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My Mom Thinks I’m Smart


Caden started drum lessons.  It’s loud.  He plays in the basement.  I can hear them 2 floors up.  He is quite the musician, so I try to get over it. :)

I started chalk painting a little bit.  We don’t have the extra money to go out and buy all new furniture, so we painted what we had.  It was pretty easy, and looks good.

I had to deal with some unfortunate stuff toward the end of the summer.  Life isn’t always easy, and I’m never going to please everyone…then I found this on Instagram.  It was exactly what I needed.   And then, this glorious day happened.  It was PSL time again.  I had it 3 days in a row.  It came out the day before my birthday.  It was like Starbucks little present to me.  Then, I woke up one morning and decided to see how many calories my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte had in it…I get Nonfat and No Whip..surely it wasn’t many.  Ugh, a regular size is 210 calories. :(  I haven’t had one since.  Sad story.  It will definitely be a special treat, not an every day occurrence.  Alabama has been playing like a #1 team, and EK, the encourager, is happy to cheer them along.  ”Good job!!  Good job!!”JL was the FIRST golden apple in his class.  When Caden got upset that he wasn’t the first golden apple, JL told him, “It’s because I listen, obey, and am sweet.”  The same day he got the golden apple (which is basically an award for being polite, listening, following directions, etc.) he also got the BUG award (“Being Unusually Good”) for finding his sight words in a book.  He told me the night before he had been trying very hard and had been doing his best to get a BUG award.  So thankful he was rewarded for his efforts.
Caden had Grandparent’s Day and my Mom and Dad were able to come.  Don’t they look great?!?  I love my parents.  I am so thankful that they are so close and can be involved with our kids. :) This cracks me up.  ”My mom thinks I AM SMART.”  Well, yes I do buddy.  Apparently I tell you that a lot.  His favorite thing to do is go to Disney.  We all miss Disney.  It’s been since May.   Caden is playing soccer.  He had one rough game where he acted a little ugly to other players, but this game (when this picture was taken) I was SO incredibly proud of him.  His team was losing, he got a ball kicked in his face so hard it confused him for a few seconds, but HE PLAYED HIS LITTLE HEART OUT AND DID.  NOT.  QUIT.  So thankful and so proud of him.   He wasn’t the only one who enjoyed Yogurt Mountain (or Yo Mo as C calls it) that day.  The little 2 had a blast too.  Unfortunately Jeb was working. :(

Hey, I’m almost caught up with current life! Only glasses, a concert, and a few details in between. Yay!

  • The air conditioning repairman came today.  We have a broken coil.  He didn’t have a replacement for said coil.  He fixed us up good enough to get us through till Monday when he’ll get the coil from Birmingham.  I have the air on 74 because I can.  I’m thinking about turning it down some more.  
  • Ella Kate let Jeb put her to bed tonight. Yay!  She loves Jeb.  She lets him play with her, hold her, she’ll ride with him in the car…but she WILL NOT let him read to her at night, put her to bed, or give her a bath.  Not sure what’s up with that.  Thankful she let him read to her and put her to bed tonight.  She’s started this new thing where if you try to do something to her she doesn’t want to do she’ll yell “Ow!!!!”  For example, Jeb was trying to put her pull up on her tonight, so he stood her up on the counter (she had been sitting on the counter), and she starts yelling “OW!” and making her legs go limp so she doesn’t have to stand up.  She’s such a mess.  She was laughing about it the whole time too.  This was also around the same time she was trying to cut freckles off our hand with a set of keys and then stick the keys up our noses.  Good times.
  • I picked JL up early from school today.  He was prayer helper this week, so he wanted to stay until his job for the day was finished.  He gets to say the prayer at snack time and lunch time.  He’s been calendar helper, teachers pet, and something about a mouse (quiet mouse maybe…I don’t really understand this one).  He takes his job very seriously.  I tell him he doesn’t have to go to school on Fridays, but he chooses to go so he can do his job.
  • Currently I’m watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 392nd time this “season.”  It is my background movie.  Love.
  • The roles are changing around here.  JL has turned into the wild child.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  He suggested I take red dye away from him. Ha!  He’s started not listening and running through the house like a wild Indian.  He’s crazy!!!  Caden on the other hand has been such a helper.  He is cleaning up after himself, taking care of his own things, keeping the car clean inside, listening, etc.  And there was a time tonight when I was sitting with EK changing her pjs (because I accidentally sat her in chocolate ice cream and it was all over her pants…oops), and I thought “how did you get to be the calm one?  I never saw this coming!”
  • We have some friends who are adopting a little girl (Anna Grace) from the Congo.  They are having a fund raiser at Frostings Bakery in Cullman tomorrow from 12-2.  If you could come by, they would be so appreciative.  There will be flyers on site, so don’t worry if you do not have a flyer! 
  • Cochlear came out with a new accessory so EK can swim, shower, bathe, stick her head in water, etc. and hear the whole thing.  This will REVOLUTIONIZE OUR SUMMERS.  We have stopped going to the pool because it was just too hard.  It was too hard to protect her implants from the water.  It was too hard to keep them dry.  If we took her implants off it was too hard to keep up with her because SHE COULDN’T HEAR A THING.  So, this my friends will be phenomenal.  She LOVES the water.  Absolutely LOVES it!  
  • We have 2 soccer games tomorrow, then we plan to come back and clean the boys up, and then head to “sleep in the mall.”  The boys are so excited they can’t stand it!  I’m looking forward to it as well.  I love time with our little family.  They make me smile. :)



