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Fall Fun


Y’all.  We’ve been so busy.  I don’t want to blog.  Well, I want to get my thoughts out, but I also want to play Candy Crush, watch TV, and let my mind veg.  Usually after the kids go to bed, the last 3 things win out (well those and laundry).  Laundry, oh you are my nemesis.

So, here are a few tidbits of info.

Caden has settled in at his new school.  He’s still making all A’s.  He just turned 8, and he had 6 buddies over for his party.  They went bowling and 5 of them spent the night.  They had SO.  MUCH.  FUN.  He had the time of his life.  We have been incredibly blessed by some sweet boys who are his age.  We are so thankful!

JL has started kindergarten.  Like I said in my last post, he was the first golden apple in his class, such an honor. :)  He has also received 3 bug awards for “Being Unusually Good.”  He continues to be thoughtful, caring, and compassionate.  We are so proud of the boy he is becoming.

EK is progressing in her language by leaps and bounds.  We have changed therapists and they mesh so well.  We are so thankful for Mrs. Kelli.  She is a GOD SEND.  EK has caught up to her hearing age, and now we need to get her caught up to her actual age.  So thankful for the progress we are making.  She is still in Pre-K at CCPS.  She is loving school and she is doing really well.  She enjoys going, which makes it so much easier for me to drop her off.  She’s my other half, so it’s weird when she’s not with me.  EK was golden apple for her class a few weeks ago.  What an honor for her.  So thankful she is an example of good behavior in her classroom.

My dad got to go to “Pumpkin Carving with Dad” for JL’s class.  Jeb had to work, so I was thankful Dad was able to take time out of his day to hang out with JL.  He even came early and ate lunch with me.  :)  Love my daddy!

Jeb took 2 of his best friends to the UT vs. UA game a few weeks ago.  We all went to the quad to tailgate, and had a blast.

The next day the girls and I went to Target and the guys watched the kids.  They climbed a tree. :)

Then there was Halloween.  It was supposed to rain on Halloween (which it did. bah!), so we went out to a church trunk or treat on the day before Halloween.  EK was Rapunzel.  She is slightly obsessed with Rapunzel right now.  Caden was a soccer player.  He’s not the dressing up type.  We told him if he didn’t dress up he didn’t get candy…he decided to be a soccer player.  JL was Yoda.  He lives to dress up.

I have made it a priority to eat lunch with the boys once a week.  They don’t get a lot of one on one attention, so I choose days EK is at school and I eat with them.  I am so thankful they still enjoy seeing me at lunch.  It won’t be that way forever.

Here’s Caden with his buddies from his bday party.  Love it!

He chose Shogun for his birthday dinner.  He LOVED the bday candle.  He wasn’t a fan of the ice-cream.  I was green tea.  EK LOVED it though.

JL lost his first tooth.  I tried to pull it out at home, but he HAD to wait till school for it to come out.  He was a determined little guy because it was out that afternoon when I picked him up.  He was so excited to get his sticker at school (you only get the sticker if the tooth comes out at school) and to add to to the tooth tally.

We all were really missing Disney, and we were able to make a reservation at there over Thanksgiving.  I am so incredibly excited!  We’re going for JL’s bday and EK is just to the point where she is in LOVE with the characters and such.  So so excited to see her there.  She’s finally excited about all of those things, and seeing characters, and all things Disney.

JL and EK had their Veteran’s Day program last week.  It was great!  We are so thankful for our Veteran, Grandaddy.  He served in the Korean War.  He has come to Caden’s programs the past 2 years, and now to JL and EK’s.  He did make it to Caden’s for the last 5 minutes this year.  Hopefully they won’t conflict next year. :(

One of my best friends went with EK and I to Disney on Ice.  EK was in awe of Mickey and Minnie.  She had a blast.  So glad we got to go!

We have a lot of trees where we live.  And this time of year, that means we have a lot of leaves.  I mean, like a ridiculous amount of leaves.  I’ve semi raked the front yard, and this is what happened.  Leaves are so fun to play in, and they were so deep the kids could hide in them.  :)  We LOVE all of our neighbors.  It is so fun to have so many kids out here.  Unfortunately there are no boys, but our boys make due. ;)

And, last but not least, we had pictures yesterday.  Here’s the before and the after. It’s not as bad in this pic as it was in real life. After pictures we went to Yogurt Mountain and they had chocolate and whip cream all over their faces and shirts. It was hilarious.  These 3 keep me laughing, keep me on my toes, and show me what’s important in life.  I love them to pieces.  

