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First Day of School






School started with a bang.  Our babies are growing up.  We started Pre-K4, Kindergarten, and 2nd Grade this year.  The little 2 are at school together and C is at a school by himself.

C walked into school and had to go to the lunchroom because it wasn’t 7:45 yet, we walked in and it was a bit overwhelming…until we saw some of his sweet little buddies.  The Lord is so gracious.  We walked in and there was ONE seat next to his buddy, A.  C told us he was good, and we left and took JL and EK to their school.

EK was in the same class with the same teachers as last year.  She has learned so much and progressed so far since she started.  We are thrilled and so thankful!

JL has a precious teacher, who we happen to go to church with.  She was one of the 2 we requested, and we are beyond thrilled for him to have her this year. He is loving school, but wishes he could play outside longer.  :)

Here are all three of them before school.  We managed to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and take pictures AND leave on time.



Jeb wasn’t off work the first day, but he managed to take everyone with me and just get to work late.  I made the rounds at the end of the day and everyone had a great first day!  We headed out after school to get a treat, and then onto soccer practice…and another year begins.


Y’all, it has been such a great year, but we have been in survival mode since…hmmm…May maybe?  I’m hoping it’s calming down.  Maybe this is the new normal?  Let’s hope not.   Well, August has come and gone.  We had a beach trip which was pre-empted by a wedding.  We ended up going to the wedding with EK and sent the boys to the beach with Mom and Dad.

I think they made it fine without us.

The wedding was in Memphis, which is where one of my favorite people had just moved.  Meet Courtney.  We have lived in the same city since 2010, however we didn’t decide to start hanging out till about a month or so before she moved to Memphis.  Sad story.

After lunch with Courtney and her husband (who is also pretty awesome), we eventually made it to the hotel, and then to the “non rehearsal rehearsal dinner.”  That would be a rehearsal dinner without the rehearsal.  Here’s a pic of all the guys who have ever lived in Jeb’s old college house. The 4 on the right are Jeb and his old roommates.

Here’s the crew from college who celebrates “Truth Day” (Thanksgiving-FRIENDS style) and Christmas together every year.  We now have a new member, Brittany. :)

We got back from Memphis and slept on mattresses on the floor in our new house.  EK watched Fresh Beat Band because it seemed like the right thing to do at 10PM after riding home from Memphis.

Then the next day Jeb went to work, and I directed movers while corralling a wild 4 year old.  Oh, it’s every bit as stressful as your imagining, except MORE.

Well, everything got moved in, and we were making progress, and that’s when it happened.  The thing you don’t ever want to happen, but it happens all the same.  The Great Stomach Virus of 2013.  It didn’t pass anyone by.  You’d think it was gone, and then another man was down.  It was a rough week my friends.

And then, once it had held each one of us captive, it went on its merry way to attack another house.  And we were all back to normal.

Here’s JL before his 5 year check up and shots.  We were only 8 months late for his appointment.  No biggie.  We’re 14 months late for EK’s 3 year appointment.


And just like that, summer, or the lack thereof was over, and school bags were packed and traffic signs were made for PTO.  


We are just finishing up Dr. Seuss week here.  Cullman City Schools do not miss an opportunity to have a dress up day.  This is the reason why I was cutting duck feet out of orange foam paper at 715 Friday morning and making bookmarks for Caden’s class at 9:30 Thursday night.  Thankfully Caden’s teacher didn’t go all out with the dressing up.  She only had them do things 3 days.  Not too bad.  I got so wrapped up in getting stuff done for Caden’s class and then JL had an Unbirthday party on Wednesday too, I totally forgot to dress EK up every day. :) Oops.  Poor 3rd child.

