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May: The month that almost killed me.


So, May came and went.  I thought November and December were busy, but May put them to shame.  The end of school madness is drives mamas to the edge of insanity.  It is finished now.  These pictures are not necessarily in any particular order because, well, I don’t feel like moving them around.

A good portion of a couple weeks in May were consumed with Teacher Appreciation Week.  We LOVE our teachers at Primary, and we make sure they know it!  Our dining room table became the hub for everything appreciative.

This was my look for approximately 2 weeks before LASIK.  I had LASIK the afternoon after field day.  I had every intention of taking a shower before surgery, but then, I didn’t.  I was SO FREAKED OUT about surgery, but it was a piece of cake.  I took a Valium, and they deadened my eyes…and then they shot lasers into my eyes.  No biggie.  It all seems like a dream now.  I never got panicky or anything.  Praise the Lord!  I remember coming back home and looking for EK’s ear, then taking a shower, and then trying to find her ear again (it had been lost earlier in the afternoon).  Eventually I got so tired (because I was on Demerol and Phenergan) I went inside and put the shields over my eyes and taped them on top of my hair.  That was not fun when Jeb had to put the drops in my eyes later that night and rip the tape off of my hair.  My hair was so tangled in tape, it was awful. But, then I woke up the next morning, and I saw 20/15.  LOVE LASIK.

Mother’s Day was great.  This was the card Caden made for me.  Please notice at the bottom it says: just made this a few minutes ago.  I love honesty.  I can’t remember what else we did, but I know I felt special and it was a great day. :)

Like I said earlier, these pictures are not in order, so here’s the teacher appreciation luncheon.  Isn’t it cute?  Those daisy’s were some of the prizes we gave away.  They were the first things to go. :)

Here’s the final product for the Haiti shirt.  I haven’t actually placed the order yet.  Oops. This kid cracks me up.  We got these Minnie Mouse pjs from a friend in Sunday school.  We turned around and she had put them on top of her dress.  She loves Minnie and she loves to dress up.Jeb works 2 Saturdays a month.  We go to Target.  It’s simple.
These 3 are precious.  I am so blessed to call them mine.   Here’s my mother’s day lunch photo.  We ate at Backyard Burger.  Yummy!  They have fantastic salads. This girl had her first ponytail!  How cute is she? This guy graduated from Pre-K.   We could not have had a better year.  I wish we could take Mrs. Amy with us to CCPS.  We LOVE her!  JL would run and jump in her lap and give her a huge hug every morning.   Here is the happy little couple. JL asked Sadie to marry him a few weeks ago.  She said yes.  I’m so glad he found his soulmate  at the age of 2.  I found a valentines day card Sadie made him when she was 2.  Melts my heart.  Love her. :) We were blessed with the BEST teachers this year.  Not only did JL love his teacher, but EK and C loved theirs as well.  It makes it so much easier to be able to drop the kids off when I knew they’re being loved on by these sweet ladies all day long.  And here are some comparison pictures for you.  JL first day and last day of school. Caden’s first and last day pic. EK’s first day at the school for hearing (in September) and her last day as a Firefly at CCPS. We ended up in Huntsville for some reason or another.  I can’t even remember why we were there now.  I do know we went to the cookie company and dropped $10 on 4 cookies though.  The kids thought it was totally worth it.  :) And this is so typical of JL.  They all had their baths and asked for a “variety tray.”  A variety tray is a tray with lots of different snacks on it.  Then they sit down to watch their show…and JL has on an eyepatch and a telescope.  Any time is a good time to be a pirate.  And in between all of this we had a few house showings.  We had Field Day.  We had bye bye brunch.  We had other various and a sundry things going on as well. May was so full!  I thought June would bring slower pace, but alas, it’s not the case.  So thankful to have this house full of munchkins to keep me busy.

Life Update: Dates, Drama, Driving, Dirtiness, and Design


We’ve had a couple of showings of our house. They didn’t accomplish more than forcing us to clean, mow the grass, and weed out the back hill…but I guess that’s something.