Loose Ends


I am so incredibly behind in blogging.  That’s the beginning go most of my posts.  This post will tie up loose ends from the last post, and then I’ll have to catch up from Sept, Oct. and Nov.  So, EK got new glasses.  They were precious.  I mean so incredibly adorable.  BUT they weren’t sitting on her nose the right way and her eye started turning in again.  :(  We’re in the process of getting it corrected (as of today).  Until we get the bifocal put in the correct spot, we will be wearing her old glasses.  The old ones are the correct prescription, but her ophthalmologist wanted her bifocal to go down some.  


We went to see Mumford and Sons.  It was an incredible concert.  I didn’t realize it was a big deal we got picked out of the lottery to go to the concert.  You have to “apply” to go to their concerts.  For the money we spent (not much, like $40 a ticket maybe), it was an INCREDIBLE concert.  The best part was we have a friend who had VIP passes, and she got us into the VIP box at the end.  The last few songs were awesome.  We had this view.

A lot of our friends were there with us.  :)

And we even ran into an old Tuscaloosa friend who I miss bunches. :)

It was such a fun night!  We didn’t get home till 2 AM, but it was totally worth it.  2013 has been the year of the concert for us.  New Kids on the Block (ha!), Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons, and Justin Timberlake (this weekend!!!!).


Life Update: Dates, Drama, Driving, Dirtiness, and Design


We’ve had a couple of showings of our house. They didn’t accomplish more than forcing us to clean, mow the grass, and weed out the back hill…but I guess that’s something.

Last Saturday I took the boys on a “date” to Chick fil a. It was “Mother Son Date Knight.” We had a lot of fun. Ella Kate stayed with Jeb at home, but she still needed to take a picture with Mama.

At dinner we chatted, made a family crest, discussed life, ate dinner…and then they ditched me for the playground. I felt lots of mothers eyes looking over at me judging me for not being able to keep my kids at the table…until their boys did the same thing. I ended up hanging out with a couple of friends for a few minutes while they played.

After dinner they talked me into going to Walmart and Gamestop. We’re wild and crazy. JL bought a 35 mm camera and needed film, and they wanted to look at Skylanders at Gamestop. It’s apparently been too long since I’ve loaded a 35mm camera, approximately 10 years, and I completely screwed JL’s camera up. I loaded the film and then accidentally rolled it back into the film canister thing. After that, we gave him our old digital camera we were trying to sell (that no one wanted). He loved it and wants to put Skylanders stickers on it (the camera he bought was skylanders)…WIN.

Last Friday night Mom and Dad kept the boys (because we had bad weather Thursday and she couldn’t come). Jeb and I had EK by herself. It was crazy easy. It’s amazing how easy one kid is after having 3. We had big plans to get her to bed early and watch lots of TV. I know, I know. However, we got a phone call saying we were going to have a showing Saturday, so we cleaned, pulled weeds, and mowed grass instead.

Jeb had to work Saturday, so EK and I headed to Huntsville to pick up the boys before mom’s 10am appointment. We had some time to kill before we met Mom and Dad for lunch, so we made some returns at Bridge Street and then went to Toys R Us. Much to the boys delight they found Wham Shell, which is one of the last Skylanders they were needing. Currently, we only need 1 to have all of the Skylanders, (you can file that under the category of ridiculous). I mean, sure, they don’t have a Light Core Prism Break AND a Series 1 AND a Series 2 because that would really be ridiculous…they just have one of each kind.

Monday night we learned why Ella Kate needed a nap every day. Can someone say, DIVA?!? This was what happened when I told her it was time to go inside. We were supposed to eat dinner with some sweet friends, but that did not happen. No one wants to take this into public.

I picked JL up early from school one day last week, Tuesday maybe? I’m not sure..all the days run together. We took cookies up to Jeb at work. JL and EK had to have some before we dropped the rest off. I think she liked hers.

Late Tuesday night our realtor dropped some T-shirts off in the mailbox for us. The kids were pretty excited. They were even more excited he put them on his company Facebook page. :)

Our Sunday School class is raising money to send some little Haitian children to VBS this summer. It’s $30 per kid and that provides meals and a tshirt and such for them. I designed this shirt we are going to have printed and sell for $15 to help raise money. Our goal is more than $600 raised for the Haiti’s Eden VBS. This is the design on the back of the shirt.

And then Thursday night EK came down with Strep. So, we made her get a shot and this is what she felt like a few hours later.

Those shots are amazing. She did, however, have a bit of a fever around bedtime, but woke up raring to go Saturday morning. We had a big birthday party Saturday for some of our best buddies, and the boys were going to throw a fit if we didn’t get to go. They actually threw a mini-fit at the idea of possibly not getting to go.

