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We are just finishing up Dr. Seuss week here.  Cullman City Schools do not miss an opportunity to have a dress up day.  This is the reason why I was cutting duck feet out of orange foam paper at 715 Friday morning and making bookmarks for Caden’s class at 9:30 Thursday night.  Thankfully Caden’s teacher didn’t go all out with the dressing up.  She only had them do things 3 days.  Not too bad.  I got so wrapped up in getting stuff done for Caden’s class and then JL had an Unbirthday party on Wednesday too, I totally forgot to dress EK up every day. :) Oops.  Poor 3rd child.

We also had to take JL and EK to the ENT Tuesday.  JL’s 2nd set of tubes is trying to come out, which is fine, but he has fluid behind the ear drum on the side that’s trying to come out.  We’re going to wait it out and hopefully not have to put more tubes in.  He does have some mild to moderate hearing loss on that side.  EK also has fluid, but if we put tubes in, it could get the internal part of the implant wet…so we’re hoping that clears up on its own.  After their appt. we ate lunch at The Summit at a place I can’t ever remember the name of, but it’s excellent.  Then we went to Target and bought 4 gigantic boxes of different kinds of fruit snacks because that’s what our kids live off of.  And then we checked Caden out of school, so we could go ahead and go to Publix instead of waiting 30 minutes for him to get out of school.  Before you call DHR on us, they were watching Green Eggs and Ham.  All he missed was a movie, and he got that in the car, so there.

There’s nothing really new going on with us.  Just day to day stuff.  Jeb had to work today, and Caden likes to get out of the house on Saturdays, so we headed to Decatur to return some things to Old Navy, and wander around Target.  Tonight Caden went to his first spend the night party with friends.  His best friend Peyton turned 7 yesterday, so he had 4 boys over to spend the night.  I haven’t gotten a phone call that he wanted to come home yet, so I guess it’s going alright.  We went to dinner after dropping him off and ate with JL and EK…it was so calm.  It’s weird how you can drop any of the three and the crazy level drops dramatically.

Oh, last weekend we went to Birmingham (me and the kids) to try out the aqua bags Cochlear is coming out with.  EK loved wearing her ears in the water.  She laughed and threw her head back in the water.  The boys had a great time swimming too.  We swam about 30 minutes and then headed up to get changed into dry clothes.  I don’t know if you have been to the YMCA lately, but it’s not the best place to get yourself and 3 kids changed.  Our options were a bathroom stall with a hole in it where the trash can should be (so you could see to the adjacent stall), a shower, or the middle of the locker room.  We chose the middle of the locker room and hoped for the best.  We got dried off, ate some pizza there, and headed to Gardendale to eat at Full Moon.  I had promised them Full Moon, but they ate the pizza Cochlear provided as an appetizer.  We had our 2nd lunch and then went to Target to look around (apparently this is what we do on Saturdays Jeb is working).  We ended up buying a Skylander and some other stuff we probably didn’t need.

Tomorrow Jeb’s teaching Sunday School at our church and then we’ll head to Daystar to go to worship there and pick up Caden (that’s where his buddy goes to church).  Then our friend, Michael, and his girlfriend are coming to spend the night with us tomorrow night.  The boys are very excited about meeting her and seeing Michael.  They’ve been asking me questions all week.  When I told them her name was Brittany, they got excited because one of the Chipettes is named Brittany.  I hope they’re not disappointed when she shows up and isn’t a 6 in furry chipmunk with a dress who sings “All the Single Ladies.”


Dad got tickets to the National Championship game in Miami.  What’s a girl to do, but squeeze another Disney trip out of that?  So, we headed out to God’s Country again.  God has 2 countries…Tuscaloosa and Orlando.  Some people may disagree with me on that.  We represented Alabama all weekend.  

Jeb and Dad left after breakfast Monday morning to see the Tide roll over the Sparkly hatted Golden Domers.  Mom and I held down the fort at Disney.  We were exhausted by the end of the day.  Exhausted.