Last Saturday I took the boys on a “date” to Chick fil a. It was “Mother Son Date Knight.” We had a lot of fun. Ella Kate stayed with Jeb at home, but she still needed to take a picture with Mama.

At dinner we chatted, made a family crest, discussed life, ate dinner…and then they ditched me for the playground. I felt lots of mothers eyes looking over at me judging me for not being able to keep my kids at the table…until their boys did the same thing. I ended up hanging out with a couple of friends for a few minutes while they played.

After dinner they talked me into going to Walmart and Gamestop. We’re wild and crazy. JL bought a 35 mm camera and needed film, and they wanted to look at Skylanders at Gamestop. It’s apparently been too long since I’ve loaded a 35mm camera, approximately 10 years, and I completely screwed JL’s camera up. I loaded the film and then accidentally rolled it back into the film canister thing. After that, we gave him our old digital camera we were trying to sell (that no one wanted). He loved it and wants to put Skylanders stickers on it (the camera he bought was skylanders)…WIN.

Last Friday night Mom and Dad kept the boys (because we had bad weather Thursday and she couldn’t come). Jeb and I had EK by herself. It was crazy easy. It’s amazing how easy one kid is after having 3. We had big plans to get her to bed early and watch lots of TV. I know, I know. However, we got a phone call saying we were going to have a showing Saturday, so we cleaned, pulled weeds, and mowed grass instead.

Jeb had to work Saturday, so EK and I headed to Huntsville to pick up the boys before mom’s 10am appointment. We had some time to kill before we met Mom and Dad for lunch, so we made some returns at Bridge Street and then went to Toys R Us. Much to the boys delight they found Wham Shell, which is one of the last Skylanders they were needing. Currently, we only need 1 to have all of the Skylanders, (you can file that under the category of ridiculous). I mean, sure, they don’t have a Light Core Prism Break AND a Series 1 AND a Series 2 because that would really be ridiculous…they just have one of each kind.

Monday night we learned why Ella Kate needed a nap every day. Can someone say, DIVA?!? This was what happened when I told her it was time to go inside. We were supposed to eat dinner with some sweet friends, but that did not happen. No one wants to take this into public.

I picked JL up early from school one day last week, Tuesday maybe? I’m not sure..all the days run together. We took cookies up to Jeb at work. JL and EK had to have some before we dropped the rest off. I think she liked hers.

Late Tuesday night our realtor dropped some T-shirts off in the mailbox for us. The kids were pretty excited. They were even more excited he put them on his company Facebook page. :)

Our Sunday School class is raising money to send some little Haitian children to VBS this summer. It’s $30 per kid and that provides meals and a tshirt and such for them. I designed this shirt we are going to have printed and sell for $15 to help raise money. Our goal is more than $600 raised for the Haiti’s Eden VBS. This is the design on the back of the shirt.

And then Thursday night EK came down with Strep. So, we made her get a shot and this is what she felt like a few hours later.

Those shots are amazing. She did, however, have a bit of a fever around bedtime, but woke up raring to go Saturday morning. We had a big birthday party Saturday for some of our best buddies, and the boys were going to throw a fit if we didn’t get to go. They actually threw a mini-fit at the idea of possibly not getting to go.

EK LOVES Livi. She has 2 friends named Livi, and she is LOVES both of them!

This little train/car ride was the hit of the party for our kids, especially Ella Kate. I rode with EK most of the time because I was nervous she was going to decide to bail in the middle of the ride. She never did, and she had a blast. The boys loved it too!

This is JL with his buddy Cameron. Cameron turns 5 today and Livi is his little sister. She turned 3 Friday. :)

We finished off the weekend with church, lunch at Sweet Peppers, naps, looking at potential neighborhoods to live in once we sell our house, and eating dinner with our dear friends. It was definitely a great weekend! Looking forward to next weekend because Jeb will be OFF work!

Oh, and I went to my LASIK appt. and I qualify for surgery. I have surgery scheduled for May 16. Eeeeeekkkkk!


So, we put our house on the market. We don’t like to let things die down. If it ever gets slow, or I don’t have a project, I find something to do…this time it’s finding a new house plan, finding a lot to build it on, and selling our house. You know, no biggie. We love our house, but there are things we’d like to change…and we liked building…so we’re going to do it again!