EK LOVES Livi. She has 2 friends named Livi, and she is LOVES both of them!

This little train/car ride was the hit of the party for our kids, especially Ella Kate. I rode with EK most of the time because I was nervous she was going to decide to bail in the middle of the ride. She never did, and she had a blast. The boys loved it too!

This is JL with his buddy Cameron. Cameron turns 5 today and Livi is his little sister. She turned 3 Friday. :)

We finished off the weekend with church, lunch at Sweet Peppers, naps, looking at potential neighborhoods to live in once we sell our house, and eating dinner with our dear friends. It was definitely a great weekend! Looking forward to next weekend because Jeb will be OFF work!

Oh, and I went to my LASIK appt. and I qualify for surgery. I have surgery scheduled for May 16. Eeeeeekkkkk!


So, Caden turned 7 last month! 7?!?! There is no way I can put any spin on that to make him my baby anymore. He’s growing up and I’m so proud of the young man he’s becoming.
He decided he wanted dinner, a movie, and a sleepover for his party.

Caden had a specific menu he wanted for his little dinner with his buddies. He wanted Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Crackers with cheese squares and pepperoni, and cheese puffs. We’re not big on cake around here…that’s not to say we don’t like sweets, it’s just we don’t eat a lot of cake…so instead of cake, C got cookies as his birthday “cake.” He arranged his cracker tray and it made me smile so big.

Caden had a Trash Pack party. His banner said Scrappy Birthday and he decorated with Trashies he had created.

He was *kind of* excited about his present. After dinner and present opening time Jeb took the boys to see Wreck it Ralph. They said it was great, even Jeb! Ella Kate and I stayed at home. We ended up having Bunco at our house that night in the basement. It was a little crazy, but apparently crazy life is the new normal.

Here are the boys after their sleepover. They went to bed around 1015 and woke up around 7. No one got up in the middle of the night. It was a success!

We had the boys a little combined birthday party with my family a couple of Saturdays after Caden’s birthday. It was very relaxed and we had a good time. My parents and both sets of grandparents came. We made it into a Thanksgiving Celebration. We spent Thanksgiving with Jeb’s family this year, so we celebrated early with my fam.

Meemaw even brought a craft for the kids to do. Turkey cookies!

Here are the boys after everyone had gone home. So sweet. :)

And, the final birthday party! John Luke had a Wild Kratts party at Air it Out. Here he is with his best friend, Collin.

And with Sadie.

There were about 25 kids there. It makes this mama feel so warm and fuzzy to know her little boy is loved by others. It makes my day to see him smile. :)

He has LOVED this game. It’s Disney Headbandz. He’s not quite old enough to not need help when asking questions, but that makes it hillarious. We played Sunday night as a family and I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while. JL was cracking me up. JL: “Am I a person?” Jeb: “Yes” JL: Am I fire? Jeb: “No!” JL: Am I a person? Jeb: Yes! JL: Am I fiiiirrree?? Jeb: No! -Later- JL: Am I a dog? Jeb: Yes JL: Am I Pluto? Jeb: Yes, Did you cheat? JL: Yeeeesssss!

And today was JL’s actual birthday. He got a DS and has told everyone he’s seen or talked to about it. He’s pretty excited!

So, we officially have a 7, 5, and 3 year old in our house. Where has the time gone?!?

Happy Birthday to 2 of the coolest kids I know. Daddy and I love you boys to pieces.


Something I forgot to mention in my last post, the boys have their own rooms now!  They decided one Sunday morning they wanted to split up.  I thought it would be tough on them since JL hadn’t had his own room since he was 15 months old and Caden hadn’t since he was 3, but they really seem to like it.  Here’s a mid-way through photo of JL’s room:

Ella Kate got a little room makeover too.  Her room is the only one I have a final photo of, of course.  Poor boys.  They get the photo shaft most of the time.

We also got a cat.  Yes, my daddy is allergic to cats, so I was raised to think cats were closely related to Satan himself.  After I left my parents home I held firm to that belief, but eventually did some soul searching and concluded that cats weren’t all that bad.  My friend Jesse would like to take credit as that being her legacy to our children, cats.  She brought cats into our world.  They have 2 cats at their house, Edgy cat and Sally cat.  They started naming their animals after U2, but for some reason they stopped after thier initial naming of The Edge (aka Edgy cat).  I kind of wish our cat was a boy so we could have named it Bono.  Cat number 1 was given to us by a friend from Sunday School.  It was a pretty cat.  It hung around for about a week and a half.  We played with it on Halloween and then put it back outside…and haven’t seen it since.

