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Okay, now that I’ve updated on birthdays, here’s the day to day stuff going on. Pictures and bullet points is all I’ve got for you. We met my Daddy for lunch and discussed important world issues like SEC Football…actually I think we may have discussed some politics, but you see how that stayed with me…I definitely remember talking about our possibilities of going to a national championship game.

We have still been doing therapy. We usually take one or two days of formal therapy off on the weekends. We just try to make it more of a life therapy those days…work it in where we can but spend more time as a family. This particular day we did babble and used the turkeys feathers as a “reward” after she repeated the correct phrase. (i.e. I say pa pa pa, and she has to repeat exactly “pa, pa, pa”)

JL had a feast at his school. His feast included rolled up lunch meat, chips and dip, and carrots.

Ella Kate crashed the feast. JL didn’t mind having her there.

Our friend who works for Robert Aderholt pulled some strings and got this sign put in our neighborhood 1 day after she asked for it. One day turnaround in city government!?! Yes, it can happen.

JL put this on in Target. I said, “Take that off! You don’t know who’s….wait, let me take a picture first…okay now take that off!” I feel like he was channelling his inner Cousin Eddie.

We went to Opp and back in less than a day for Thanksgiving. To say we are running on empty around here would be quite the understatement.

After Opp we welcomed some of our best friends from college for the weekend. We celebrate Thanksgiving together every year and we watch Thanksgiving episodes of Friends as part of our celebration. We call our get together “Truth Day.” Remember the episode where everyone is telling everyone else’s secrets and Ross screams, “It’s Thanksgiving, not TRUTH DAY!” Love it.

This is a picture of Michael teaching the kids some sort of English lesson. Caden was giving us homework while we were watching the Alabama vs. Auburn game. At this point we were ahead 49-0.
We had 1 cat. Cat #1 left. 2 weeks later we got cat #2. 2 weeks after that we found cat #1. We have 2 cats now.  I have recently discovered I am allergic.  Good times.

We had craft day at our house after Truth Day. Our Sunday School class came over and we made these little nativity scenes. Caden created a lego version.

A couple of years ago I bought a doll at the Dollar Tree and we made him baby Jesus. We swaddled him and the boys LOVED it! Now on Dec. 1 we get out baby Jesus and they kids take turns sleeping with him and carrying him around during the day. It’s just one more way we can drive home the point that Christmas is about the birth of Christ!

My super talented friend Rachel designed some short advent lessons and posted them on It has been so fantastic to have a SHORT advent lesson to do with the kids. They are so ADD when it comes to sitting down and learning as a family. With time I know it will get better, but now, 3-5 minutes is our max.

Also, Jeb and I have both had the flu. We both took tamilflu and were better within 2 days. It is a miracle drug! Jeb tested positive for flu A. I never got tested, but was having severe body aches. I started tamiflu and was significantly better after a day! We both had flu shots, so I think it lessened our symptoms and it wasn’t too bad. The flu is rampant around here. Jeb’s seeing 80 patients a day in Hartselle. He’s exhausted by the time he gets home…and so am I.


Something I forgot to mention in my last post, the boys have their own rooms now!  They decided one Sunday morning they wanted to split up.  I thought it would be tough on them since JL hadn’t had his own room since he was 15 months old and Caden hadn’t since he was 3, but they really seem to like it.  Here’s a mid-way through photo of JL’s room:

Ella Kate got a little room makeover too.  Her room is the only one I have a final photo of, of course.  Poor boys.  They get the photo shaft most of the time.

We also got a cat.  Yes, my daddy is allergic to cats, so I was raised to think cats were closely related to Satan himself.  After I left my parents home I held firm to that belief, but eventually did some soul searching and concluded that cats weren’t all that bad.  My friend Jesse would like to take credit as that being her legacy to our children, cats.  She brought cats into our world.  They have 2 cats at their house, Edgy cat and Sally cat.  They started naming their animals after U2, but for some reason they stopped after thier initial naming of The Edge (aka Edgy cat).  I kind of wish our cat was a boy so we could have named it Bono.  Cat number 1 was given to us by a friend from Sunday School.  It was a pretty cat.  It hung around for about a week and a half.  We played with it on Halloween and then put it back outside…and haven’t seen it since.