Dad and Jeb got to meet Paul Finebaum really quickly, get a blurry picture, and then see the Tide bring home #15.

We got to see some of our best friends from Tuscaloosa.  It was so fun to catch up with them!  This is their youngest little girl, Abbie.  Ella Kate  LOVED her.  Oh how I wish we lived closer to them.  Ella Kate would be so happy.

We got home from Orlando and Uncle Michael and Aunt Jess had sent JL a Luigi for his birthday.  He was so excited!  He loves stuffed animals.  He got a lot of his animals, asked me to take a picture, and then to post it to facebook.  I love how different our kids are.  JL loves dressing up, loves role playing with toys, is very particular about his clothes (he’s not on the cutting edge of fashion, he just has particular shirts he will wear), always has to take a toy with him to school or wherever we go, and loves stuffed animals.

Jeb has been working a lot lately to make up for the days he was at the championship game.  So, I get the kids from school, we run a couple of errands, come home, do homework, eat dinner, take baths/showers, get pjs on, and then wait for Jeb to get home.  He usually strolls through the door around 7pm.

EK had mapping last week.  Everything was about the same, but Emily had to turn her left ear up a little to make it a little louder.

JL loves footie pj’s and to not wipe his face after eating or drinking.  He’s one of a kind.

This is EK when I was trying to wrangle her to do therapy.  She took her socks off, put them on her hands as gloves, and wallowed on the recliner.

She also likes scissors.  She likes to find hidden scissors, hide in the bathroom while an unsuspecting mom is in the kitchen, be really quiet, and take chunks of her already thin hair off.

On the day of the snow storm JL had opposite day.  He wore his undies on the outside of his pants.  That’s the only thing he wanted to do opposite.  Aces.

We bought shrinky dinks at Target during the 75% off blow out in the toy section.  They were a huge hit.And, finally, we had the Snowpocolypse of 2013.  We actually had “thunder snow.”  It was pretty deep for Alabama standards.  We played as long as we could, but eventually these little kiddos got too cold and we had to retreat into the house to warm up.  

The snow is almost all gone, we’ve started school back, and we’ve had a fairly normal week here.  We’re starting to get back in the groove, and I’m loving every minute of it.

  • The air conditioning repairman came today.  We have a broken coil.  He didn’t have a replacement for said coil.  He fixed us up good enough to get us through till Monday when he’ll get the coil from Birmingham.  I have the air on 74 because I can.  I’m thinking about turning it down some more.  
  • Ella Kate let Jeb put her to bed tonight. Yay!  She loves Jeb.  She lets him play with her, hold her, she’ll ride with him in the car…but she WILL NOT let him read to her at night, put her to bed, or give her a bath.  Not sure what’s up with that.  Thankful she let him read to her and put her to bed tonight.  She’s started this new thing where if you try to do something to her she doesn’t want to do she’ll yell “Ow!!!!”  For example, Jeb was trying to put her pull up on her tonight, so he stood her up on the counter (she had been sitting on the counter), and she starts yelling “OW!” and making her legs go limp so she doesn’t have to stand up.  She’s such a mess.  She was laughing about it the whole time too.  This was also around the same time she was trying to cut freckles off our hand with a set of keys and then stick the keys up our noses.  Good times.
  • I picked JL up early from school today.  He was prayer helper this week, so he wanted to stay until his job for the day was finished.  He gets to say the prayer at snack time and lunch time.  He’s been calendar helper, teachers pet, and something about a mouse (quiet mouse maybe…I don’t really understand this one).  He takes his job very seriously.  I tell him he doesn’t have to go to school on Fridays, but he chooses to go so he can do his job.
  • Currently I’m watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 392nd time this “season.”  It is my background movie.  Love.
  • The roles are changing around here.  JL has turned into the wild child.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  He suggested I take red dye away from him. Ha!  He’s started not listening and running through the house like a wild Indian.  He’s crazy!!!  Caden on the other hand has been such a helper.  He is cleaning up after himself, taking care of his own things, keeping the car clean inside, listening, etc.  And there was a time tonight when I was sitting with EK changing her pjs (because I accidentally sat her in chocolate ice cream and it was all over her pants…oops), and I thought “how did you get to be the calm one?  I never saw this coming!”
  • We have some friends who are adopting a little girl (Anna Grace) from the Congo.  They are having a fund raiser at Frostings Bakery in Cullman tomorrow from 12-2.  If you could come by, they would be so appreciative.  There will be flyers on site, so don’t worry if you do not have a flyer! 
  • Cochlear came out with a new accessory so EK can swim, shower, bathe, stick her head in water, etc. and hear the whole thing.  This will REVOLUTIONIZE OUR SUMMERS.  We have stopped going to the pool because it was just too hard.  It was too hard to protect her implants from the water.  It was too hard to keep them dry.  If we took her implants off it was too hard to keep up with her because SHE COULDN’T HEAR A THING.  So, this my friends will be phenomenal.  She LOVES the water.  Absolutely LOVES it!  
  • We have 2 soccer games tomorrow, then we plan to come back and clean the boys up, and then head to “sleep in the mall.”  The boys are so excited they can’t stand it!  I’m looking forward to it as well.  I love time with our little family.  They make me smile. :)