Ever since Allie the Cat (aka Shila – the name given to her by her original owner) ran away, the kids (mainly JL) have been bugging me to get a new cat.  One afternoon we were discussing how after we knew Allie was definitely gone we would get a cat from the shelter.  I talked to them about how it was good to get a cat from the shelter because it had already had shots, been spayed or neutered, and had a micro-chip inserted into it…and they put animals down at the shelter after they’d been there too long…so we needed to rescue one.  Well, they started asking if there was any chance our cat who had run away was there…oh I definitely didn’t see that coming.  We ended up going to the shelter and Pet Depot to make sure Allie wasn’t at either place.  At one point during the afternoon I thought we were going to end up with a school of goldfish and a cat, but ended up with NOTHING.  I felt like that was a huge victory for moms everywhere.  However, he next day JL started in again about wanting a cat.  He knows how to get me to agree to something…bug the crap out of me until I cave.  Worked like a charm.  We got another cat.  This cat’s name is Izzie.  

Izzie is a sweet cat.  Until today she’d try to dart in the house any time the door opened, but tonight she calmed down and would stay in the garage when we’d open and close the door.  She went on an adventure with Jeb and the kids this afternoon.  She stayed right with them like she was a dog.  :)  That’s what I need, a cat that acts like a dog.  I really want a dog, but don’t need something else to potty train…because apparently I’m not so good with that these days.

Caden had his 5oth day of school last week.  They celebrated by dressing up in 50s attire, having a sock hop, drinking soda, and doing other 50sey things.  

We were rebels on Halloween.  We didn’t go to our church fall festival.  Yes, I know, we are horrible people.  Y’all don’t realize how much those things stress me out and make me anxious.  I do not cope well in crowds with Ella Kate.  Someday it will be fine.  Halloween 2012 was not that day.  We went trick or treating with some sweet friends, who I have deemed will now be our Halloween buddies.

Caden didn’t want to be anything for Halloween.  I don’t really push Halloween, so I didn’t really care that he didn’t want to dress up.  Dressing up isn’t really his thing anyway.  At the last minute he decided he would be a Trash Pack kid.  He was Rank-instein…or stink-instein…I don’t remember it’s Trashy name.  JL pulled an audible at the last minute and decided to be Mario.  Whatever.  I threw EK’s outfit together that day.  She was “girl in poofy skirt with adorable ‘pig tails.’”

I love these 2 boys.  They are the best of friends, which makes me so happy.

Here’s JL and Sadie.  They have been good buddies since they were 2.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long!    


JL says Sadie is his girlfriend.  He also says he’s “in love with her.”  I asked him what he thought love was, and I’d give anything if I had the conversation between him and Caden that followed my question.  JL mentioned love had to do with holding hands, getting married, and going on dates…then Caden chimes in, “Oh you can’t be in love then, you don’t have any money to take a girl on dates.” JL is notorious for spending every last cent once he gets any money, leaving him with nothing.  Here are a couple pics of Sadie and JL from Christmas last year.

This picture cracks me up.  Lukey is laid back on me all spread out, and Sadie has her hand perched on his knee. :)

And here they are before their Christmas Program


If only we could do an arranged marriage…


The Friday after Halloween was a Community Field Trip for Caden.  They visited different places in our community and learned about each one.  After they finished, the parents were asked to meet them at Depot Park for a picnic.  It was Caden’s birthday, so he got to wear his birthday crown.  He loved it.  He also loved that he got to check out after the picnic.  I need to add more about his birthday, but it deserves a post in it’s own.

We had some friends over Saturday night for the UA vs. LSU game.  That was one of the most nerve wracking games ive seen in a while.   I may have screamed at the top of my lungs and scared a small child toward the end of the game. The kids played together so well, which made watching the game more enjoyable.

Sunday I grabbed a craft I had planned on doing over the summer with them.  Better late than never.  The boys had fun building with their gum drops.  Ella Kate preferred to eat them.  

And that bring us to this past week.  You know, I envy the people who sit down every night and write on their blog.  I wouldn’t have to catch up on 3 weeks of info in one post.  I’ve almost fallen asleep 3 times since I started this…pressing on…We celebrated election day (not the election results…just the day).  I love a hands on activity, so I googled electoral college map and printed one out.  The boys then colored in each state as it was called out.  They had a great time, but then got too tired to stay awake…much like me right now.

Caden’s school always does a Veteran’s Day program, and honors the student’s family who are veterans.  Grandaddy has been able to be “Caden’s veteran’ the last couple for years.  I can’t get my picture of the two of them to upload to the blog.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Here he is with his teacher.