Ever since Allie the Cat (aka Shila – the name given to her by her original owner) ran away, the kids (mainly JL) have been bugging me to get a new cat.  One afternoon we were discussing how after we knew Allie was definitely gone we would get a cat from the shelter.  I talked to them about how it was good to get a cat from the shelter because it had already had shots, been spayed or neutered, and had a micro-chip inserted into it…and they put animals down at the shelter after they’d been there too long…so we needed to rescue one.  Well, they started asking if there was any chance our cat who had run away was there…oh I definitely didn’t see that coming.  We ended up going to the shelter and Pet Depot to make sure Allie wasn’t at either place.  At one point during the afternoon I thought we were going to end up with a school of goldfish and a cat, but ended up with NOTHING.  I felt like that was a huge victory for moms everywhere.  However, he next day JL started in again about wanting a cat.  He knows how to get me to agree to something…bug the crap out of me until I cave.  Worked like a charm.  We got another cat.  This cat’s name is Izzie.  

Izzie is a sweet cat.  Until today she’d try to dart in the house any time the door opened, but tonight she calmed down and would stay in the garage when we’d open and close the door.  She went on an adventure with Jeb and the kids this afternoon.  She stayed right with them like she was a dog.  :)  That’s what I need, a cat that acts like a dog.  I really want a dog, but don’t need something else to potty train…because apparently I’m not so good with that these days.

Caden had his 5oth day of school last week.  They celebrated by dressing up in 50s attire, having a sock hop, drinking soda, and doing other 50sey things.  

We were rebels on Halloween.  We didn’t go to our church fall festival.  Yes, I know, we are horrible people.  Y’all don’t realize how much those things stress me out and make me anxious.  I do not cope well in crowds with Ella Kate.  Someday it will be fine.  Halloween 2012 was not that day.  We went trick or treating with some sweet friends, who I have deemed will now be our Halloween buddies.

Caden didn’t want to be anything for Halloween.  I don’t really push Halloween, so I didn’t really care that he didn’t want to dress up.  Dressing up isn’t really his thing anyway.  At the last minute he decided he would be a Trash Pack kid.  He was Rank-instein…or stink-instein…I don’t remember it’s Trashy name.  JL pulled an audible at the last minute and decided to be Mario.  Whatever.  I threw EK’s outfit together that day.  She was “girl in poofy skirt with adorable ‘pig tails.’”

I love these 2 boys.  They are the best of friends, which makes me so happy.

Here’s JL and Sadie.  They have been good buddies since they were 2.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long!    


JL says Sadie is his girlfriend.  He also says he’s “in love with her.”  I asked him what he thought love was, and I’d give anything if I had the conversation between him and Caden that followed my question.  JL mentioned love had to do with holding hands, getting married, and going on dates…then Caden chimes in, “Oh you can’t be in love then, you don’t have any money to take a girl on dates.” JL is notorious for spending every last cent once he gets any money, leaving him with nothing.  Here are a couple pics of Sadie and JL from Christmas last year.

This picture cracks me up.  Lukey is laid back on me all spread out, and Sadie has her hand perched on his knee. :)

And here they are before their Christmas Program


If only we could do an arranged marriage…


The Friday after Halloween was a Community Field Trip for Caden.  They visited different places in our community and learned about each one.  After they finished, the parents were asked to meet them at Depot Park for a picnic.  It was Caden’s birthday, so he got to wear his birthday crown.  He loved it.  He also loved that he got to check out after the picnic.  I need to add more about his birthday, but it deserves a post in it’s own.

We had some friends over Saturday night for the UA vs. LSU game.  That was one of the most nerve wracking games ive seen in a while.   I may have screamed at the top of my lungs and scared a small child toward the end of the game. The kids played together so well, which made watching the game more enjoyable.

Sunday I grabbed a craft I had planned on doing over the summer with them.  Better late than never.  The boys had fun building with their gum drops.  Ella Kate preferred to eat them.  

And that bring us to this past week.  You know, I envy the people who sit down every night and write on their blog.  I wouldn’t have to catch up on 3 weeks of info in one post.  I’ve almost fallen asleep 3 times since I started this…pressing on…We celebrated election day (not the election results…just the day).  I love a hands on activity, so I googled electoral college map and printed one out.  The boys then colored in each state as it was called out.  They had a great time, but then got too tired to stay awake…much like me right now.

Caden’s school always does a Veteran’s Day program, and honors the student’s family who are veterans.  Grandaddy has been able to be “Caden’s veteran’ the last couple for years.  I can’t get my picture of the two of them to upload to the blog.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Here he is with his teacher.

Today, Caden had his pizza party for his class winning most box tops.  They had 2,200.  That is so great because it means their classroom will be able to get $220 from Box Tops for Education!  Such a great program.  We cbecked Caden out after the party and hung around the house all afternoon.  We even got most of our Christmas decorations up.  :)  Well, that’s all I can muster up for tonight.  I still have NYC and C’s 7th (yikes!) birthday to post about.