This past week the boys had Challenger Soccer Camp. It was for 1 1/2 hours in the morning, so it wasn’t incredibly hot. It didn’t hit the 100′s around here until mid afternoon, so at 90-95 it was a regular frozen tundra out there. Caden’s coach’s name was Simon, and he stayed at our house all week. It was very interesting to hear the cultural, religious, and language differences between us. He just left this morning, so he gets the award for person who’s stayed the longest at our house.

We tried to help him with an American accent, but it ended up sounding like a British person impersonating a Northern American trying to do a Southern accent. He was a lovely house guest, he was very respectful, and very nice….but it is nice to go back to “normal”…like EK running around without pants on and going peepee on the potty in the kitchen and such. And let me tell you, I am looking forward to getting the kids to bed and sitting in my bed tonight. We’ve been getting the kids to bed and then sitting in the kitchen with Simon and talking until 11pm or midnight. The boys had loads of fun playing outside with the neighbors last week too. The found a “hill,” but it’s really just an incline, they would go up and then ride down on their big wheels. EK rode up and down the neighbors driveway for an hour or so. Here’s JL going down the hill. He doesn’t look too sure of it, but he really was having fun. This is what EK did the whole time…. Caden stopped a minute for a picture. He loves this razor the neighbors have. Here’s Harrison, he’s JL’s age. Isn’t he precious? Here’s Jackson. He was having some ear pain, so Dr. Hornsby came to the rescue. Curbside prescriptions for the neighbors anytime. :) Jackson is 6 months older than Caden. All 4 boys have lots of fun together, and EK enjoys joining in as well. We’re finally getting into a groove this summer. Now that it’s blazing hot, I can’t run in the evenings, so Jeb and I take turns running in the mornings. Then when we get home I’ll do therapy with EK. It’s nice to not have to be somewhere right off the bat in the mornings. Therapy lasts about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how stubborn she chooses to be. Some days are better than others. She has a lot of will power and stubborn in that little body of hers. It will pay off one day…for now it makes it tough to teach her the language she needs…we will power through though. After therapy we run any errands we need to run, and then do lunch. At about 2pm everyone goes down for nap or rest time. The boys look forward to this part of the day because they get their phones (iPod touches). EK goes down for a real nap. She’ll nap about 2 hours. During that time I get to SIT on the bed and watch White Collar while looking at the internet. It is glorious. I drink Coke Zero, eat some sort of snack, and enjoy the peace and quiet (that is sprinkled with a few “MOM!!!….Caden’s in my bed, my phone died, can I have a snack, I need help with this box on where’s my water, etc”). During the school year I never got to enjoy nap time. It was always too rushed because I had to pick up the boys, so this is a nice change of pace. I refuse to do lots of work during nap time. It seems to help me retain my sanity. ;) After naps we have to come up with something else to do for a couple of hours before Jeb gets home. I don’t cook very often anymore. It’s just too tough with 3 littles. I make time for what I want to make time for, and cooking a big meal and cleaning up a big meal, is not on that list, so during the 2 hours after nap time we usually go outside and kill some time. Playing with bubbles….

I am so thankful we’ve found our routine. We even have a couple more months until we have to find a new one. I know I thrive on schedule and routine, and I think the kids do better as well. It a good thing we’ve found our groove, because at the beginning of the summer I wasn’t sure how many of us would make it to the end of the summer.

The kids are downstairs with Jeb playing mario brothers, and as much as I’m enjoying the back porch quiet, I probably need to go provide some back up.

This fall has been fantastic.  There have been so many blogworthy things to write about, but I haven’t sat down and documented it.  Oh well.  Rather than trying to write at length about everything…I’m just going to hit the high points.