Today, Caden had his pizza party for his class winning most box tops.  They had 2,200.  That is so great because it means their classroom will be able to get $220 from Box Tops for Education!  Such a great program.  We cbecked Caden out after the party and hung around the house all afternoon.  We even got most of our Christmas decorations up.  :)  Well, that’s all I can muster up for tonight.  I still have NYC and C’s 7th (yikes!) birthday to post about.


The next 3 posts are going to overlap some.  I would do one long post, but it would take me days to finish it and no one but my mom would actually read the whole thing. :) We went to Dallas, I celebrated my birthday there, then on my actual birthday EK started her first day of preschool.  I’ll try not to repeat too much. :)

So, we woke up at 3:45 Friday morning.  It was an ungodly hour, but no kids were awake…so that made it a little easier.  We had a friend come over at 4am and get the run down about EK’s ears and such.  She stayed with the kids until Jeb’s parents came into town that night.  We are so very thankful for friends and family who are willing to hang out with our kiddos while we get some time to ourselves.

We boarded our plane around 630am.  Being up that early while only caring for myself wasn’t bad at all.  I don’t know if I ever realized how much easier it was when I didn’t travel with kids. :) Jeb did Sudoku, I read magazines (and here’s where Jeb would pipe up and say, “if by read you mean looked at the pictures” – and he wouldn’t be lying).

When we got into Dallas we got our Chevy Malibu and headed over to Denton to see some of our favorites, The Vicks!  The McGuirks were visiting them as well, so that was double the fun.  It was shaping up to be an awesome weekend already.

We ate brunch at a local cafe called “Cafe Loco.”  It was so very yummy.  I decided on steak tacos…which turned out to be a theme for the weekend.  I’ve ruined Mexican for myself for at least a week.  I ate it approximately 2 meals per day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We chatted at the Vick’s house and then went to a neat little artsy section of Dallas.  We had to head out early because Jeb was taking me out to a fun birthday dinner.  When we left Denton we headed to our hotel to check in and change clothes.  We noticed some people who were dressed in an interesting way, but we didn’t think much of it.  Once we got into the hotel we noticed TONS of them.  Turns out there was an Anime Fest Convention at our hotel.  Seriously?  Yeah, these things happen to us.  Not sure why, but they do.  I do love a good story though.

Not only did we have Anime-palooza at our hotel, but we also seemed to book the official Michigan hotel.  For every 10 Michigan fans there was approximately 1 Alabama fan.  I’m not even kidding. It took us what seemed like 10 years to check in because…did I mention there was an Anime Fest going on?  Yeah, they all had to check in too.

The restaurant was recommended by Dana, and it was SO good.  It’s called the Capital Grill.  We had the best wine we’ve ever had and the steak was absolutely to die for too.  I wish I was eating it right now.  Sadly, if I ate steak with crab meat and cream sauce every night, I’d weigh 300 lbs.

We got back to our hotel, dealt with the heat in our room because of the “green initiative” they have in place (the air conditioning doesn’t come on until you enter the room)…I know first world problem…but I want my air conditioning…WE PAID FOR IT.

So, that brings us to Saturday…GAME DAY!  It was the day we’d been waiting to come for over a year.  As soon as we heard Alabama would be playing at Cowboy stadium we said we’d be there…little did I know, we actually would be there and we’d have tickets to sit in a BOX!!  Gameday was on in our room and the thought of fall was in the air…the feeling…not so much, it was approximately 132 degrees outside.  Dallas is the hottest place I’ve ever been in my life…and I was determined to wear my new cowboy boots Jeb got me for my birthday.

Like I said, there were about 10 Michigan fans for every 1 Alabama fan.  It could have been really ugly if we had lost.  Southern Hospitality is just that…southern.  Mom and Dad picked us up to head over to the stadium early.  We wanted to take in all the ambiance it had to offer…however it was HOT…did I mention that?  We ended up in the McDonald’s in Walmart.  Keeping it classy.

And we passed the time by looking at our phones, eating ice cream, and drinking diet coke.  We stopped by to see a few friends on our way into the stadium, and then saw a few more after we got in.  Strangest thing…we were cheering doing our thing in our box, and looked at the box next to ours and a friend from college who works for Tyson in Arkansas was over there!  So crazy!