Thankfully this isn’t what our lot looks like right now, but it did for a week or two. Every time I thought of it I played the Sanford and Son theme song in my head. I just tried to type it out…it’s not easy to type instrument sounds. The kids had a blast on all the broken toys and the adults enjoyed the broken chairs to sit in. Thankfully after all the junk was thrown away we still have chairs to sit in so we can all chat while the kids play.

Currently we have a dumpster in between our house and our neighbors house holding the contents of the vacant lot.

I got to eat lunch with these 2 kiddos last Wednesday. JL talked me into taking him to therapy. Surprise, when I got there, the head of the special ed program for Cullman City schools was going to sit in on our session. Well, that’s swell. Thanks for the heads up. I had told her about how awful EK had been doing in therapy, so I did have that going for us…better than flailing on the floor was a step up from what I had told her about. EK did fairly well. I threatened JL to behave and be a helper instead of a distraction. I’m not sure what I threatened him with…maybe his life, no, I wouldn’t do that.



Thursday, Jeb got LASIK surgery. I was more nervous than he was. So, I loaded up my reading material…house plans and Not a Fan (the book we’re reading in Sunday School…great book…convicting…steps on your toes). I had high hopes of picking out the house plan of our dreams and reading all of the chapter for Sunday School. I was adamant I wouldn’t watch his surgery. I walked back to sit with Jeb in the waiting area. We sat there for a while, and then they took him back. I got a wild hair, a surge of courage…I walked back to the observation window. I sat down. Jeb laid down on the table. I started reading. They started surgery. They put the thing in Jeb’s eye that kept it open, they started writing on his eye, then they made the flap to OPEN HIS EYE UP…um, that’s the time I started to feel a little light headed. I kept telling myself I’d be okay, I decided I should walk away. I walked to the waiting room. I walked up to the receptionist desk. I said, “I know this may sound weird, but I’m about to pass out and I don’t know what to do.” I thought about laying in the floor. I decided that might be weird. I said again, “I don’t know what to do.” I walked over and got some water and took it to a chair. The room started spinning. My leg started shaking involuntarily. I got very hot. I don’t remember what happened next. Then I remember starting to feel better. I took my jacket off and fanning myself. I ate lots of chocolate and drank more water. I don’t know if I passed out or not. I was by myself, so I guess I won’t ever know. :) Eventually Jeb got out of surgery and I went back to sit with him. He could already see better than before. It was amazing! I brought him back home and he laid down and took some medicine to make him stay asleep. He woke up the next morning seeing 20/15 without glasses. Crazy.

I realized how competitive I am during this process. Jeb can see without glasses and I still have to wear my glasses. And I was pretty sure I’d have a giant panic attack pass out freak out if I tried to get LASIK. I really struggled with it! If I get LASIK, which I am planning to do as of right now, know that it’s solely because I am competitive and I can’t let Jeb “beat” me. :) I’m not sure how I can prepare for it so that I don’t flip out when they put the laser into my eye. Small steps. I’m going to the consult first. Well, I haven’t even made an appointment yet. We have to save up money for that and the lot we’re buying to build on.

We had a couple come to look at our house Sunday. While they were here we took the kids and our neighbors kids to 32 degrees. We all had so much fun. We love hanging out with our neighbors. We will miss them terribly if we move. Our boys are just a few months difference from their boys. Every afternoon (well, the ones it’s above 60 degrees) we all gather in the lot between our houses and the kids play in the sand, ride their bikes, play in the fort, etc.


This week has been pretty low key so far. This afternoon I worked the book fair at school. EK stayed all day at school and even took a nap. She does so well there. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it , but she actually tells them when she needs to potty. Maybe someday she’ll do it here too.


A couple weeks ago we went to The McWane Center to celebrate Dr. Woolley’s 300 implant recipients.  He’s done many more than 300 implants since most of the kids he implants now are bilateral.  EK wouldn’t look at the camera for our pic with Dr. Woolley…probably because the room we were in was LOUD and full of people.  We are so thankful for the gift of cochlear implants and are forever grateful for them and Dr. Woolley.  The McWane Center is such a neat place, but I was happy to be headed home afterwards.  I’m not much of a museum person…especially with a 3, 4, and 6 year old.  

