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Loose Ends


I am so incredibly behind in blogging.  That’s the beginning go most of my posts.  This post will tie up loose ends from the last post, and then I’ll have to catch up from Sept, Oct. and Nov.  So, EK got new glasses.  They were precious.  I mean so incredibly adorable.  BUT they weren’t sitting on her nose the right way and her eye started turning in again.  :(  We’re in the process of getting it corrected (as of today).  Until we get the bifocal put in the correct spot, we will be wearing her old glasses.  The old ones are the correct prescription, but her ophthalmologist wanted her bifocal to go down some.  


We went to see Mumford and Sons.  It was an incredible concert.  I didn’t realize it was a big deal we got picked out of the lottery to go to the concert.  You have to “apply” to go to their concerts.  For the money we spent (not much, like $40 a ticket maybe), it was an INCREDIBLE concert.  The best part was we have a friend who had VIP passes, and she got us into the VIP box at the end.  The last few songs were awesome.  We had this view.

A lot of our friends were there with us.  :)

And we even ran into an old Tuscaloosa friend who I miss bunches. :)

It was such a fun night!  We didn’t get home till 2 AM, but it was totally worth it.  2013 has been the year of the concert for us.  New Kids on the Block (ha!), Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons, and Justin Timberlake (this weekend!!!!).



So, we put our house on the market. We don’t like to let things die down. If it ever gets slow, or I don’t have a project, I find something to do…this time it’s finding a new house plan, finding a lot to build it on, and selling our house. You know, no biggie. We love our house, but there are things we’d like to change…and we liked building…so we’re going to do it again!

Thankfully this isn’t what our lot looks like right now, but it did for a week or two. Every time I thought of it I played the Sanford and Son theme song in my head. I just tried to type it out…it’s not easy to type instrument sounds. The kids had a blast on all the broken toys and the adults enjoyed the broken chairs to sit in. Thankfully after all the junk was thrown away we still have chairs to sit in so we can all chat while the kids play.

Currently we have a dumpster in between our house and our neighbors house holding the contents of the vacant lot.

I got to eat lunch with these 2 kiddos last Wednesday. JL talked me into taking him to therapy. Surprise, when I got there, the head of the special ed program for Cullman City schools was going to sit in on our session. Well, that’s swell. Thanks for the heads up. I had told her about how awful EK had been doing in therapy, so I did have that going for us…better than flailing on the floor was a step up from what I had told her about. EK did fairly well. I threatened JL to behave and be a helper instead of a distraction. I’m not sure what I threatened him with…maybe his life, no, I wouldn’t do that.



Thursday, Jeb got LASIK surgery. I was more nervous than he was. So, I loaded up my reading material…house plans and Not a Fan (the book we’re reading in Sunday School…great book…convicting…steps on your toes). I had high hopes of picking out the house plan of our dreams and reading all of the chapter for Sunday School. I was adamant I wouldn’t watch his surgery. I walked back to sit with Jeb in the waiting area. We sat there for a while, and then they took him back. I got a wild hair, a surge of courage…I walked back to the observation window. I sat down. Jeb laid down on the table. I started reading. They started surgery. They put the thing in Jeb’s eye that kept it open, they started writing on his eye, then they made the flap to OPEN HIS EYE UP…um, that’s the time I started to feel a little light headed. I kept telling myself I’d be okay, I decided I should walk away. I walked to the waiting room. I walked up to the receptionist desk. I said, “I know this may sound weird, but I’m about to pass out and I don’t know what to do.” I thought about laying in the floor. I decided that might be weird. I said again, “I don’t know what to do.” I walked over and got some water and took it to a chair. The room started spinning. My leg started shaking involuntarily. I got very hot. I don’t remember what happened next. Then I remember starting to feel better. I took my jacket off and fanning myself. I ate lots of chocolate and drank more water. I don’t know if I passed out or not. I was by myself, so I guess I won’t ever know. :) Eventually Jeb got out of surgery and I went back to sit with him. He could already see better than before. It was amazing! I brought him back home and he laid down and took some medicine to make him stay asleep. He woke up the next morning seeing 20/15 without glasses. Crazy.

