movies.  It looked like a big green lake was moving into AL, but the ball park hadn’t called JL’s game.  We decided to call it ourselves.  We got a friend to keep EK and we took the boys to see THE AVENGERS.  So good!  I love the Iron Man movies…and I realized tonight it’ s because there’s a little humor thrown in.  The Avengers is no different.  All 4 of us loved it….some of us got tired of watching it about the 1 1/2 hour mark, but that’s ok.  

JL liked it so much, he decided he needed to get into “uniform” when he came home.  As soon as we walked out of the theater he started asking for his Iron Man suit.  He cracks me up.  Speaking of JL cracking me up, please look at this school photo.

He told me he was looking at Sadie.  Goodness at that boy.  Well, that’s it for tonight.  Hope y’all are having a great week so far!


Last Sunday EK wore the cross necklace Grammy and Gramps gave her…

…and it survived!! The necklace still all in one piece!

EK got her own rain boots, so now she doesn’t have to wear mine, Caden’s, or John Luke’s!

EK got to sit in the back with JL. For months I wouldn’t let her because she’d take off her implants and/or glasses. This was a big day. :)

The boys put on a puppet show. It was the highlight of my day. This was one of the tickets. The puppet show had to do with raining, and there was some mention of Jesus in it too. It was kind of hard to follow. :)

JL had a petting zoo come to his school last week. He asked us to come with him to see the animals. EK loved seeing them.

JL hugging on EK in the hall. They LOVE each other. :)

The boys got to rest on the couch bed while we waited on Daddy to get home last week. He had to do some work at church, so it was late. This is a rare treat, so they were excited!

Showing daddy her beads we bought to make her new bracelets. She is now the owner of 4 new bracelets, and she’s also acquired JL’s Spiderman ring.

The boys after their semi-final tournament game. They lost, but most of the team was still in good spirits afterwards (when I say most, I don’t include Caden, but that’s a story for another day).