We’ve been doing therapy as usual.  We decided to mix it up a little and put together a Mr. Potato Head.  EK did this by herself!  I told her to pick up various body parts and put them in, and she would do it.  Yay!  She was proud of herself too.

We’re still reading books nightly.  This particular night Caden read aloud to me while I was cleaning up the kitchen.  Jeb was working late, and we had to make it work.  EK decided she would “read” with him.  It was fantastic.  What she was “reading” made NO sense, but was priceless nonetheless.

I’ve been a regular up at Caden’s school too.  EK started preschool there.  I expected the worst when I picked her up the first day.  Much to my dismay, they went on and on about how awesome she did.  They were so impressed with how well she learned routines, sat in group time, etc.  We decided to extend her to 3 hours 2 times a week.  She did fine with the extra hour, but it messed up our therapy we did at home.  We decided to change it back to 2 hours, and add an extra day.  She’s going 3 days a week, 2 hours a day.  I am so thankful for this little class.  They work one on one with EK, as well as give her time to interact with other kids her age (who aren’t her brothers)…and she doesn’t have to be potty trained to go. :) The past couple of weeks have been full of box tops, fall festival, Golden Apple, and Parent Picnic.

Here’s the basket me and the other homeroom mom got together.  This is one of the fund raisers for the school PTO.  It’s a basket for the silent auction.  Our basket brought in $190. :)

The wretched box tops I had to count, cut, and separate for Caden’s class.  In case you are wondering how many are in the 3 gallon zip lock bags, that would be 1600.  1,600 box tops.  So far, Caden’s class is winning.  Caden is so excited they will probably win the pizza party given to the class who brought in the most box tops.

Golden Apple is awarded to students displaying “good citizenship.”  We are so proud of Caden for his award. :)

After the Golden Apple presentation I took the little kids home to do a quick therapy session before we had to get back to the school for Caden’s Class Picnic.

After the picnic I checked Caden out of school and we geared up for a fun weekend!  We headed to Walmart, like we usually do on Fridays.  We buy our dip ingredients on Fridays.  Last weekend we had 3 dips.  It was UA vs. UT, so that called for a lot of dips.  We had Pioneer Womans Black Eyed Pea Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Snickers Dip.  I think I’ve gained 10lbs this football season.

Saturday morning Jeb woke up wanting donuts, so he took the little 2 with him. JL had just gotten his Toad costume the day before, so he decided he should wear it to the Donut shop.  EK couldn’t be the only one without a costume on, so she found her skirt and put it on top of her pajamas.  I got them all to pose before they left, because I needed proof of what they went out in public wearing. :)

Later we made caramel apples, went to the boys soccer games, glittered pumpkins, ate dip, and watched football.  Such a fun fall Saturday!

Before soccer, dipping our apples in caramel…

After soccer decorating our caramel apples…

Decorating pumpkins with glue and glitter.

Jeb has a new little football set up.  He watches 3 games at once now.  Ella Kate kind of likes it.  She sits her little chair in front of one of the little tvs and just takes it all in. :)  

This past week we’ve been immersed in planning for the Fall Festival.  I’m PTO Treasurer, which I’ve found out is more than just writing checks every now and then.  The Fall Festival was a huge success, but full of stress along the way.  We are so thankful for the school Caden goes to and the parent involvement.  We ended up making close to $6000 for CCPS.  

This past weekend we made Mississippi Sin Dip in honor of playing MSU.  It was about as good as MSU.  It had the potential to be good, but fell short when it counted.