This is our view.  My word, it was wonderful.  We had shrimp, salad, chips, dip, some sort of fried cheese mexican blessing from the Lord, steak fajitas, fruit, pizza, dessert bars, brownies, ice cream, and cute little personalized M&Ms that said Cowboys, oh and all the drinks you cared to partake of.  The whole experience ranked up there with top 5 of my lifetime experiences (you know not counting, marriage, babies, becoming a Christian…only counting entertainment).  I think this would take a close 2nd to the U2 concert we went to last July.

This is Jeb, my parents, and I excited after our victory.  Good times.  But the weekend wasn’t over!  We still had more family to see Sunday and more friends…Dallas was so fun.

We met my Aunt and Uncle and 2 cousins at Abuelo’s Sunday for lunch.  I am sad to say I didn’t get a picture of us all.  We had lots of fun catching up on college, new jobs, family stuff, etc.

Jeb and I headed out to try to see a few more friends before they headed home, and then spend some time with the ones who were staying.  I get anxious about…well, you name it and I can get anxious about it…boots closing in on me so that I can’t ever get them off? check.  Caden hitting me in the neck with a floor pillow and hearing my neck crack and automatically thinking of the 2 cervical spine fractured football players from the day before? check….so, any who, I was a bit anxious about hanging out with people on the day we were flying out of town.  Yeah, we were flying out at 8:30, but I still thought we needed to be NEXT TO THE AIRPORT…JUST IN CASE.  However, I fought every anxious bone in my body, and we hung out.  We went to Starbucks, Freebirds (which I hear it’s a travesty that I had already eaten and didn’t even try food from here), and then back to the Vicks.

Best picture ever.

We enjoyed fellowship and encouragement.  I got to talk to Kelly about cochlear implant stuff (her son has had them much longer than EK).  We ate food…lots of food.  We watched the Grape Lady video on you tube multiple times.  We laughed a lot.  We talked decorating.  We talked about churches and Jesus.  It was so refreshing.

Us with the Vicks

Me, Kelly, Rachel, and Dana

Josh, Ryan, Jeff, and Jeb

We came home refreshed, encouraged, and ready to see our babies.  We haven’t really been without the kids for any length of time since…well, mom and dad kept them when we moved to Cullman so I could get unpacked, Jeb’s parents kept Caden when he was the only one and Jeb and I went to Disney with my parents.  Other than that, it’s been a day or two here and there…that’s all we could get worked out schedule wise.  So, we are very thankful for our friend working it out so she could keep the kids until Jeb’s parent’s could get here, and then for Jeb’s parent’s keeping them AND fixing a leaky faucet that had caused water damage in the basement, and for my parents for the AMAZING seats at the football game.  We are so very blessed with friends and family.  I’ll be back soon with more birthday and EK’s first day of school. :) Oh, and just in case you were wondering…we got to the airport in PLENTY of time. :) No need to worry.


Last week was super busy, but fun.  Tuesday we met one of our friends from when we lived in Birmingham.  Her husband was in medical school with Jeb.  He couldn’t come with us because he had boards the next day.

Here are the kids ages…Caden, 6, Miller, 5, John Luke , 4, Tucker, 3, Ella Kate, 2, and Mallie, 2.  It was a fun lunch. :)  We miss them!  They’re headed to New Mexico for a year long fellowship.  We’re hoping to head out there to go skiing at some point.

Before we headed to lunch we had our normal therapy session.  It went well, but it’s always hard when all 5 of us are there.  :)  We had group therapy the next day.  I got a lot of ideas for some new things to do in home therapy with EK (drawing boo boos on the babies and then naming body parts for her to put band aids on, making experience books, and some new books to read).


I had a lot of help getting ready before we left for therapy.  Aren’t they precious?

Wednesday night JL decided he wanted to sleep in EK’s room, and Caden thought it would be a good idea as well.  They did really well.  Everyone slept all night, and when they got up the next morning they didn’t wake each other up…they came in one at a time as they woke up.  I guess it will be a fun treat for them every now and then.  :)

Thursday we took the kids to Huntsville.  We had to get ready for EK’s party on Saturday, we had family coming in Friday night, and we had our 1st 5K Saturday morning….BUSY!  Thursday afternoon Jeb performed a little eye “surgery” on me.  I had/have 3 glands on my eyelids that were stopped up.  They had formed these crystalized things in them and they HURT.  Jeb slit all 3 of them with a scalpel.  It did. not. feel. good.  I got the hard thing out of one of them, but I think he’s going to have to work on the other 2 some more.  Still using topical antibiotics and and anti-inflammatory drop in that eye.