I realized how competitive I am during this process. Jeb can see without glasses and I still have to wear my glasses. And I was pretty sure I’d have a giant panic attack pass out freak out if I tried to get LASIK. I really struggled with it! If I get LASIK, which I am planning to do as of right now, know that it’s solely because I am competitive and I can’t let Jeb “beat” me. :) I’m not sure how I can prepare for it so that I don’t flip out when they put the laser into my eye. Small steps. I’m going to the consult first. Well, I haven’t even made an appointment yet. We have to save up money for that and the lot we’re buying to build on.

We had a couple come to look at our house Sunday. While they were here we took the kids and our neighbors kids to 32 degrees. We all had so much fun. We love hanging out with our neighbors. We will miss them terribly if we move. Our boys are just a few months difference from their boys. Every afternoon (well, the ones it’s above 60 degrees) we all gather in the lot between our houses and the kids play in the sand, ride their bikes, play in the fort, etc.


This week has been pretty low key so far. This afternoon I worked the book fair at school. EK stayed all day at school and even took a nap. She does so well there. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it , but she actually tells them when she needs to potty. Maybe someday she’ll do it here too.


Right now I’m sitting in the bed while the boys are watching Scooby Doo Camp Scare for the 829th time.  Jeb’s going to put them to bed, and for that, I am so thankful.  I put EK down sometimes, but for the most part Jeb does night time duty.  I get them up, get them ready, and take care of them all day…then 6 o’clock comes and Jeb swoops in and is my SuperHero Husband Helper.  I love that moment when he walks through the door.  Not only because I love him to pieces and want to spend time with him, but also because he helps me wrangle these crazy munchkins.  After I finish this post I’m going to pin a few birthday ideas to .  Right now I have a wee bit of a wishlist going for me…MacBook Air, a couple of necklaces, some clothes, crazy expensive boots that I’ve swooned over for a few years, etc.  It’s fun to pin stuff even if it never actually becomes mine.

Anyway, to the point of this post, I have good news.  I took Ella Kate to see Dr. Cogan in Birmingham today.  He wanted to see how her glasses were working for her.  I was so super nervous about going.  I never mentioned this because I just didn’t feel like telling the world wide web about it, but what the hey, I’ll go ahead and talk about it.  Last time I took her to Dr. Cogan, he mentioned testing her for Usher Syndrome.  It was the 3rd time he or his partner had said something to us about it.  He had forgotten he’d mentioned it to us the first time we came when she was itty bitty.  And he also didn’t know his partner had mentioned it.  For some reason, it really rocked my world.  Sent me into a bit of a spiral downward making me into a shell of a person.  I had trouble sleeping.  I had trouble functioning. It wasn’t a good situation.  I really feel like it was some spiritual warfare going on inside me.  You see, Usher Syndrome is the leading cause of deaf/blindness.  It starts as night blindness and then turns into tunnel vision and then the person eventually becomes blind.  There is no cure.  Here’s the good news about that (not the good news I initially set out to write about..I’m on a rabbit trail here), only 3-6% of hearing impaired children have it, her retina’s look fine right now, and she has other delays (namely OT) that would lead us to believe her issues come from another source other than Usher’s.  Anywho, because of all of that I was nervous about her appointment today.  I was hoping Jeb could come with me, but he wasn’t able to because of work.  So, Grangran and Grandaddy came to keep the boys and EK and I went off to Bham.  We got there, they took us back very quickly, checked her glasses, and then we waited for the dr.  We waited about 45 minutes in the room.  I’m pretty sure one of their goals there is for us to watch Toy Story the entire way through EVERY TIME WE GO.  It’s playing on the tv there when we go, and it plays on a loop.  Last time we went, we watched it twice…that’s how long we were there.  I’m hoping they change it to Tangled or a different Toy Story sometime soon…let’s mix it up a little guys.  Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I was nervous, it took the doctor FOREVER to get into the room, but when he got in he did some test on EK with her glasses and said she was NOT crossing with glasses.  Let me say that again for effect…her eyes are NOT CROSSING WITH GLASSES.  That means the glasses are doing their job!  Yippee!  Then he asked me to take her glasses off, he did the test again, and he said there was a significant change.  He said crossing with the glasses off was ok, crossing with them on wasn’t ok.  If she was taking her glasses off or crossing with them on, it probably meant she needed a stronger prescription.  He said we would need to come back every 4-6 months until she was 4 or 5 to check her eyes and prescription.  He also said her eyes would probably get worse before they got better, but that was normal.  He didn’t mention anything about testing her for Usher (so yay for that), but we will probably do through it genetic testing instead of through him.  It was a fabulous appointment.  He thanked us for being wonderful patients. :)