We also had:

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili
2 chicken breasts, still frozen
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 can corn kernels, do not drain
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 pkg. Ranch dressing mix
1 T cumin
1 t chili powder
1 t onion powder
1 8-oz pkg. cream cheese
Put the chicken in the crock pot.
Top with the tomatoes, corn,
the drained and rinsed beans,
ranch dressing, cumin, onion and chili powders,
stir to combine then top with the cream cheese.
Cook on low for 6-8 hours, stirring one or twice
to blend in the cheese.
Shred the chicken into large pieces
and serve over rice.
Can also serve in tortillas or taco shells.
Serves 4
This was SO easy and it was phenomenal.  It will definitely make it in the regular rotation of soups around here.
Today we went to our niece’s 8th birthday party.  The kids had a great time, like they always do with their cousins.  When we got home I took a few pictures of the boys looking cute in their warm jammies.  I take pictures of Ella Kate all the time, but I don’t take them of the boys too often.  After we got EK to bed tonight (she fell asleep on the way home from Millbrook) we did our Bible story time together and I took some phone pictures of the boys.  So thankful for these two wild kids.  They make me laugh on a daily basis.  They are so full of love, thoughtfulness, and crazy. :)


We’re in the car on the way to Opp right now.  I like to multitask.  There are so many things that deserve their own post, but time does not allow it these days.  We are finally in a spot where it seems like the kids are settling down.  Last night they all three were sitting in Caden and JL’s room in their PBK chairs and watched Diego while eating food from their “variety tray.”  A variety tray is something they ask me to make for bedtime snack sometimes.  It’s on a sectioned off plate and has a variety of snacks on it…apples, fruit snacks, animal crackers, cheese and crackers, etc.  Them sitting together lasted all of 10 minutes, but it was progress.  For the most part EK has wanted me to hold her non-stop at home.  Not sure why.  The 10 minutes of peace was a nice change.  Hoping to see that trend increase.

We had a few Halloween things we did this year.  Last year we were at Disney.  I must admit, that was much less stressful than trick or treating this year.  This year we went to a friends house for dinner, which was fun.  We lost EK’s implant the first time there.  We had planned on heading to our church’s fall festival after that, but we decided to stay and trick or treat with them instead because the boys had some friends who they wanted to stay with (JL wanted to stay with Sadie and Caden wanted to stay with Kase).  Cullman isn’t big on street lights.  We were in the historical part of Cullman.  We were with hmmm, about 25 or more people with more than half of them being kids.  The houses were far apart from each other.  It was dark.  I was terrified we were going to lose an implant.  We lost an implant.  It was dark.  Hey, did I mention it was dark outside and there weren’t many street lights, and it wasn’t lit very well.  Praise the Lord God almighty, someone had been at the house where we lost it and when I was talking with our group telling them what to look for she heard me and said “Oh, they found a hearing aid at the house over there.”  Well, wasn’t that handy?  So, by the time we got home and got the kids bathed and to bed I’m I had grown an ungodly amount of gray hairs and I needed a glass of wine.  Speaking of gray hairs, I found like 3 or 4 on my 30th birthday.  Happy birthday Jennifer, you get to start plucking your hair out.  :)


Also, Caden’s school had a fall festival the night of EK’s activation.  We headed over there about 5:00 and played some games for a while.  HUGE thanks to my mama for staying with us and helping us wrangle our munchkins.  At the end of the fall festival CCPS has a silent auction.  Up for bid was a week of doing announcements with the principal, Mrs. Culpepper.  He got to stand next to her and do the pledge, point to the smart board, tell the kids whose birthday it was, and sing the CCPS song.  He did this for the whole week.  The first day was Halloween and he also got to do it on his birthday.  He had such a fun time.