We also had to take JL and EK to the ENT Tuesday.  JL’s 2nd set of tubes is trying to come out, which is fine, but he has fluid behind the ear drum on the side that’s trying to come out.  We’re going to wait it out and hopefully not have to put more tubes in.  He does have some mild to moderate hearing loss on that side.  EK also has fluid, but if we put tubes in, it could get the internal part of the implant wet…so we’re hoping that clears up on its own.  After their appt. we ate lunch at The Summit at a place I can’t ever remember the name of, but it’s excellent.  Then we went to Target and bought 4 gigantic boxes of different kinds of fruit snacks because that’s what our kids live off of.  And then we checked Caden out of school, so we could go ahead and go to Publix instead of waiting 30 minutes for him to get out of school.  Before you call DHR on us, they were watching Green Eggs and Ham.  All he missed was a movie, and he got that in the car, so there.

There’s nothing really new going on with us.  Just day to day stuff.  Jeb had to work today, and Caden likes to get out of the house on Saturdays, so we headed to Decatur to return some things to Old Navy, and wander around Target.  Tonight Caden went to his first spend the night party with friends.  His best friend Peyton turned 7 yesterday, so he had 4 boys over to spend the night.  I haven’t gotten a phone call that he wanted to come home yet, so I guess it’s going alright.  We went to dinner after dropping him off and ate with JL and EK…it was so calm.  It’s weird how you can drop any of the three and the crazy level drops dramatically.

Oh, last weekend we went to Birmingham (me and the kids) to try out the aqua bags Cochlear is coming out with.  EK loved wearing her ears in the water.  She laughed and threw her head back in the water.  The boys had a great time swimming too.  We swam about 30 minutes and then headed up to get changed into dry clothes.  I don’t know if you have been to the YMCA lately, but it’s not the best place to get yourself and 3 kids changed.  Our options were a bathroom stall with a hole in it where the trash can should be (so you could see to the adjacent stall), a shower, or the middle of the locker room.  We chose the middle of the locker room and hoped for the best.  We got dried off, ate some pizza there, and headed to Gardendale to eat at Full Moon.  I had promised them Full Moon, but they ate the pizza Cochlear provided as an appetizer.  We had our 2nd lunch and then went to Target to look around (apparently this is what we do on Saturdays Jeb is working).  We ended up buying a Skylander and some other stuff we probably didn’t need.

Tomorrow Jeb’s teaching Sunday School at our church and then we’ll head to Daystar to go to worship there and pick up Caden (that’s where his buddy goes to church).  Then our friend, Michael, and his girlfriend are coming to spend the night with us tomorrow night.  The boys are very excited about meeting her and seeing Michael.  They’ve been asking me questions all week.  When I told them her name was Brittany, they got excited because one of the Chipettes is named Brittany.  I hope they’re not disappointed when she shows up and isn’t a 6 in furry chipmunk with a dress who sings “All the Single Ladies.”


Dad got tickets to the National Championship game in Miami.  What’s a girl to do, but squeeze another Disney trip out of that?  So, we headed out to God’s Country again.  God has 2 countries…Tuscaloosa and Orlando.  Some people may disagree with me on that.  We represented Alabama all weekend.  

Jeb and Dad left after breakfast Monday morning to see the Tide roll over the Sparkly hatted Golden Domers.  Mom and I held down the fort at Disney.  We were exhausted by the end of the day.  Exhausted.

Dad and Jeb got to meet Paul Finebaum really quickly, get a blurry picture, and then see the Tide bring home #15.

We got to see some of our best friends from Tuscaloosa.  It was so fun to catch up with them!  This is their youngest little girl, Abbie.  Ella Kate  LOVED her.  Oh how I wish we lived closer to them.  Ella Kate would be so happy.

We got home from Orlando and Uncle Michael and Aunt Jess had sent JL a Luigi for his birthday.  He was so excited!  He loves stuffed animals.  He got a lot of his animals, asked me to take a picture, and then to post it to facebook.  I love how different our kids are.  JL loves dressing up, loves role playing with toys, is very particular about his clothes (he’s not on the cutting edge of fashion, he just has particular shirts he will wear), always has to take a toy with him to school or wherever we go, and loves stuffed animals.

Jeb has been working a lot lately to make up for the days he was at the championship game.  So, I get the kids from school, we run a couple of errands, come home, do homework, eat dinner, take baths/showers, get pjs on, and then wait for Jeb to get home.  He usually strolls through the door around 7pm.