Saturday we ran our 1st 5K!  It was great!  Jeb placed 1st in his age group, and 11th overall.  I placed 3rd in my age group, and 21st overall (out of 66).  I’m trying to get him to commit to training for the half marathon for me, but he hasn’t yet. :)

We had various family members filing in all day Saturday in preparation for our sweet girls party Saturday night.  That’s a post in itself though. The 4 boys had so much fun together.  EK enjoyed having extra kids around too, but she was in bed for this picture.  If you look at the clock you can see it was almost 10pm!  We had a lot of late nights.  Its tough to go to bed when  they’re having a blast with their cousins.




The boys were watching a bed time movie, and EK decided she'd climb up in bed with them and read a book

Jeb’s birthday was Friday.  He is the big 3-1.  We didn’t do anything huge for his actual birthday, but we’ve done plenty of small celebrations.  I’ve rubbed off on him I think.  We’ve been celebrating his birthday since last weekend.  It’s become the holiday that is his birthday, as it should be.  The festivities started last weekend when we had a kid free 24 hours.  I blogged about that in my last post.  Then, Sunday we met Jeb’s parents and had dinner.  Friday the ladies at his office brought snacky/appetizer foods which is his favorite, or at least it’s my favorite. :)  They also got him a gift card, uncrustables, zebra cakes, pringles, and some more munch snacks.  He’s a big snacker at work because he doesn’t get time to sit down and eat a big lunch most of the time.  Jeb closed the office a little early, and our friends the Yeager’s came over Friday night to eat cake and ice cream with us.  The boys picked out decorations earlier in the week.  They got him star wars birthday cards, Star Wars 3D birthday banner w/ 3D glasses, balloons, and a Jedi Master Yoda pin to wear to work.  Saturday we met friends from college in Birmingham to eat at Chuy’s.  We love Chuy’s, but learned our lesson on when to go.  Do not go on weekends.  It is horrible.  The food was cold and/or overcooked.  We waited for 1 1/2 hours to be seated….with all 3 kids in tow.  It was not the joy and delight a birthday dinner should be.  Live and learn.  Chuy’s should be reserved for lunches or weeknight dinners.  Period. and Amen.  And that was Jeb’s birthday in a nutshell.

Here are a few other various and a sundry things from the past week…

  • I was putting EK to bed last night.  I had turned the lights off and taken one of her “ears” and her glasses off.  I started singing Jesus Loves Me to her, she sits up, looks at me, and hands me her other ear.  Apparently she was ready for quiet. :)
  • Yesterday after church Jeb asked JL if he had his ninja in his pocket.  He said, “yes, my ninja is in my pocket and Jesus is in my temple.” :)  Love that kid.
  • The boys both had Tball practice tonight.  I went to see JL tonight, #1 because I thought it would be entertaining and #2 I wanted to talk to my friend Jennifer.  JL stood in the outfield and hollered, “mommy, I want to come over there so I can kiss you!!  Mommy, I need a wipe!  My hands are dirty!”  He played with Colin and had to be separated.  Cameron was the catcher, so he couldn’t play with him.  At one point he was arguing with the coach’s daughter who looks to be about Caden’s age.  There were 2 boys on 3rd.  She was telling him he was supposed to have run home, and he was saying he was supposed to stay on 3rd.  Eventually the coach saw there were 2 boys on 3rd, so he sent the other boy back to 2nd and JL stayed on 3rd.  As the other little boy was running back to 2nd JL looked at the little girl and got a smirk on his face and said, “See, I told you.” :) It made me laugh so hard.  JL used his time in the outfield and even the infield to practice his Mario and Ninja moves.  He did get into it toward the end.  He and Colin were hustling and trying to get to the ball.  They usually ended up fighting over the ball, but at least they were showing effort.  Caden had a scrimmage tonight against another team.  He hit the ball 2 times and got on base one time.  He’ s in a TBall hybrid league.  It’s coach pitch for the first 3 or 5 tries ( I can’t remember) and then if they still haven’t hit the ball they get the opportunity to hit it off the tee.  He hit the ball while it was still being thrown by the coach.  He didn’t have to hit off the tee.  The thing I was most proud of was he tried his best, and he didn’t freak out.
  • We have therapy tomorrow.  I’m anxious to see how Susan thinks EK is doing.  We’ve got a week under our belt of working on therapy at least an hour a day.   I tend to go from one extreme to another.  I have gone from not doing much therapy at all with her, to feeling bad if I’m with her and I’m NOT doing therapy.  I had to get over that today though, so I could play Mario with the boys.  It’s all a balance, and I’m not the best at balancing.  I realize her speech is of most importance, but I can’t completely neglect the boys or we’ll have a different problem on our hands.
  • Caden on Wacky Wednesday

    This is JL and his little "girlfriend" at school. They are so cute and have such a sweet little friendship. Look at the concern on her face. JL had been crying for some reason, and she was upset that he was upset.