Next up, EK news.  She has been to her post-op appointment.  Everything looked great.  Two weeks after that she got her packing out.  I don’t think I mentioned it before, but Dr. Woolley had to put packing in her head because of how he ended up doing the implant by lifting up her ear drum.  Usually the head reabsorbs all the blood from the surgery, but with the way he had to go in he had to pack it and the excess drained out of her ear canal (which was quite the heavy flow and a wee bit alarming).  Getting the packing taken out wasn’t nearly as torturous and emotionally scarring as I thought it would be.  The CRNP took a suction-y thing, yes that is the proper name for it, stuck it in her ear, and out it came.  Took about 15 seconds.  EK has also been “turned on” on her right ear too.  She’s hearing in full surround sound now!!  She was activated on October 20.  It’s only been about 3 weeks and I feel like I can see a difference already.  She’s able to wear both of her implants all the time which is helpful.  I thought she might have to just wear the right one and we’d have to go through her brain “re-learning” everything again.  Apparently she can do that while still wearing the left one since her 2 implants were considered simultaneous (since they were implanted within a year of one another).  Is that clear as mud?  Yeah, I thought so.  Bottom line…she has 2 implants, she gets to wear both of them all the time, her brain is “re-programming” the right side to sound like the left side, I can already tell a difference in what she understands on the right side (at first she didn’t even recognize it as noise…now she turns to her name some).  She is making great strides my friends.  She had her 1 year hearing birthday on November 9.  She is right where she needs to be as a “1 year old.”  She says ma, daddy, stay (tay), up (uh), open (OH!), moo, and bye.  She also will say some of her learn to listen sounds, car (brrrrrr), snake (ssss), cow (moo), horse (its a clicking sound that she tries to imitate), and maybe some more.  She will try to imitate a good bit of things.  That doesn’t mean she remembers them and says them next time from memory, but we’re still working on it.  We are very pleased with her progress.

Maybe this is enough for today.  I’m sure I have more to remember, but not tonight. :)

This fall has been fantastic.  There have been so many blogworthy things to write about, but I haven’t sat down and documented it.  Oh well.  Rather than trying to write at length about everything…I’m just going to hit the high points.

  • I got to decorate our house for fall.  I love decorating for holidays, so being in a place where we’re settled and not about to move meant I got to decorate!!  Makes me so excited!

Caden has been doing much better at soccer.  Not many freak outs at all.  We may have allegedly started bribing him….”If you freak out today you will lose the ability to watch tv the rest of the day, play with your bakugans, you will not get the other twix in your pack, and you will get money taken away.  If you do not freak out you will get all of those things, and we will give you $1 per goal and 50 cents per time you kick the ball out of bounds when the other team is trying to get it into your goal.”  This translated into Caden playing his little heart out and the best team in U6 division telling our coach we played them the hardest of any other team they played.  We were so proud of our boys.  I wish Jeb could have been there to see it.  He had to work today.

  •  Jeb talked to JL’s class about being healthy.  JL stood beside him the whole time and looked SO proud of his daddy.  It made me so happy.
  • Jeb’s parents came last weekend and we had such a wonderful visit with them.  They kept the kids for us while we went to a party for one of Jeb’s partners.  Then they went to Caden’s soccer game with us Saturday, we went to Oktoberfest, ate some phenomenal German Potato Salad, headed home, Grammy and I went shopping, we brought home some BBQ, and watched the football game.  Sunday they stayed with the kids while we went to church, then we hung out at home all afternoon, that night they took us out to dinner for our birthdays, and then we ate at 32 degrees.  We headed home and got ready for our whirlwind of a Monday.   Monday morning they helped us out by taking the boys to school while we took EK to Children’s.  We had a fantastic weekend!!
  • EK had cochlear implant surgery #2 on Monday.  She was a tough little girl and did wonderfully.  Dr. Woolley said it was a good bit harder than her first implant.  She had a lot of inflammation because of an ear infection she was getting over.  Also, her anatomy was a little jumbled.  He ended up having to go through a different way.  He had to lift up her ear drum to get to the round window which is where he had to go through to implant.  It took him about three and a half hours instead of the two hours he estimates.  I was talking with my friend Karenina the whole time, so I didn’t know how long it was taking. 
  • Last time (implant number one), she woke up, was a little doze-y for a while and then was normal.  this time she came into her room after surgery and almost immediately started crying.  We had the hardest time getting her to calm down.  We were very close to giving her some morphine to calm her down, but she finally settled down enough to give her some lortab.  This went on for what seemed like an eternity..but then she calmed down and was fine. :) By that evening she was literally running up and down the halls of Children’s.  Then next morning she was a bit wobbly, but snapped out of it by the evening.  
  • EK is doing fabulous now.  She goes for post op on Wednesday…

Next up…Pumpkin Patch with JL and zoo with Caden!  Maybe I’ll get to it sometime this week….