July 5 we woke up early to head to Bham. We had to get to the HEAR Center at 8am for an audiogram and speech perception. Here are Eks results…



Compare the 2 audiograms. You can see how well she hears with her implants on. It is very exciting to see how she hears almost everything on the audiogram. She may or may not hear the birds chirping or the leaves rustling, only time will tell. Her speech perception test had 3 parts. The first part was the only part she was expected to pass. She had to get an 8 out of 12 to pass. If she got below an 8 they would recommend we try some other form of communication with her, or we begin a different approach in some way…she got a 12 out of 12. So encouraging! She didn’t get many of the next set right and just said a few syllables/letters of the repetition part, however she should make progress and
be able to pass these as well. We are so thankful for these signs of her progress.
After testing we headed to Opp for the weekend. We did a LOT of swimming. The kids had so much fun with their cousins and we enjoyed our time there as well.

EK loves the water so much. We tried to keep her ears on her while she was in, but she kept wanting to get her head wet. We ended up leaving her glasses on (so she wouldn’t cross her eyes) and we’d put her ears on her when she’d wander out of the pool. I can’t wait until
Cochlear comes out with the pouch do she can swim in her ears!

She wore herself and me out with the swimming and not napping.
Here’s a pic of the kids with Grammy and Gramps at their store. They love their Grammy and Gramps!

We headed toward home Saturday with a stop in Millbrook for our twin nieces bday party. We got home late Saturday and resumed our regular schedule Sunday…

That brings me to 2 Sundays ago…I’ll add more in a little bit…


So, we’re home. Real life started back. Well, real life with VBS. I’m thinking I probably could have benefited from a few more settle into summer and recuperate from vacation days before I started VBS. I’m a crew leader this year, which is a fancy term for child wrangler. Just kidding. We have one more day of VBS and then this weekend I get to hang out with some of my best friends from college to celebrate Karenina’s birthday! Jeb’s going to hold down the fort for me here. Such a great hubby, huh?

So, this week so far…

We got home Friday, I went to Bunco Friday night, and Caden got over his stomach virus. We woke up Saturday and I’m not 100 % sure what we did that day. I remember debating if we were going to join the aquatic center or not. We decided on not. It’s just too hard trying to keep EK’s ears dry and I will not take them off her while we’re there. We decided to buy lots of outside water toys and still come out cheaper than joining the pool. Seriously, I am at a loss for anything else we did. Oh, I just remembered! We went to Neil and Jennifer’s, ate dinner, and let the kids play outside. So much fun! Love the Yeagers.

