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More Evaluations


We had Ella Kate’s sensory evaluation a few weeks ago. I completely forgot to update about it. We took EK to get tested for Sensory Integration Disorder. There is been a link between hearing loss and sensory integration (in some patients). The symptoms we saw in EK that lead us to believe she had SI was constant motion, getting into peoples faces, oral fixation, not being able to sit still in the car, always wants her shoes, jacket, and backpack on, and a few other things. The eval went well. She gave us some things to work on home and we were supposed to go back in 2 weeks.

Amy couldn’t really pinpoint what would help Ella Kate. She wasn’t a black and white case of sensory integration disorder. As we worked at home we gathered more info on what helped EK and what didn’t seem to make a difference.

We came to the conclusion EK has mild sensory integration disorders secondary to core weakness. Amy gave us exercises to help EK strengthen her core. She’s using the wrong muscles causing her to not feel like she’s exercised her muscles and feeling the need to continually move to make up for that lack of pressure.

We’ve worked with her for a month off and on. We’ve gone from fighting her to do the “wheelbarrow” exercise to now being able to walk across the room on her hands while we hold her feet and then she puts pieces into the puzzle propping herself up on one hand while we continue to hold her feet. It seems to have helped calm her down in everyday life as well. We need to work on it more often.

We were supposed to go back for another appt but I had to cancel because I am exhausted. The end of school has been full of lots of awesome things that have completely drained me. More on that later. For now, I thought I’d finish this sensory post. :)


The verdict of the spend the night party was: success!  I texted Peyton’s mom on Sunday asking if Caden wanted us to pick him up before our church service and he said, “I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends.”  So glad he had a good time!

The verdict of night with Michael and Brittany was: success!  We always love catching up with Michael, the kids adore him, and we all loved Brittany too.

A couple weeks ago JL had Dr. Seuss week.  His teacher made it low key too.  I’m a big fan of that.  We had to send him in black for cat and the hat day.  Mrs. Betty sewed all of their hats.  Isn’t it cute?  He had to wear green on green eggs and ham day.  On “Oh The Places You Will Go” day he was supposed to dress up as what he wanted to be when he grew up, he chose a teacher…then a builder…then a teacher…then he was undecided.  We went with wearing his CCPS shirt and jeans because “Mrs. Amy said teachers wear regular clothes.”

This little girl is growing so fast.  She’s learning more and more words, it’s slow, but steady.  She’s definitely making progress.  We’ve had some issues with her complying in therapy and are trying to work through them.  The last couple of weeks have been MUCH better, so hopefully we’re past the brunt of the therapy battle.  We have an appointment for her to have a Sensory Integration Evaluation in April too.  She shows signs of having sensory issues, so hopefully this will help us know how to treat them.  She’s still loving school.  She’s started telling them when she needs to go to the bathroom.  She still doesn’t tell me at home, so hopefully she’ll start that soon.  We’re working on oral motor skills like tongue movement and trying to pronounce things correctly.  Like instead of “A-ee” saying “Amy” and being able to move her tongue from side to side and up and down.  She’s making progress, so that’s great!

She’s pretty funny these days.  

Caden is such a big boy now.  He can read so well.   I love how he can read pretty much anything I ask.  That is very helpful!

He loves to write too.  We were playing outside Sunday and the kids had been fantastic.  They were playing in the pile of sand our neighbor was using to mortar his bricks in his backyard (we live next to a builder).  Our neighbors were playing in the sand too, so no harm no foul for messing up the mortar sand.  They got tired of that, so they started playing on old broken toys our neighbors are getting rid of.  Currently they’re all piled in our empty lot between us.  It looks like an episode of Sanford and Son, but has provided much entertainment until the dumpster hauls them away.  Once they were tired of that they all decided they wanted Chad to drive them on the Razr.  Everything was well and good until H’s foot got stuck on the gas and then I’m not really sure about the part between the beginning of the story and the end…I do know how it ends… they flipped 1 1/2 times and landed on the side.  The boys were suspended in the air by their seat belts and Chad was thrown all around the Razr.  H got a burn on his neck (as you can read in Caden’s letter).  As soon as this happened my boys were emotionally FINE.  They escaped completely unscratched…and not emotionally traumatized.  I cannot say the same for Carrie and I.  I kept looking at Jeb, who of course happened to not be home when the incident occurred (he was at a SS teacher meeting) and saying “It just flipped.”  Which was a take off of “That dog just died” which is what we kept saying to each other after we went to visit friends for the first time ever and within 2 minutes of being there (and meeting their kids for the first time) their dog just died.  Like dead as a door nail.  For the next week we’d just look at each other and say, “That dog just died.”  It was emotionally traumatizing.  So, “it just flipped” was my catch phrase for a few days.  And Jeb would say, you’re still thinking about that?  Why yes, I am still thinking about what could have been and how I saw it all with my own eyes.  We are all so very thankful they are all in one piece and still living life like little growing boys should.  Here is the letter Caden wrote to his teacher IMMEDIATELY after it happened. (TRANSLATION:  Yesterday we went on a ride but unluckily we fell over. When we fell over I was hanging by the seat belt.  But luckily I didn’t get hurt.  But my friend Harrison got a scrape on his neck and his dad got a dent in his leg and my brother didn’t get hurt.  I think we should not do that again.  I don’t know how it happened.)