So, this is a day I don’t really care to remember because it was filled with vomit, lots of diarrhea, many changes of clothes, bleach, cleaner, and having to retrieve stool samples for the hospital.  However there were a one highlight of the day I wish to remember later.  

Today EK didn’t take much of a nap.  I was following her around while I was talking to my mom on the phone.  I lost her and went into the kids hallway.  I found her standing at the foot of the ladder going up to Caden’s bed just babbling to him.  He was sitting at the top of the ladder…he also didn’t take a nap…he said she was saying “bubba” to her.  :)  She walked around babbling all afternoon.  I didn’t understand most of it, but I am ecstatic that she was doing it!

She did start feeling better this afternoon.  The difference in her disposition between this morning and this afternoon was remarkable.  I appreciate all the prayers for us over the afternoon.  Jeb and I were supposed to be going to Nashville tomorrow for a long weekend including the U2 concert.  We went ahead and cancelled our room for tomorrow night since it looked like EK was probably still going to be sick.

JL is also doing great.  I have only given him 2 doses of meds today.  He has a lot more energy and plays more when he’s on his meds, but without them this afternoon it did allow him to rest more, which he needed.


Well, we’re sitting here smack dab in the middle of day 2 post tubes, tonsils, and adenoids surgery.  I’m doing my very best to keep him resting, but this little guy wants to run jump and play.  I keep telling him he needs to rest now, because if he feels yucky at Disney World that would NOT BE FUN.  So, right now he’s sitting on the couch watching Leap Frog Alphabet Adventure on Netflix.  Hey, maybe he’ll learn his alphabet during his recovery.  Did I mention, he also has his Green Lantern mask and ring on that the Yeagers brought him this morning.  He got a bag of super hero treats, and he’s been having loads of fun with it. :)  Jeb and I got him some Imaginext stuff.  He wanted the aliens to go with his rocket and moon set.  We got him the aliens and he’s sat in the floor and played with them some too.

I’ve heard it’s supposed to get worse as the surgery site heals and scabs.  Hopefully that will not be the case for him.

So, I’m just checking in to say we’re doing well.  The other 2 kids are in Huntsville still, which has been such a blessing.  Taking care of JL and trying to keep him rested while keeping the other 2 would have been NUTS.

Oh, and here are a few things I’ve learned over the last day:

  • Liquid Lortab tastes disgusting.
  • Watermelon flavoring makes it tolerable
  • Super Mario 3 DVD at redbox is not good
  • Iron Man 2 is not interesting to JL
  • JL is still a ladies man even in surgery
  • Gnomeo and Juliet aren’t at ANY redbox around here
  • We are running out of stuff to rent for JL at redbox
  • JL wishes Spiderman was real




This is the 2nd time I’ve written this post, so I’m probably not going to hit it all this time because my attention span just isn’t that long.  To say we started today off early is an understatement.  The Hornsby’s are generally opposed to getting up prior to 6 A.M., but today we got up at 4:45.  We got ready, ate some breakfast, and then woke little man up.  Our poor JL couldn’t eat or drink until after surgery.  He never asked for any breakfast, but he did keep telling us he was thirsty.  We had to continue to tell him as soon as he saw the doctor and got the tube put in he could eat and drink as much as he’d like.  We checked in about 6:30 and we were taken back to a room within an hour.

The anesthesiologist came in and talked to JL about going to see the clown (a picture on the door to surgery) and picking out which smell he wanted to smell (the giggle gas).

About 1030 they came to take JL back.  He went like a champ.  They said he talked to them the whole way back there and then started talking to them as soon as he woke up.  Dr. Woolley came in about 20 minutes after they took JL back.  He had already finished! It’s crazy how fast they can get tho

se surgeries done.  Which is another reason why I don’t understand how he gets so behind.  Our surgery was supposed to start at 8.  Dr. Woolley said everything went great!

JL rolled back in on his bed, laying on his side, with his head propped up by his hand.  It was super cute.  He was still pretty groggy for a while. They let us go home about 45 minutes post-op.