EK had mapping last week.  Everything was about the same, but Emily had to turn her left ear up a little to make it a little louder.

JL loves footie pj’s and to not wipe his face after eating or drinking.  He’s one of a kind.

This is EK when I was trying to wrangle her to do therapy.  She took her socks off, put them on her hands as gloves, and wallowed on the recliner.

She also likes scissors.  She likes to find hidden scissors, hide in the bathroom while an unsuspecting mom is in the kitchen, be really quiet, and take chunks of her already thin hair off.

On the day of the snow storm JL had opposite day.  He wore his undies on the outside of his pants.  That’s the only thing he wanted to do opposite.  Aces.

We bought shrinky dinks at Target during the 75% off blow out in the toy section.  They were a huge hit.And, finally, we had the Snowpocolypse of 2013.  We actually had “thunder snow.”  It was pretty deep for Alabama standards.  We played as long as we could, but eventually these little kiddos got too cold and we had to retreat into the house to warm up.  

The snow is almost all gone, we’ve started school back, and we’ve had a fairly normal week here.  We’re starting to get back in the groove, and I’m loving every minute of it.


We gave away Cat #1. She went to a sweet friend with 3 kids. From what I hear she had an exciting trip back home trying to keep the cat in the box, and then the cat somehow squeezed itself out of the box through a handle in the side. I haven’t heard from her since then. I’m just going to assume all is well and Ally is loving country life.

This is JL’s santa suit. It was sort of a Santa superhero outfit. He walked around the house saying “Hohoho, here’s your Merry Christmas present.” He makes me laugh.

Jeb got a new car. His old one had a hole in the back bumper, the speakers were dry rotted, the passenger side door had long scrapes down it, and the front bumper had been gashed on rocks and had hit a dog. Poor car (and poor dog). I’m glad he has something he loves driving.

This is the hat JL got to wear at school on his birthday. He also wore it the day after his birthday because he said, “Mom I’m STILL 5, so i can wear it. It says John Luke IS 5.” Well, yes, that does make sense. Wear whatever you like buddy.

He wanted me to send a picture of him to Pops. This is what he did for the picture. He is not right.

So, long story short. Jeb is going to the National Championship Game with my dad. I was sad. He was sad that I was sad. Mom and Dad had the idea to go to Disney World so we would all have something to look forward to. I wasn’t sad anymore. This is the face he made once I wasn’t sad anymore. He’s so very very excited. :) we will all head to Orlando, stay for a few days then the guys will drive down to Miami go
To the game spend the night and head back for one more day with mi mowe (what ek says for mickey mouse)

Sadie and JL last Christmas.

Sadie and John Luke this Christmas. Let me just get this out in the open…praise the Lord he didn’t have to wear a reindeer shirt with a bow under the fluffy ball nose this year. He is a boy. Also, please notice they BOTH have food on their faces. If this relationship doesn’t work out, I don’t know what will…they are perfect for each other. Maybe they’ll at least be friends for life.

This is JL with Mrs. Amy. He loves her. She has been such a great teacher this year. So thankful for her!

We had EK’s Christmas party this week too. She had to see Santa to get her present. She wasn’t too sure about it. If only he had Mickey ears on. She was all about going to see Mickey Mouse.

She was much more relaxed once she was a safe distance from Santa. I don’t blame her. It’s creepy. I used to tell my dad to tell Santa to leave the presents on the porch because I didn’t want a stranger coming into our house.

The Christmas list Caden gave me yesterday…for any last minute shopping.
1. Art supplies
2. Glo brix
3. 3DS (I don’t know why he turns his 3s around sometimes)
4. Once upon a Christmas (I had to get help deciphering this one)
5. Series 1 (trash pack)
Love this kid. He is always thinking. And, to make this even better…he did it while he was in time out for acting like a crazy loon at dinner. I guess he knew he’d get back in good graces soon.