So, what have we been up to lately?  As usual, I’ll catch you up with a series of bullet points.  This post will be catch up on Jeb and I and our family life.  I’m going to do individual posts on the kids because they are changing daily.  Jeb and I don’t get our own post because lets face it…nothing changes with us (which I am thankful for to be honest).

  • We’ve really been enjoying our new church, Northbrook Baptist Church.  I’m in charge of getting socials together for our class.  Fun job. :)  We had a Ugly Sweater Christmas Party at our house.  So.  Much.  Fun.  I haven’t laughed so hard in months.  We did white elephant with funny gifts from around the house, a best dressed contest, photo room, and charades.  Everyone really got into it.  It was fantastic.
  • We still go to Chick-fil-A EVERY Tuesday night.  The only Tuesdays we’ve missed since summer of 2010 is when we’ve been out of town.  We have a kid throwing up? Drive thru.  We have a tree on our house?  Get to CFA a little late.  We always always meet our friends the Yeagers there.  It’s mine and Jennifer’s weekly dinner date.  Sometimes the hubby’s can come sometimes not so much.  Sometimes our friends the Dodd’s come, but we’re the constant. It’s a little bit of a home away from home.  We know the owners, and most of the workers.  :)
  • I got to have a girls night right after Thanksgiving.  Jeb and the Michaels stayed with the kids.  My best friends, Jesse and Karenina, and I went to Aloft in Homewood for the night.  We shopped at the Summit, ate dinner, talked, laughed, and had a fantastic time.  When we left there we all came back to Cullman to meet up with the boys.  We watched the tide roll over Auburn.  We played spades.  And we ate our traditional Thanksgiving feast.  Every year we get together and watch Friends Thanksgiving episodes and eat the friends sandwich with the “moistmaker.”  You know, the one that caused Ross to have to go to anger management classes and go on sabaticle “on account of his rage” because his boss ate his sandwich.  We always have a great time together.  This time didn’t disappoint.


We had the boys birthday party Oct. 29.  I decided to have a combined party for them and they were on board, so yay.  We did a lego party.  We ended up with about 20 kids and their parents and my family there.  I just watched the kids play and enjoy their friends and I felt so very blessed.  It’s been a long road, but we’re finally in a place where we have a church family and Sunday School class we love.  The kids finally have friends they play with at school, church, soccer, etc.  I have people I could call just to talk or because I need something.  I feel at home now…and for that I am so very very thankful!!  Anyway, we had their party.  I had a coloring wall, and a few games, food, and outside toys/playground/bouncy house.  The kids had such a fun time coloring/eating/playing on the playsets that we didn’t really do many of the games.  Games with 20 kids ages 2-6 is a little overwhelming.  My best decision of the day…let the kids play and do what they want, don’t force them to play games when they’d rather run around whooping and hollering in the back yard.  My worst decision of the day, I didn’t hire anyone to take pictures of the party.  I have no pictures during the party.  Sad story.

Caden finished out the soccer season with 7 goals in his last soccer game.  He was a beast.  He did so well and we are so pleased with how he played.  He didn’t freak out.I *may* have bribed him with getting $1 per goal.  :)  We can’t bribe/discipline Caden the same way all the time.  He keeps us on our toes.

I don’t think I mentioned what the kids were for Halloween. Caden was a Bakugan Draganoid.

For Storybook Character day at school he was Curious George’s doctor.  He looked so cute!

JL was Boba Fett for the Fall Festival at Daystar and then he was a Policeman on Halloween.

EK was a cute Halloween girl at school on Halloween, then she was Cinderella when she went trick or treating.  She really does love to dress up.  Usually she will put on the boys costumes…and they’re a wee bit big on her.  She may slip and slide all over the house because the pants are way too long…and I may leave them on her because, hey, it slows her down.  Oh, and JL wasn’t supposed to dress up for school on Halloween, but he wore his super hero cape that his “girlfriend” Sadie bought him for his birthday.  And, P.S.  He’s going to marry Sadie, because “she’s a girl, and I want to marry a girl.”

Jeb and I went to the LSU vs. UA game last Saturday.  It was so very fun.  We went with some 2 of Jeb’s partners and their wives.  We had such a great time!!  Even though it wasn’t the outcome we had hoped for, we still had fun.  At one point after the game I was trying to make everyone feel better and I said, “You know, Jesus is still on His throne, and life will go on.”  Terry said, “But what does that have to do with us not being able to make a field goal.”  True.