And, to tie up the lose ends about my downward spiral…I’m better now.  It only lasted about a week.    Risking telling the world too much, I’m back on my anxiety medicine and it’s helping.  So, with prayer and medicine I’m much better. :)

  • There are multiple flies in our house that keep buzzing around my head driving me to the brink of insanity.
  • We’re getting sod put in our yard as I type.  Glorious glorious grass.  Not dirt anymore!
  • I’ve been cooking away for sweet EK’s birthday party this weekend.  Pink, zebra print, and Minnie!  So fun!
  • Mom has the kids so I could get some stuff done.  Score!  I’m finished with cooking, hanging the banner, and last minute party shopping and now can move onto folding clothes.
  • We go for JL’s recheck for his hearing tomorrow.  Hoping it has been corrected since the tubes.
  • Jeb worked 11 out of the previous 13 days and now he’s off for 5 days!  We are all so very excited!
  • The kids have 2 more weeks of vacation and then back to school they go.  This summer has seemed to fly by!  It hasn’t been the lazy summer we had last year.  We were at the pool at least 3 days a week last year.  This year it’s been 1 time a week max.  I took them by myself yesterday for the first time this summer.  It wasn’t too bad.  I was so nervous someone was going to get lost or fall in without me knowing it, but they all made it out alive and in one piece.  EK got a little sunburned, but like I said, they’re alive…SUCCESS.
  • I’ve killed 2 of the flies, but I still see 2 buzzing around.  And it’s not the laid back kind of fly.  It’s the spastic “I must buzz so you know I’m here” kind of fly.
  • I could have slept in until 9am or so, but no, I got up at 5:55am.  I laid in the bed for a while hoping to fall back asleep, but alas, habit is hard to break in one morning.  I did miss the little snuggles I get from a certain 3 year old who comes in every morning at 5:55am though.  :)  He’s a good snuggler.
  • Monday I took all the munchkins to BHam for EK’s therapy.  When I got there I realized it was PT day too.  I bribed the kids in the middle of PT.  I told them I’d give them $3 if they were good, which would give them both enough to buy a toy they had their eye on.  They did fantastic and were rewarded with an Imaginext toy and Squinkies.  They have started earning $1 per day and they save up their money to buy whatever it is they want.  They can earn extra money for doing extra chores too.  JL got 50 cents for cleaning the playroom the other day.  Sometimes, they get 10 cents for putting away all their stuff without whining.  It seems to work for us right now.  When it stops, we’ll move onto another system.
  • Tuesday my friend Carrie called to see if we wanted to meet her and her girls in Bham.  She had to go pick something up at the airport.  So, we met them at CFA and then went to Barnes and Noble after that.  We owe Barnes and Noble large sums of money for being our meeting place for all these years. :)  But, I’ve only bought something there a couple of times.  We ate at Chickfila again that night for kids night in Cullman.  We met our friends, The Yeager’s, there and had a mini birthday party for Neil. :) I counted up today (after eating CFA for breakfast – which is the default place Jeb and I go for breakfast when we don’t have the kids) and I’ve eaten at CFA 5 times since Monday (granted 2 of those times were just icecream, but still).
  • EK is doing awesome.  She’s trying to repeat things still.  She’s really blossoming.  She’s turning into a little girl instead of a baby and I couldn’t be more pleased!  She loves her brothers so very much and wants to be with them all the time.  She and JL seem to have a special bond.  He loves on her all the time.  He’s even cried before after she went to bed because he “Missed Ewwa Kate.”  She can wake him up from his nap and he doesn’t care.  If I wake him up he is in the worst mood. :)  EK’s started eating breakfast with the boys at the dining room table.  They sit there and eat their cereal while they watch a TV show.  I sat her up there one morning and gave her some cereal and milk, and lo and behold she took the spoon put it in the bowl, got cereal, and ate it…with her left hand.  She sat there and ate that whole bowl of cereal all by herself and was so proud of her independence.  With this new independence we have noticed she is left handed, which Jeb is pleased about.