  • I got to decorate our house for fall.  I love decorating for holidays, so being in a place where we’re settled and not about to move meant I got to decorate!!  Makes me so excited!

Caden has been doing much better at soccer.  Not many freak outs at all.  We may have allegedly started bribing him….”If you freak out today you will lose the ability to watch tv the rest of the day, play with your bakugans, you will not get the other twix in your pack, and you will get money taken away.  If you do not freak out you will get all of those things, and we will give you $1 per goal and 50 cents per time you kick the ball out of bounds when the other team is trying to get it into your goal.”  This translated into Caden playing his little heart out and the best team in U6 division telling our coach we played them the hardest of any other team they played.  We were so proud of our boys.  I wish Jeb could have been there to see it.  He had to work today.

  •  Jeb talked to JL’s class about being healthy.  JL stood beside him the whole time and looked SO proud of his daddy.  It made me so happy.
  • Jeb’s parents came last weekend and we had such a wonderful visit with them.  They kept the kids for us while we went to a party for one of Jeb’s partners.  Then they went to Caden’s soccer game with us Saturday, we went to Oktoberfest, ate some phenomenal German Potato Salad, headed home, Grammy and I went shopping, we brought home some BBQ, and watched the football game.  Sunday they stayed with the kids while we went to church, then we hung out at home all afternoon, that night they took us out to dinner for our birthdays, and then we ate at 32 degrees.  We headed home and got ready for our whirlwind of a Monday.   Monday morning they helped us out by taking the boys to school while we took EK to Children’s.  We had a fantastic weekend!!
  • EK had cochlear implant surgery #2 on Monday.  She was a tough little girl and did wonderfully.  Dr. Woolley said it was a good bit harder than her first implant.  She had a lot of inflammation because of an ear infection she was getting over.  Also, her anatomy was a little jumbled.  He ended up having to go through a different way.  He had to lift up her ear drum to get to the round window which is where he had to go through to implant.  It took him about three and a half hours instead of the two hours he estimates.  I was talking with my friend Karenina the whole time, so I didn’t know how long it was taking. 
  • Last time (implant number one), she woke up, was a little doze-y for a while and then was normal.  this time she came into her room after surgery and almost immediately started crying.  We had the hardest time getting her to calm down.  We were very close to giving her some morphine to calm her down, but she finally settled down enough to give her some lortab.  This went on for what seemed like an eternity..but then she calmed down and was fine. :) By that evening she was literally running up and down the halls of Children’s.  Then next morning she was a bit wobbly, but snapped out of it by the evening.  
  • EK is doing fabulous now.  She goes for post op on Wednesday…

Next up…Pumpkin Patch with JL and zoo with Caden!  Maybe I’ll get to it sometime this week….


We’ve had our share of ups and downs this season.  It feels like it’s been a few more downs than ups.  Caden is a competitor.  He gets its honest though.  His daddy is that way.  His daddy knows how to control himself though.  When Caden’s team is winning he’s all smiles and everything is rosy.  When he’s losing, that’s another story.  There’s crying.  There’s screaming.  It’s a crazy scene out there.  And this mama (and his daddy even more so) get frustrated with him.  So ridiculously frustrated.  He has a drive to win like no one I’ve ever seen.  The problem comes in when he get’s distracted by the fact he’s not winning…then he’s worthless for the rest of the game.  He can’t focus on winning because he’s too obsessed with freaking out about losing.  The first game he played was a freak and flail game.  They lost.  The second game he was in Disney.  The third game, the teams were evenly matched and he tried his best and scored 5 goals.  They won that game.  The game today, was a freak and flail game.  The teams were evenly matched, but there was this one little boy.  This little boy was a beast at soccer.   Caden is good.  This little boy is awesome.  Anytime he got the ball he was already half way down the field and then kicked it in the goal before you even knew he had the ball.  If you didn’t get it from him when he was turning the ball around there was no hope of getting the ball.  Anywho, that didn’t go over well with Caden.  It has been a learning experience for Caden, Jeb, and I.  We’re learning how to parent him the best way we know how, so he can be the best boy he can be…whether he’s a soccer star or not, we don’t care.  We just want him to try his best…and not make a fool out of himself by freaking out and screaming on the field.  There have been some good experiences this soccer season though.  His coaches are wonderful.  They are so patient with Caden.  Caden has also become friends with their little boy, which has been a blessing.  I enjoy doing soccer because it gives me a chance to chat with other moms and get to know the kids who are Caden’s age.  It really is so much fun…as long as Caden has a good attitude.  We will try again at practice Thursday, and then we have another game next Saturday.