We started out our Christmas vacation today. Jeb had to work, so we went to Decatur to buy the last 2 Christmas presents on our list! WE ARE FINISHED! We also ate at Panera. Yummy! The kids asked to eat at a restaurant where they could go inside and sit down. I thought they meant like a “real” restaurant…like Olive Garden. I asked them what that meant, and they said KFC! Um, no.

Ella Kate is going to school 4 days a week now. The day she doesn’t go to school is when she’s at therapy in Birmingham. She’s really starting to take off. She talks to me all the time, but I can only understand about half of it. I’m starting to decipher more and more. I haven’t been counting lately because I forget, but I’m thinking she’s well over 500 words she understands and over 300 words she expresses on her own. She’ll repeat just about anything you ask her to repeat.

We went to Disney last week. I have lots of pictures, but I’ll give them their own post.

At this time of year we always reflect back on how the Lord has blessed us over the past year, and this year is no different. We are so very thankful to have our babies in our arms alive and well this Christmas. That’s more than some parents can say. We pray we never take life for granted. We pray for those mama’s and daddy’s who don’t get the same luxury as we do of rocking their babies to sleep this Christmas. We pray during the wake of the tragedy in CT, the victims and the parents are not forgotten amongst the quarrels about 2nd amendments rights and asinine protests by hate groups passing themselves off as people who love Jesus. I hope I never forget. I hope and pray I keep my new perspective. Hug our kids a little tighter. Not get frustrated as easily. Love more. And on a somewhat funny note, Monday was the first day we took the kids to school after the shooting. We prayed together before school and we took the wise counsel of Jon Acuff (who writes a blog called Stuff Christians Like). He said why do we pray for a hedge of protection, why not protection of lions, or of fire breathing dragons…they’re much more likely to protect you….so Monday, when I was about to start boohooing, Jeb prayed for a hedge of fire breathing dragons around our boys that day (EK had therapy)…I loved it. We picked both of them up that afternoon. I kept hugging Caden for long periods of time, and eventually he said to me, “mom, have you ever thought about giving me away?” I said, “Um, no, do you think I’m giving you away because I keep hugging you so much.” He said, “Yes, yes I do.” So then we had to have a talk about how I wouldn’t ever give him away, and I just loved him and that’s why I was hugging him (they have NO idea anything happened in CT. I didn’t want to give him a complex and set him up to be terrified to go to school. Let’s face it….I was terrified to drop him off until I found out a uniformed on duty policeman was at the school all day. If I was scared, I know he would have been. We want to shelter him from unnecessary fears, so no news is good for him.)

Merry Christmas to all of you. Hug those babies tight. Don’t take them for granted.

  • The air conditioning repairman came today.  We have a broken coil.  He didn’t have a replacement for said coil.  He fixed us up good enough to get us through till Monday when he’ll get the coil from Birmingham.  I have the air on 74 because I can.  I’m thinking about turning it down some more.  
  • Ella Kate let Jeb put her to bed tonight. Yay!  She loves Jeb.  She lets him play with her, hold her, she’ll ride with him in the car…but she WILL NOT let him read to her at night, put her to bed, or give her a bath.  Not sure what’s up with that.  Thankful she let him read to her and put her to bed tonight.  She’s started this new thing where if you try to do something to her she doesn’t want to do she’ll yell “Ow!!!!”  For example, Jeb was trying to put her pull up on her tonight, so he stood her up on the counter (she had been sitting on the counter), and she starts yelling “OW!” and making her legs go limp so she doesn’t have to stand up.  She’s such a mess.  She was laughing about it the whole time too.  This was also around the same time she was trying to cut freckles off our hand with a set of keys and then stick the keys up our noses.  Good times.
  • I picked JL up early from school today.  He was prayer helper this week, so he wanted to stay until his job for the day was finished.  He gets to say the prayer at snack time and lunch time.  He’s been calendar helper, teachers pet, and something about a mouse (quiet mouse maybe…I don’t really understand this one).  He takes his job very seriously.  I tell him he doesn’t have to go to school on Fridays, but he chooses to go so he can do his job.
  • Currently I’m watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 392nd time this “season.”  It is my background movie.  Love.
  • The roles are changing around here.  JL has turned into the wild child.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  He suggested I take red dye away from him. Ha!  He’s started not listening and running through the house like a wild Indian.  He’s crazy!!!  Caden on the other hand has been such a helper.  He is cleaning up after himself, taking care of his own things, keeping the car clean inside, listening, etc.  And there was a time tonight when I was sitting with EK changing her pjs (because I accidentally sat her in chocolate ice cream and it was all over her pants…oops), and I thought “how did you get to be the calm one?  I never saw this coming!”
  • We have some friends who are adopting a little girl (Anna Grace) from the Congo.  They are having a fund raiser at Frostings Bakery in Cullman tomorrow from 12-2.  If you could come by, they would be so appreciative.  There will be flyers on site, so don’t worry if you do not have a flyer! 
  • Cochlear came out with a new accessory so EK can swim, shower, bathe, stick her head in water, etc. and hear the whole thing.  This will REVOLUTIONIZE OUR SUMMERS.  We have stopped going to the pool because it was just too hard.  It was too hard to protect her implants from the water.  It was too hard to keep them dry.  If we took her implants off it was too hard to keep up with her because SHE COULDN’T HEAR A THING.  So, this my friends will be phenomenal.  She LOVES the water.  Absolutely LOVES it!  
  • We have 2 soccer games tomorrow, then we plan to come back and clean the boys up, and then head to “sleep in the mall.”  The boys are so excited they can’t stand it!  I’m looking forward to it as well.  I love time with our little family.  They make me smile. :)