That’s all I have for today.  I haven’t been feeling really bloggy lately.  My creative writing juices are just not flowing this summer.

  • We have a landscaper.  He’s been installing our sprinkler system this past week.  He cut our internet cable line while digging.  We haven’t had internet since last Monday.  It wasn’t too bad though.  I actually read a book instead of surfing the internet.  Crazy.  What’s even more crazy is I enjoyed reading the book.  Go figure.
  • EK got her glasses last Monday.  She’s been keeping them on like a champ.  She takes them off when she gets tired, but that’s to be expected.  Most of the time she leaves them alone though.  I feel like it’s really helping her!  I haven’t noticed her eyes crossing hardly at all since we got the glasses.  She has already scratched them, but they’re under a 1 year warranty.  For some reason the bifocal she has cannot have a scratch resistant coating on it, so it’s going to be nearly impossible to keep it from getting scratched.  We’re going to always have another lens on order.  Right now she has one coming in…and while we’re waiting for it she’s scratched the lenses even more.  We go back to see Dr. Cogan in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to see if he can prescribe her a different bifocal…because she’s 2 and she’s going to scratch it…there’s no way around that.
  • EK’s party is this Saturday.  It’s a Minnie Mouse/Zebra print theme.  I should probably plan some sort of something as far as cake and food goes.
  • We should have sod in our yard by the time EK’s party is here.  I am beyond excited to actually have grass in our yard!!
  • EK already looks weird to me without glasses.  I think they suit her nicely.  She looks precious.
  • John Luke got up 3 times last night.  First time, he didn’t want to sleep.  Second time, he needed a toy to sleep with.  Third time, he needed to pee.  This was at 2:30am.  He came in again at 5:40.  Fun times at the Hornsbys.
  • Took EK for her 2 year check up.  Her height is 33 in.  She’s in the 25th percentile.  Her weight is 25lbs I think (or maybe I just made that up).  She’s in the 50th percentile for weight.

I started this post yesterday evening and fell asleep while writing it…so now I’m finishing it up…

  • We had some sweet friends over for dinner last night.  We hadn’t gotten to sit and talk with them in a while and we had the best time.  All of the kids played well together, too.  Good food, good fellowship, good times, what more can you ask for on a Saturday night?
  • Today we went to FBC again.  We started watching a Passion video series today.  Today Louie Giglio spoke and it was so great.  We’ll finish him up next week and then move on to Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, and John Piper.  Throw in Voddie Bauccham and you’d have my favorite speakers ever all in one video.  I’m excited to watch them!!  After SS I went to check on the 2 little kids.  When we dropped them off we left them screaming bloody murder.  When I got to the children’s building EK was still crying off and on, so I went ahead and picked her up.  JL had calmed down and was completely fine, but he saw me and wanted to come with us too.  We all went to the service together for a while and then left early.
  • Ella Kate is making a great deal of progress.  She readily says a few words now…mama, dada, up, bye, and hi.   She’ll also tries to repeat different words we say to her…moo, banana, and pull to name a few.  She is also imitating a lot of her learn to listen sounds.  She says puh (boat), brrrrrr (car), moo (cow), and probably some more that I can’t remember.
  • We bought Caden’s schools supplies last week.  Eeeekkk!  My first baby is going to school.  I may be more nervous than he is.  We have 3 weeks till the big day though.  3 weeks at home together.  I need to come up with something for us to do.  By the end of that time we might all be ready for school to start back. ha!


Not a whole lot is going on with us right now.  It’s been great.  Since we’ve been back from Disney we’ve just been hanging out in Cullman spending time together and getting back in a routine.  I am so thankful to report to you that we have had no trees fall on our house, no tornadoes come through our city, no house debacle to speak of, and no one else has been sick.  The lull has been much needed around here. :)


Hope you all have a great Monday!