This Christmas has been so wonderful!  The season has been long and I feel like we’ve soaked it in.  We’ve watched Christmas Vacation and Elf more times than I can count (they’re great background movies).  On Christmas Day we watched Home Alone 1 and 2.  And Christmas Eve we watched The Grinch.  I love Christmas Movies!!

The kids didn’t get up incredibly early on Christmas morning.  They got up around regular time….6:30.  From what I hear some kids get up later than that.  We’ve never had that happen though.  All of our kids are early risers.  As in, sleeping to 7:00 is sleeping in for us.  Even when the kids aren’t at home my internal alarm goes off.  I digress.  So, the kids got up and we all got ready for church.  We had just enough time to open up our stockings before we left for church.  The kids got some fun little things in their stockings, crayons, stampers, notebooks, pencils, erasers, jelly belly’s, star wars cup, legos, etc.  I loved my stocking growing up (and still do).  It’s was the “dessert” of Christmas.  The goodies after the big presents.  It made me giddy.  And Caden, of course, takes after me.  I mean, the degree to which we are alike boggles the mind.

So we headed to church ON TIME!  And got there at 8:30.  I mean that’s pretty crazy because we don’t get to church that early on a regular Sunday.  Why we were able to do it on Christmas is just a conundrum.  It really was a Christmas miracle.  We ate breakfast and then let the kids play in our little indoor playground.  We headed into the service at about 10:15.  The kids were semi-controlled during the singing part.  I resorted to feeding them jelly beans to keep them quiet toward the end.  During the preaching we headed to the atrium so the kids could play and color on the tables.  Ella Kate was in rare form.  She DID NOT want to sit still.  We toughed it out until the end of the service and then headed out toot suite.

Mom and Dad came to our house Christmas Day since we were in Huntsville Christmas Eve and were headed back on the 26th.  We had soup and sandwiches for lunch with strawberry pretzel salad and veggies.  I made short work of the 9 x 13 pan of strawberry pretzel salad.  I finished it off Wednesday night.  I can safely say I ate 2/3 of that ALL.  BY.  MYSELF.  I can strawberry pretzel salad for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snack.  I love it.  Anyways, we did a little scavenger hunt for the kids after we ate lunch.  We get them one big thing every year and do a scavenger hunt for them to find it (my parents did that for me every year and I LOVED it!).  Our kids LOVE IT TOO!  They would run as fast as they could from one clue to the next.  They had such a good time.  Their favorite part of the hunt was one of the clues that said, “Go and find the main computer, I promise your present won’t be a tooter.”  Oh, potty humor gets them every time.  Their big present was a .  It was a BIG hit!  EK went down it approximately 142 times that day alone.  They also got new big wheel’s from neena and pops (and EK got a radio flyer tricycle), and it was not a moment too soon either.  They literally rode their last Big Wheel until the wheels fell off.  I mean it really did fall into 3 pieces.  The screws came out.  The handle bars fell off.  And it had 2 holes in the wheel.  They loved that thing.  There was much despair and mourning the night it died.  I had to tell them they *might* get a newer better one for Christmas but they had to be patient.

We opened presents with Neena and Pops and then relaxed all afternoon.  EK took a nap and the boys played.  I took a short nap with EK and then woke up and watched Evan Almighty, which is very entertaining.  Before Neena and Pops left we made Christmas tree “cone-ifers” which has become a yearly tradition we got from a we’ve done every year (except this one).  It’s a sugar cone you turn upside down, ice with green frosting, and decorate.  Caden decorated his beautifully, JL did his quickly so he could get back to playing, and EK couldn’t get past eating the icing and then eating the cone.

After that we decorated Christmas cookies.  This is the first time I’ve allowed them to totally decorate by themselves and it was comical.  They had the best time.  It was a complete mess and the cookies probably didn’t taste good at all.  I wouldn’t know because I didn’t try them.  But, I wouldn’t trade the fun they had decorating them for the world.


Christmas night we got the kids to bed and then I stayed up till 1am taking down Christmas.  I get it up at the beginning of November and by Christmas I’m ready to get back to normal.  I left the tree up, but everything else came down.  The tree is actually still up and will be until after new years probably.

The day after Christmas we went to my Meemaw and Papaws house.  We had fun with them doing Bible Trivia, singing some songs, and fellowshipping with family.  My cousin Courtney came home with us and stayed a couple of days.  We had a good time catching up with her.  She was a huge help too because she kept the boys while I went to therapy with EK and while Jeb and I had to do physicals for life insurance.  :)  We all love Courtney!

Next up, Christmas with Jeb’s side of the family for New Year’s.  I’ll be back soon with that and an update on regular life things too.