Sunday, we went to church and EK wore this precious dress we got from a friend.

Sunday afternoon I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess the kids napped while we watched a Burn Notice. I can’t be sure, but it’s a pretty good guess. Oh, I just remembered! I ran Sunday afternoon after it stopped raining. I ran 5 miles straight! Whoop whoop! Jeb played Mario with the boys and EK hung out in the basement with them while they were playing.

Monday started VBS. I also got my ankle x-rayed, because oh my at the pain. It was fine, so I had to rest it Monday. No running for me that day.

Tuesday Jeb was off, so he went to therapy with us. All 5 of us went to therapy. It was not as productive as some of our past therapy sessions. After therapy we went to Chuy’s to celebrate the fact that we made it through therapy. I’m thinking Grangran and Grandaddy might could come keep the boys some so our therapy appointments won’t all be as crazy.


Wednesday we had Mapping at the HEAR center. For those of you who aren’t up on the CI terminology, mapping is when the tweak the CI and make sure all the electrodes are hearing at the same level. Emily didn’t have to change much and EK did awesome. She has mastered a task kids usually don’t get until 3 (praise God!). She dropped the toy in the water when she hears the beep, and this let’s emily know how to program the CI.

I’m trying to wrap up this post from last week, so I’m going to stop with that. :)


The past 2 weeks have felt like summer.  For some reason the time before that was hurried, busy, not “summery.”  The last 2 weeks have been relaxed…well, as relaxed as it can be with a 5, 3, and 2 year old.  We’ve been to the pool multiple times.  We’ve laid around and watched TV.  We’ve taken day trips to Decatur, Huntsville, and Birmingham to eat with dad, or play with friends.  It’s been fun.  I am looking forward to a routine again though. :)

Last Friday Jeb and I took JL to Bham to retest his hearing.  He passed with flying colors!  We were very excited!  He had a 45 db loss in one ear and 25 db loss in the other before the tubes.  So thankful the tubes did their job!

Saturday was sweet EK’s birthday party.  She enjoyed seeing all her grandparents and cousins.  She had fun getting all the attention, eating loads of sweets, ripping open presents, and jumping in the inflatable.  Her brothers were also ready to help her at any minute during the present opening. :)

JL and Caden are still getting $1 per day for doing their chores and behaving.  They get 10 cents off at a time if they disobey, scream, hit one another, etc.  It’s been such a good way to get them to save up for the things they want, teaching them patience (to wait for the thing they want to buy), and to teach them responsibility around the house.  JL does better if he has the toy he wants to buy and gets to see it every day as he saves.  Right now he’s saving for a $20 villain robot from imaginext.  He carries it around with him every day and sleeps with it at night.  He can’t wait to have all of his money to buy it!  He keeps asking me if it’s going to “be a long day” before he buys it…that means will it take a long time? He has 8 more days to go.  When they see their grandparents it speeds up the saving process a bit too.  :)  Also, Caden is learning a lot about money…what makes a dollar, quarter, etc.  He’s doing really well with it.  He counted out his money this morning…10 dimes are a dollar, 4 quarters are a dollar, etc.

We’re watching Inside Man right now.  It’s a good movie.  Denzel has an unfortunate mustache in it though.  Maybe it’s the combo of his really short hair with the 80s-esque mustache that messes it up for me.  I don’t know.  Also, there is a fly that is driving me bananas.  Not in the movie, but by my head.    Also, Caden is singing Taylor Swift from his top bunk in his room.  He has singlehandedly made me hate that song.  :)

Tonight we went to CFA kids night…just like EVERY Tuesday night.  My friend Jennifer and I have a dedication to kids night like no other.  We will be there for adult conversation no matter what…every week.  We love it.  Sometimes our hubby’s are able to come, but most of the time it’s just us girls with the kiddos.