It’s the day we’d been waiting for since March.  The day we’d been potty training for.  It was finally here.  My stomach was in knots.  I had Ella Kate home with me all day every day since March.  We had done therapy.  We were inseparable.  I had no idea how this school thing was going to go.  Would she have accident after accident?  Would she cry all day and not get anything out of it?  I knew it was were she needed to be, so we went.

We took the boys to school, and then went off to Birmingham.  We walked her into the school and met other “friends.”  It was so fun to see her with other kids like her (but all older).

Her school lasts for 4 hours.  We went back to pick her up and here’s her expression…

I probably was crying at this point.  I shed a lot of happy tears over the past 2 weeks.  Our baby is finally “getting it.”  She’s repeating short phrases.  It doesn’t sound just like what we say, but  it’s getting there.  This school has been the best decision we’ve ever made for her.  She loves it.  She has learned the routines.  She’s doing great at potty training.  She did have one accident, and we’re praying it won’t happen again.  She’s also having trouble staying in her seat at lunch and not touching other friends food.  We’re praying she will learn this routine quickly (that would make meals at home nicer too if she’d learn it).  I have seen such a difference in her.  While I still get down that she’s 3 and isn’t a “normal speaking” 3 year old, I try to remind myself of where we were at the end of July.  At the end of July she understood around 120 words and could come up with 20 words on her own.  Now, in September, she knows over 300 words and can come up with at least 115 on her own.  She’s saying 2 and 3 word phrases…not all of them are super clear, but, like i said, we’re working on it.  That all happened in 1 1/2 months.  When I get down about where we are, I think of how much she’s progressed in such a little time, and I’m so thankful.  I am seeing a light at the end of this tunnel.  I can’t wait to see what every new week holds.