He requested a popsicle, so we stopped by a gas station and got him an orange push pop.  He had an ice cream sandwich when we got home, then mac and cheese, some jello, m&m’s, gummies, fruit snacks, coke, and gatorade.  Needless to say, his tummy hurt a little after all of that. :)  We’ve been giving him pain meds every 4 hours.  This last time, he seemed to be in a good deal of pain, but calmed down pretty easily.  He’s now resting well, and we’re hoping it continues through the night.

Thanks everyone for your prayers for him today!  He has done awesome and we are so thankful!

And, P.S. We had our tree taken off of our home today.  It did some gutter damage, but the roof is fine.  They told me today the tree had been struck by lightening, which is why it fell.  I’m not sure when it happened because I never saw it.  We are very blessed it didn’t cause more damage than it did!




I wasn’t able to get up to Huntsville to see my dad on Father’s Day, so I headed that way yesterday morning for a lunch date with him.  I took all the kids to school and got to have a nice lunch uninterrupted with my dad…I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened since college.  In college I’d always come home for summer or holidays and I’d meet dad in the mall food court and we’d eat lunch and then do a “walkabout.”  A walkabout is where we walked a few laps around the mall chit chatting and people watching and such.  Those are some of my fond memories of daddy daughter time.  So, Wednesday we were able to eat at Cantina Laredo at Bridge Street and then do our traditional walkabout around Bridge Street.  Sweet memories.  :)  I headed that way around 9:30 that morning and got back into Cullman just in time to pick the kids up from school.  I may or may not have had a 30 minute diversion to Target after leaving dad.  They had Zhu Zhu Kung Zhu stuff 75% off and I needed a new dress….mainly because I own 1 nice dress and I feel the need to wear things other than sundresses to FBC…which is what I wore to NRC.

I brought the kids home and called our builder to see if he knew a good tree guy to take our beloved hickory off our house.  I got one guy to come right out and my insurance agent shot that price down and told me to get another estimate.  So, I called all 7 tree guys out of the phone book.  I had 4 come give me an estimate yesterday, plus the water meter man coming to see where we wanted our new water meter, plus the cable guy coming to fix our internet.  It was a flurry of activity around here.  Plus it was raining, and our neighbors blue heeler got out of his fence and jumping all over us muddy paws and all.  By the end of the day I had been told 4 different things by 4 different tree guys, but was more educated than ever about the tree removal process.  You can do cranes, scaffolding, or roping off…just FYI.  My insurance agent was being a little bit of a stickler about paying for the tree and what he would agree to pay for.  End of the day I went with the guy I was most comfortable using and changed my insurance to someone up here in Cullman.  Michael’s Tree Service should be arriving at our house in the morning with scaffolding in tow to get this tree down.  Amen.

This morning Dr. Woolley’s nurse called and said they had a cancellation for surgery tomorrow, and we could have their slot.  The idea was intriguing to me because poor little JL has ANOTHER ear infection right now and I am ready for him to feel better!  So, we scurried around and were able to change Jeb’s schedule so he could be off tomorrow, my mom’s taking the other 2 kids back with her to Huntsville tonight, my grandparents are watching the other 2 tomorrow, and mom and dad will be keeping them until Sunday.  I am so thankful we can get this surgery done before we go to Disney.  If you’re wondering what surgery it is, JL is having tubes in, and adenoids & tonsils out.  He has a 10 day recovery time, and then on day 11 we will be heading to Disney.  I would covet your prayers that his recovery will be great.  That he would have no complications.  That we would have no problems leaving on July 4 and he will be recovered well enough to have a great time at Disney.  He did tell me earlier this morning that his “tummy says it wants to go to to Disney.”  Hopefully that will be good incentive for him to stay inside and rest.

That’s what’s going on with us!  It’s just as lively as ever around here.  I’m coming to learn it always will be.  I’m also learning to be thankful in the trials.  I’ve read a couple of devotions just in the last couple of days about thanking God among the trials.  I should start that.  So far, I’ve been in survival and fix-it mode.  It’s a good thing God has promised he’s not through with me yet, because I’ve still got a lot to work on. :)  Hope you all are having a great week so far!  I’ll update after JL’s surgery tomorrow.