Caden started soccer practice yesterday.  He did a great job.  He didn’t flail and freak out at all!  That’s better than last year for sure. :)  We did tell him he’d get 10 cents off for every time he acted out.  He has his next practice Thursday.  I have bunco at our house that night, so Jeb will have all 3 kids at practice by himself.  He’s such a great daddy.

Jeb’s off work tomorrow and Thursday.  We’ve been enjoying all the extra daddy time lately.  This weekend he has to work, so we’re soaking it in while we can. :)

  • There are multiple flies in our house that keep buzzing around my head driving me to the brink of insanity.
  • We’re getting sod put in our yard as I type.  Glorious glorious grass.  Not dirt anymore!
  • I’ve been cooking away for sweet EK’s birthday party this weekend.  Pink, zebra print, and Minnie!  So fun!
  • Mom has the kids so I could get some stuff done.  Score!  I’m finished with cooking, hanging the banner, and last minute party shopping and now can move onto folding clothes.
  • We go for JL’s recheck for his hearing tomorrow.  Hoping it has been corrected since the tubes.
  • Jeb worked 11 out of the previous 13 days and now he’s off for 5 days!  We are all so very excited!
  • The kids have 2 more weeks of vacation and then back to school they go.  This summer has seemed to fly by!  It hasn’t been the lazy summer we had last year.  We were at the pool at least 3 days a week last year.  This year it’s been 1 time a week max.  I took them by myself yesterday for the first time this summer.  It wasn’t too bad.  I was so nervous someone was going to get lost or fall in without me knowing it, but they all made it out alive and in one piece.  EK got a little sunburned, but like I said, they’re alive…SUCCESS.
  • I’ve killed 2 of the flies, but I still see 2 buzzing around.  And it’s not the laid back kind of fly.  It’s the spastic “I must buzz so you know I’m here” kind of fly.
  • I could have slept in until 9am or so, but no, I got up at 5:55am.  I laid in the bed for a while hoping to fall back asleep, but alas, habit is hard to break in one morning.  I did miss the little snuggles I get from a certain 3 year old who comes in every morning at 5:55am though.  :)  He’s a good snuggler.
  • Monday I took all the munchkins to BHam for EK’s therapy.  When I got there I realized it was PT day too.  I bribed the kids in the middle of PT.  I told them I’d give them $3 if they were good, which would give them both enough to buy a toy they had their eye on.  They did fantastic and were rewarded with an Imaginext toy and Squinkies.  They have started earning $1 per day and they save up their money to buy whatever it is they want.  They can earn extra money for doing extra chores too.  JL got 50 cents for cleaning the playroom the other day.  Sometimes, they get 10 cents for putting away all their stuff without whining.  It seems to work for us right now.  When it stops, we’ll move onto another system.
  • Tuesday my friend Carrie called to see if we wanted to meet her and her girls in Bham.  She had to go pick something up at the airport.  So, we met them at CFA and then went to Barnes and Noble after that.  We owe Barnes and Noble large sums of money for being our meeting place for all these years. :)  But, I’ve only bought something there a couple of times.  We ate at Chickfila again that night for kids night in Cullman.  We met our friends, The Yeager’s, there and had a mini birthday party for Neil. :) I counted up today (after eating CFA for breakfast – which is the default place Jeb and I go for breakfast when we don’t have the kids) and I’ve eaten at CFA 5 times since Monday (granted 2 of those times were just icecream, but still).
  • EK is doing awesome.  She’s trying to repeat things still.  She’s really blossoming.  She’s turning into a little girl instead of a baby and I couldn’t be more pleased!  She loves her brothers so very much and wants to be with them all the time.  She and JL seem to have a special bond.  He loves on her all the time.  He’s even cried before after she went to bed because he “Missed Ewwa Kate.”  She can wake him up from his nap and he doesn’t care.  If I wake him up he is in the worst mood. :)  EK’s started eating breakfast with the boys at the dining room table.  They sit there and eat their cereal while they watch a TV show.  I sat her up there one morning and gave her some cereal and milk, and lo and behold she took the spoon put it in the bowl, got cereal, and ate it…with her left hand.  She sat there and ate that whole bowl of cereal all by herself and was so proud of her independence.  With this new independence we have noticed she is left handed, which Jeb is pleased about.