You may be wondering what in the world I do in Birmingham every day.  Mom and dad gave me a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft (yay!), so I’ve been taking advantage of their 40% off sale.  I’ve been able to grocery shop at Publix!  Publix!!!  It really was a pleasure.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pillows for our bed.  I never get to look for any here in Cullman because you know what kids don’t like to do?  Shop for pillows, or follow me around shopping for anything really.  I have looked at Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, World Market, and then the angels sang and trumpets sounded as I entered into Pier 1 and found the perfect little paisley pillows.  It hasn’t been all shopping, although that has taken up a significant portion of my time (I’ve been told to get a handle on that).  I also went running one day, however I decided, being sweaty in Birmingham all day wasn’t going to cut it (we ended up buying a treadmill today in hopes to get back on the running bandwagon…this new schedule and all it demands have killed our running).  And, last but not least, I hung out in Barnes and Noble inputing PTO forms into google docs for 3 hours one day and only got HALF of them done.  I had resorted to using peoples email addresses and requests to be notified by phone but not listing their phone number entertain me, then the man I love (that’s Jeb in case some of you were wondering) sent me a text telling me about a website I needed to go to for a humor break.  Y’all, I was in Barnes and Noble.  I was doing the quiet polite chuckle at first because it was quiet in the bookstore.  Then I would accidentally overcompensate for my quiet chuckle and let out a loud laugh.  I finally had to stop reading and wait until I got into my car.  It was hilarious.  Here is a link if you feel so inclined to read:  Yes, it is a post about a girl who has to fart.  If you think that wouldn’t be something I would think is funny, we probably shouldn’t be friends anymore.  Just kidding.  So, yeah, I find things to fill up my time.

This is what happens most days on the way home.  She is exhausted, and she rests until we get into Cullman.  We’re dealing with some over exhaustion still.  I’m hoping she catches up on sleep soon.  When she gets too tired, she has trouble sleeping.  All of our kids have had this problem, but until now it’s been from a long weekend or something…it hasn’t been something that will be lasting for 3 years.  We’re trying to get her to bed by 730.  She’s been getting up in the middle of the night and again at 5am.

And I’ve been doing a lot of research and writing trying to show our school system why they need to provide Auditory Verbal Therapy for her, so I’ve been up past midnight.  We’re all so very tired.  I sent my last email to the school system yesterday, so I’m hoping our nights get back to being veg out times once the kids go to bed. Advocating for your child is more work than I ever realized it would be.  We have our IEP meeting September 24th to try to get the school to change EK’s IEP to include an AVT (which is what she’s received from the HEAR center for the past 3 years).

As you can see in this last picture, she got a big girl back pack and  new lunch box to match. :)

On our days home (Monday and Friday), we enjoy the “laziness” of the day.  Last Friday, I had a PTO meeting, then we picked JL up from school, went to Walmart, ate Popcorn Chicken as we shopped, and then picked Caden up early from school for fun.


Well friends, I’m still here. Summer proved itself to be bad for the blogging. What have we been up to? Well, we had EK’s birthday party, but I need to be more awake to write about it. We’ve been to the beach, but it deserves a post in its own. Here’s what sums up the trip for me…Build-A-Bear and a lot of sand. What I have for you is a bulleted list of day to day stuff with promises of posts about EK’s birthday and the beach.

  • We have been doing A LOT of therapy. I was told by Ek’s therapist that she was behind. I already knew that, but it was hard to hear. This was Tuesday and we left for the beach Thursday. The beach was a great time to work with her and try to get a handle on her speech and listening. Since that day, EK has moved to bigger groups of things to choose from when listening to a group of tasks (like give the grapes to Woody), she’s changing vowels in babble (like he ha, na no, nay ne, etc.), she started saying her n’s, she’s gone from saying around 25 words to 100 words ( to count it as a word she has to come up with it herself, she can’t just repeat it), and she’s gone from understanding 115 words to at least 265. It’s been a good month. She’s still behind, but I am amazed by her progress in one month.
  • We’ve still been potty training. It’s going alright. She needs to be trained enough to fake it by September 4. That’s when she starts school.
  • We watched a lot of the Olympics. I’m still sad it’s over. I wish there was still swimming and gymnastics on every night. Love it. 4 more years…
  • Caden learned to ride his bike! Yay! I mean, really, it’s somewhat taxing to teach him anything. Jeb should get a medal for patience. He loves riding his bike so much! He will go outside and just ride in circles. :)
  • The kids enjoyed time hanging out together this summer.
  • Ella Kate is doing just fine with all the extra attention now that the boys have gone back to school.
  • We tried to go to Chick fil a appreciation day, but ended up at Arby’s instead. CFA was so crazy! 3 hungry kids waiting an hour for food wasn’t going to cut it.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our summer. We enjoyed the lazy-ish days. Not having to be anywhere. That’s all over now. We’re enjoying the schedule and routine too, we’re just in the middle of the change over. The change is always the hardest. I’m hoping a couple more weeks will get us into a good groove.
  • In other news, EK isn’t terrified of the neighbor’s cat anymore. I give you exhibit A
  • School started monday, so I need to add that to my list of posts that need to be written…Here’s a pic of the whole crew on the first day. I have many more, including comparisons of the boys from last year to this year. I’ll save them for their own little post, which I may write within the next 3 months…who knows. I promise JL wasn’t choking her. It certainly looks like he was, I know.

