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So, I’ve finished all of my Tuesday nightly duties…straighten up the house, help Jeb get kids to bed, make 3 lunches, get bags ready, take my shower, and now sit in the bed while watching something on TV. Tonight I’m watching Glee. They sucked me in with the promise of Michael Jackson. So, nothing big is going on with us. We’ve just been doing the usual. Church, Bible Study, grocery shopping, playing outside, going to therapy, eating at Chick-fil-a, and maybe that’s about all. So, about Glee, I really like the quality of the singing, but the dueling singing and the singing in the middle of the hall at school is a little bit much for me. So, here are a few things on my mind right now…this in no way is all encompassing of what’s in my head. :)

  • I am pale. I need to find a new bronzing lotion because the one I used a few years ago made me orange. I didn’t realize I was orange until a friend from church asked why I was orange. :) Thanks Rodney.
  • I LOVE these boots. And I would LOVE for them to go on sale.

  • made me do the ugly cry. You know, not the cute one you see on TV where a single tear flows down your cheek. The one where you make the horrible noises and snot goes everywhere. So, my daddy did the things this article said girls needed. He always told me to not date someone I wouldn’t marry, he hugged me so hard I couldn’t breath, he told me he loved me, he was/is the best daddy I could have asked for (he even sent me a spreadsheet today breaking down the price comparison of different vacation club point because he’s awesome). And i can imagine Jeb will do the same for EK. She’s 2 so, ya know, we haven’t really had talks about who she’s dating and such…but he tells her she’s pretty, kisses her, and hugs her tight while telling her he loves her. I know he’s will be and is the daddy she will/does need. So, why did I do the ugly cry? Apparently I don’t have a heart of stone. I may not want to watch Courageous and I didn’t cry at the Passion of the Christ (I know, gasp), but I have a heart for little girls (and boys) who aren’t shown love by their daddy’s (or mommy’s)…and the little boys and girls who don’t have families to love them. We have a heart for orphans. And I’m so thankful for my parents and how they raised me.Anyway, if you get a free minute, read the article. It is a blessing.
  • I LOVE store. It’s called the Blue Door Boutique and it’s in Columbus, GA. It would be the silver lining of going to Auburn (you know because Columbus is close to Auburn…get it?). I bought a couple pairs of leggings, a tunic, and a camisole from there. Love them!
  • – This is the BEST place to get bows. Where can you get a 6″ bow for $3? Or a 3″ bow for $1? And they ship the SAME DAY you buy! Crazy! Everything is $4 or less.
  • - This article made me say AMEN. Ella Kate is a challenge. She has cochlear implants, yes…but she also is 2 years old, stubborn, feisty, scrappy, and has the will power of say…me trying to plan a trip to Disney World. And just in case you didn’t know this…I love her with all my heart.
  • And here are a few things I love from Pinterest
  • This makes me laugh out loud every time I read it.

    I heart James Spann. He talked us through April 27.

    Thanks for the reminder. :)