That’s all I have for today.  I haven’t been feeling really bloggy lately.  My creative writing juices are just not flowing this summer.


Background/Reasons we took this risk:

  1. EK couldn’t hear anything when we took her implant off of her.  She’d dart toward the water while I was trying to get the boys ready to go into the water and couldn’t hear us telling her to come back.
  2.   She is only 2 and can’t read lips or talk yet, so we didn’t have a lot to work with when she didn’t have her implant on.
  3.   We’d watched video’s on it and read forums about it and the method seemed to work well.
  4.   We wanted her to enjoy the pool because we are there so often in the summer.  She HATED it in Destin when she couldn’t hear.

Please keep in mind this process is NOT backed by Cochlear.  The implant is not under warranty if it gets damaged in water.

All that being said, we think using the bag and the swim cap or neoprene head band is a fabulous way to wear the implant and swim!!  It has been wonderful for Ella Kate.

The first time we tried this was in Opp last weekend.  I think this would be much easier with an older child who knew why we were doing what we were doing.  EK doesn’t like to sit still and have me manipulate her head and implant until I get everything situated (that’s why the bag is hanging out in the above photo).  We did it again a couple of days ago and trying to hold her down while I got the implant on and then the swim cap on top of it without  moving the magnet off of the site was nearly impossible.  SO, tonight I got her neoprene head band out that the hospital sent home with her after surgery.  I put the implant in the bag, and then wrapped the head band around the magnet and we were good to go.  She looked a little silly with a bag stuck on her head under a head band, but she could hear so that was all that mattered.

What difference does it make for her?  The difference is HUGE.  The difference is DEFINITELY worth the risk.  She was not a fan of the water.  I assume she didn’t feel safe there because she couldn’t hear.  She did a complete 180 when she could wear her implant in the water.  She splashes and laughs and squeals in delight the WHOLE time.  She will climb up on the side of the pool and fall off into our arms.  She is in love with the water now.  She has the best time in there!

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We use EK’s back up processor.  We do not use an ear hook.  EK has a Nucleus 5, just FYI.  We also use a back up battery.  Since EK is small, we always use the compact battery, so we use the standard battery in the pool.
  2. We twist the magnet out as far as it will go, so it will stick to her head through the plastic better.
  3. In the video we watched on You Tube, the kids were able to hold the bag in place on their heads while the parents put the swim cap on their heads.  EK can’t do that, so we started putting the headband on her head.  This way it’s easier to get on and to manipulate the device.  Also, we can see the green flashing light and know she’s “on.”

Here’s the supplies needed:


There’s also a way to do it with a food saver bag and a swim cap.  the video.  You can also search for Cochlear Implant swimming on You Tube and see other kids doing this and how their parents are talking to them and they hear well enough to answer their questions.  Such a blessing to have found this method!

That’s all!  We’ve done this 3 times and have had NO trouble at all.  We take the implant out of the bag at the end without a drop of water on it.  It’s amazing!


Today I took

JL and EK to Dr. Woolley’s for a recheck of EK’s ear infection and an initial visit for JL for fluid in his ears.  We got there at 845 and got settled.  We saw an old friend from medical school, Mallory and her sweet little girl Mallie.  So exciting to see them!  We eventually got called back….Ella Kate and “Jonathan Lucan.”  Then when I told her he went by John Luke, she spelled it Jon Luc.  John Luke, here is where I am publicly apologizing to you for naming you Jonathan Lucas and calling you John Luke and spelling it nothing like your actual name.  I’m sorry…not sorry enough to change it in the public records, but sorry nonetheless. :)  Anywho, we got that taken care of.  First, we weighed them.  JL came in at 38lbs.  EK at 25lbs.  Just so you know, Caden is at 45lbs.  His br