Well, I need to call it a night. It’s 11:30, and Jeb is working tomorrow…and EK has been making it a habit to get up at 5:15am, and each of the boys have their first soccer game (that Jeb will miss because he’s working. :( Sad story.)

July 5 we woke up early to head to Bham. We had to get to the HEAR Center at 8am for an audiogram and speech perception. Here are Eks results…



Compare the 2 audiograms. You can see how well she hears with her implants on. It is very exciting to see how she hears almost everything on the audiogram. She may or may not hear the birds chirping or the leaves rustling, only time will tell. Her speech perception test had 3 parts. The first part was the only part she was expected to pass. She had to get an 8 out of 12 to pass. If she got below an 8 they would recommend we try some other form of communication with her, or we begin a different approach in some way…she got a 12 out of 12. So encouraging! She didn’t get many of the next set right and just said a few syllables/letters of the repetition part, however she should make progress and
be able to pass these as well. We are so thankful for these signs of her progress.
After testing we headed to Opp for the weekend. We did a LOT of swimming. The kids had so much fun with their cousins and we enjoyed our time there as well.

EK loves the water so much. We tried to keep her ears on her while she was in, but she kept wanting to get her head wet. We ended up leaving her glasses on (so she wouldn’t cross her eyes) and we’d put her ears on her when she’d wander out of the pool. I can’t wait until
Cochlear comes out with the pouch do she can swim in her ears!

She wore herself and me out with the swimming and not napping.
Here’s a pic of the kids with Grammy and Gramps at their store. They love their Grammy and Gramps!

We headed toward home Saturday with a stop in Millbrook for our twin nieces bday party. We got home late Saturday and resumed our regular schedule Sunday…

That brings me to 2 Sundays ago…I’ll add more in a little bit…


It’s summer and we’ve stayed busy. If we’re in town we have found something to occupy us, like VBS, playing outside, grocery shopping, swim lessons, or soccer camp.

We’ve taken 2 trips so far this summer, and the 3rd will be coming up in a couple of weeks. All that to say, when we get the kids to bed I usually veg instead of updating the blog. We had EK’s 3rd bday party today, and I wanted to update on that…but before I can do that, I need to do a catch up….so here are a few pictures to get you up to speed. Wow, that was a long run on sentence.

Ella Kate has become opinionated about what she wears and that includes her shoes. She decided she wanted to wear soccer cleats to Wal-Mart because her brothers were at soccer camp that day. I pick my battles with her.

JL continues to be the sweetest big brother. He fed EK dinner one night so she would be able to have dessert. She ate every single bite he gave her. Seriously, they LOVE each other so much. It is just precious.

When we get stuck inside because of rain ALL. DAY. LONG, we get creative about how we watch TV. They thought this way would be more fun.

That brings us to 4th of July…the holiday where we ate a LOT of watermelon.

…and then did shirtless coloring on the back porch. EK needed to be dressed like her brothers, so that meant she went shirtless too.

We met my parents at Jim-N-Nicks for dinner on the 4th. Isn’t this just the best picture? Everyone int his picture makes me so happy. :)

We succeeded in getting a decent family photo. It would not be the “true us” if everyone was looking at the camera smiling. Looking at the camera is so last year, it takes some of the fun out of the picture.

On the way home, the kids talked us into getting fireworks…or maybe it was that they talked us into actually shooting them of that night instead of waiting on all of them until we got to Opp, I can’t remember.

That brings us to the end of the 4th of July. Next up…trip to Opp, and various and a sundry other things.