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Last week was super busy, but fun.  Tuesday we met one of our friends from when we lived in Birmingham.  Her husband was in medical school with Jeb.  He couldn’t come with us because he had boards the next day.

Here are the kids ages…Caden, 6, Miller, 5, John Luke , 4, Tucker, 3, Ella Kate, 2, and Mallie, 2.  It was a fun lunch. :)  We miss them!  They’re headed to New Mexico for a year long fellowship.  We’re hoping to head out there to go skiing at some point.

Before we headed to lunch we had our normal therapy session.  It went well, but it’s always hard when all 5 of us are there.  :)  We had group therapy the next day.  I got a lot of ideas for some new things to do in home therapy with EK (drawing boo boos on the babies and then naming body parts for her to put band aids on, making experience books, and some new books to read).


I had a lot of help getting ready before we left for therapy.  Aren’t they precious?

Wednesday night JL decided he wanted to sleep in EK’s room, and Caden thought it would be a good idea as well.  They did really well.  Everyone slept all night, and when they got up the next morning they didn’t wake each other up…they came in one at a time as they woke up.  I guess it will be a fun treat for them every now and then.  :)

Thursday we took the kids to Huntsville.  We had to get ready for EK’s party on Saturday, we had family coming in Friday night, and we had our 1st 5K Saturday morning….BUSY!  Thursday afternoon Jeb performed a little eye “surgery” on me.  I had/have 3 glands on my eyelids that were stopped up.  They had formed these crystalized things in them and they HURT.  Jeb slit all 3 of them with a scalpel.  It did. not. feel. good.  I got the hard thing out of one of them, but I think he’s going to have to work on the other 2 some more.  Still using topical antibiotics and and anti-inflammatory drop in that eye.

Saturday we ran our 1st 5K!  It was great!  Jeb placed 1st in his age group, and 11th overall.  I placed 3rd in my age group, and 21st overall (out of 66).  I’m trying to get him to commit to training for the half marathon for me, but he hasn’t yet. :)

We had various family members filing in all day Saturday in preparation for our sweet girls party Saturday night.  That’s a post in itself though. The 4 boys had so much fun together.  EK enjoyed having extra kids around too, but she was in bed for this picture.  If you look at the clock you can see it was almost 10pm!  We had a lot of late nights.  Its tough to go to bed when  they’re having a blast with their cousins.




This past week the boys had Challenger Soccer Camp. It was for 1 1/2 hours in the morning, so it wasn’t incredibly hot. It didn’t hit the 100′s around here until mid afternoon, so at 90-95 it was a regular frozen tundra out there. Caden’s coach’s name was Simon, and he stayed at our house all week. It was very interesting to hear the cultural, religious, and language differences between us. He just left this morning, so he gets the award for person who’s stayed the longest at our house.

We tried to help him with an American accent, but it ended up sounding like a British person impersonating a Northern American trying to do a Southern accent. He was a lovely house guest, he was very respectful, and very nice….but it is nice to go back to “normal”…like EK running around without pants on and going peepee on the potty in the kitchen and such. And let me tell you, I am looking forward to getting the kids to bed and sitting in my bed tonight. We’ve been getting the kids to bed and then sitting in the kitchen with Simon and talking until 11pm or midnight. The boys had loads of fun playing outside with the neighbors last week too. The found a “hill,” but it’s really just an incline, they would go up and then ride down on their big wheels. EK rode up and down the neighbors driveway for an hour or so. Here’s JL going down the hill. He doesn’t look too sure of it, but he really was having fun. This is what EK did the whole time…. Caden stopped a minute for a picture. He loves this razor the neighbors have. Here’s Harrison, he’s JL’s age. Isn’t he precious? Here’s Jackson. He was having some ear pain, so Dr. Hornsby came to the rescue. Curbside prescriptions for the neighbors anytime. :) Jackson is 6 months older than Caden. All 4 boys have lots of fun together, and EK enjoys joining in as well. We’re finally getting into a groove this summer. Now that it’s blazing hot, I can’t run in the evenings, so Jeb and I take turns running in the mornings. Then when we get home I’ll do therapy with EK. It’s nice to not have to be somewhere right off the bat in the mornings. Therapy lasts about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how stubborn she chooses to be. Some days are better than others. She has a lot of will power and stubborn in that little body of hers. It will pay off one day…for now it makes it tough to teach her the language she needs…we will power through though. After therapy we run any errands we need to run, and then do lunch. At about 2pm everyone goes down for nap or rest time. The boys look forward to this part of the day because they get their phones (iPod touches). EK goes down for a real nap. She’ll nap about 2 hours. During that time I get to SIT on the bed and watch White Collar while looking at the internet. It is glorious. I drink Coke Zero, eat some sort of snack, and enjoy the peace and quiet (that is sprinkled with a few “MOM!!!….Caden’s in my bed, my phone died, can I have a snack, I need help with this box on where’s my water, etc”). During the school year I never got to enjoy nap time. It was always too rushed because I had to pick up the boys, so this is a nice change of pace. I refuse to do lots of work during nap time. It seems to help me retain my sanity. ;) After naps we have to come up with something else to do for a couple of hours before Jeb gets home. I don’t cook very often anymore. It’s just too tough with 3 littles. I make time for what I want to make time for, and cooking a big meal and cleaning up a big meal, is not on that list, so during the 2 hours after nap time we usually go outside and kill some time. Playing with bubbles….