other who is 25 mo. younger than him is 8 lbs lighter than him.  JL’s ability to take on Caden is coming sooner rather than later.  After that JL had a hearing test.  He had a flat tympanogram in his left ear which tells us he has lots of fluid in that ear.  He had negative pressure in his right ear, which also tells us he had a little bit of fluid.  He did a booth test, and we found out he has a 45db loss in his left ear and a 25db loss in his right ear.  They also did a bone conduction which came back normal, so that leads us to believe his hearing loss is conductive, meaning it can be solved with tubes.  The bone conduction can mean that only one ear is normal because the bone conduction is going to pick up the good ear.  We are thinking both ears will be back to norm

al though once we get tubes.  When Jeb changed jobs JL still had tubes in his ears.  About a month after he changed JL’s tubes fell out.  We didn’t get COBRA for him because who knew he’d need surgery?  We assumed his ears would be just fine.  We got COBRA for EK because we didn’t know if she’d need another implant or not, but the boys are supposed to be our “healthy” ones!  So, today, we found out JL needs adenoids and tonsils out and to get a new set of tubes in. :(  And our insurance doesn’t cover any of it.  Oh well, it’s for his health, so we press on.  We are thankful Jeb can work a little extra and recoup some of the cost.  We scheduled his surgery for July.  Apparently the recuperation time after a tonsillectomy is 2 weeks.  He has to stay inside with no activity for 2 weeks.  That ought to be interesting.  He is my outside boy.  Always wants to be riding his big wheel, playing in the dirt, blowing bubbles, playing in the water, or whatever.  I can’t wait to see how much better he hears and feels after the surgery and recovery!  I hope it makes a world of difference.



Last weekend I was able to spend some time in Tuscaloosa, but I will have to blog about that another day.  It’s been a long day!  We were at Dr. Woolley’s office from 8:45 to noon.  By the end of the day I was worn completely out!


I feel like I’ve spent a good portion of the last couple of weeks just treading water, trying to survive.  It’s spring break next week, and I think we all needed a break.  C’s attitude has hit an all time high.  The boys have been extra rowdy.  And EK is just a wild woman.  I go around singing the “wild women” song from Pretty Woman to her a good bit.  :)

I found EK on the table the other day sitting in a pool of water from the water bottle she’d poured out.  The day before that, Jeb was putting clothes away and heard something behind him….and EK was on the top bunk as proud as could be.  The T-Rex had gotten pushed to the side, so she took advantage of that to scale the ladder to the top.  We got her back down and turned t-rex on to make sure she remembered how scary he was.  Mission accomplished.

This week we go back for programming for her on Thursday.  We’ll also be getting a stronger hearing aid for her right ear to see if that will help her responses.  She’s not doing so well with her hearing aid on the right ear, and we’re trying to make a decision about getting another CI.  Hopefully this will help us get to an educated decision quickly.  Please continue to pray for wisdom as to what we need to do with EK’s right ear.  I could go through the pros and cons with you, but that is another post for another day.

We were going to go to Chattanooga for some of Jeb’s off time, but instead we decided to go to Tuscaloosa!  I’m super excited about it.  We’re staying with the Kings, hanging out with our NRC people, and will be in close proximity to a Publix, Target, and mall for over 2 days.  So so excited.  Caden’s already asked if we could go to Target because he wants to look at their Zhu Zhu pet selection.  We will even be going to NRC for Easter.  This would have been the first Easter we didn’t spend with the Kings since Caden was born.  Problem solved…we’ll just stay with them in Tuscaloosa.

I’ve been selling lots of baby stuff on eBay.  It feels good to make some money off of it and know someone else is getting use out of it.  I’m not sure what I’m saving our eBay money up for, but I’m sure I can find something.  Maybe our trip to California this August?

Okay, and as usual, I’m falling asleep writing this post.  Next goal?  Writing a blog post before 10:30 and getting it completed.  Good night!