I am so thankful we’ve found our routine. We even have a couple more months until we have to find a new one. I know I thrive on schedule and routine, and I think the kids do better as well. It a good thing we’ve found our groove, because at the beginning of the summer I wasn’t sure how many of us would make it to the end of the summer.

The kids are downstairs with Jeb playing mario brothers, and as much as I’m enjoying the back porch quiet, I probably need to go provide some back up.


So, we’re home. Real life started back. Well, real life with VBS. I’m thinking I probably could have benefited from a few more settle into summer and recuperate from vacation days before I started VBS. I’m a crew leader this year, which is a fancy term for child wrangler. Just kidding. We have one more day of VBS and then this weekend I get to hang out with some of my best friends from college to celebrate Karenina’s birthday! Jeb’s going to hold down the fort for me here. Such a great hubby, huh?

So, this week so far…

We got home Friday, I went to Bunco Friday night, and Caden got over his stomach virus. We woke up Saturday and I’m not 100 % sure what we did that day. I remember debating if we were going to join the aquatic center or not. We decided on not. It’s just too hard trying to keep EK’s ears dry and I will not take them off her while we’re there. We decided to buy lots of outside water toys and still come out cheaper than joining the pool. Seriously, I am at a loss for anything else we did. Oh, I just remembered! We went to Neil and Jennifer’s, ate dinner, and let the kids play outside. So much fun! Love the Yeagers.

Sunday, we went to church and EK wore this precious dress we got from a friend.

Sunday afternoon I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess the kids napped while we watched a Burn Notice. I can’t be sure, but it’s a pretty good guess. Oh, I just remembered! I ran Sunday afternoon after it stopped raining. I ran 5 miles straight! Whoop whoop! Jeb played Mario with the boys and EK hung out in the basement with them while they were playing.

Monday started VBS. I also got my ankle x-rayed, because oh my at the pain. It was fine, so I had to rest it Monday. No running for me that day.

Tuesday Jeb was off, so he went to therapy with us. All 5 of us went to therapy. It was not as productive as some of our past therapy sessions. After therapy we went to Chuy’s to celebrate the fact that we made it through therapy. I’m thinking Grangran and Grandaddy might could come keep the boys some so our therapy appointments won’t all be as crazy.


Wednesday we had Mapping at the HEAR center. For those of you who aren’t up on the CI terminology, mapping is when the tweak the CI and make sure all the electrodes are hearing at the same level. Emily didn’t have to change much and EK did awesome. She has mastered a task kids usually don’t get until 3 (praise God!). She dropped the toy in the water when she hears the beep, and this let’s emily know how to program the CI.

I’m trying to wrap up this post from last week, so I’m going to stop with that. :)


The boys with their best friends Collin and Micah

Both boys had a t-ball games last night…at the same time. Collin and JL are on the same team and Caden and Micah played each other, so their parents and Jeb and I were walking back and forth between fields all night. :) Caden swung his little heart out, he struck out once and hit the ball once…and got tagged out. You know the best part?!? He didn’t freak out!! Whoop whoop! So thankful! We had to talk him through it some, but we were still so proud of him! We took them to Yogurt Mountain afterwards.Jeb and I started running. We have ran for a whole 3 days. :) We’ve been doing 2 miles per day around our neighborhood. Considering the only running I used to do was to catch a Disney bus, catch a child, or, um, maybe that’s all, I’m pretty proud of 3 days straight running 2 miles per day. We’re going to run a 5k. I’m not sure which one Jeb’s wanting to do, but I’m wanting to run in Birmingham. Therapy is going well. EK is participating more and more. She still will pull a stubborn stunt out, but is doing so much better. Therapy at home goes so much more quickly when she cooperates. Caden had his solo at school this morning. He did wonderful! He sings so beautifully. He does not get that from me. I’ll have to give credit to his daddy. We have a video of it, but I’m not so sure how to break it up in iMovie and imbed it all all of those tech-y things.