This guy turned the big 3-2 on March 9.  We had a fantastic weekend celebrating him!  We started his birthday out at Waffle House, which was interesting with our 3 kids.  I left feeling like I  needed to bathe in sanitizer and then take a shower.  After that Jeb played Skylanders with the kids and I cleaned up the house, which was fine with me.  I didn’t realize it would happen this soon…the kids already know more about certain things than I do.  Skylanders?  I have no clue about.  They were asking me questions in the car yesterday about which was the first water element, undead element, etc. they bought…I said I don’t know.  JL said, just guess mom.  I said, no, really I can’t even guess.  I have NO idea.  That’s something they do with Daddy.  I just go with them to spend their money buying new Skylanders.   Back to Jeb’s birthday, that night we went to Fleming’s with some of our best friends, The Yeagers, and had a blast as always.  The food was wonderful as was the conversation.  The guys always discuss new business opportunities and Jennifer and I discuss life and then throw in our 2 cents about the guys business plans.

I started this post a week or so ago…I feel pretty confident something new is going on, but I don’t know what it would be.  Honestly, it’s been pretty quiet around here.  Quiet is relative when you have 3 kids.  Nothing out of the ordinary is going on.  No kids are playing sports (amen).  There’s nothing going on with PTO at school.  Caden had a field trip last Friday to Sci-Quest, so EK stayed at school all day.  That was a pretty big deal for her.  We decided to stop going to our church for Sunday School and Daystar for Worship, we need to be committed to one church.  Jeb’s medical practice is doing well.  He’s seeing 65-75 patients a day.  The restaurant I couldn’t remember from the last post was Urban Cookhouse.  We’re selling the boys “Trash Pack.”  The bidding is up to $91…for rubber trash type things.  Crazy.  Our dryer burns our clothes when you put too many clothes in it.  After burning Pottery Barn sheets, one of Jeb’s favorite GAP non iron (so it’s my favorite too) shirts, and a few JCrew Shirts, we have decided we need a new dryer.  You might think we should just put less clothes in, but no, we have a super capacity washing machine…we fill it to capacity…and then the dryer can’t handle it.  I have someone cleaning the house weekly again instead of biweekly.  It has been a God send.  I can’t tell you how much it has lightened my load.  I’m actually sitting right now while EK is at school…all the clothes have been folded put away and ironed (except for the ones in the washer/dryer right now because lets face it…it never REALLY ends), the beds have been made, the floor is swept, and the counters are clean of clutter…it’s a March 20th miracle.  I haven’t made dinner though.  I should probably think about doing that.  My car’s pretty trashed though.  Oh, and I need to buy EK eggs for her egg hunt.  They were due today.  Oh well, maybe someday I’ll have it all together.  I guess that’s about all the random I can muster for one post.


Okay, now that I’ve updated on birthdays, here’s the day to day stuff going on. Pictures and bullet points is all I’ve got for you. We met my Daddy for lunch and discussed important world issues like SEC Football…actually I think we may have discussed some politics, but you see how that stayed with me…I definitely remember talking about our possibilities of going to a national championship game.

We have still been doing therapy. We usually take one or two days of formal therapy off on the weekends. We just try to make it more of a life therapy those days…work it in where we can but spend more time as a family. This particular day we did babble and used the turkeys feathers as a “reward” after she repeated the correct phrase. (i.e. I say pa pa pa, and she has to repeat exactly “pa, pa, pa”)

JL had a feast at his school. His feast included rolled up lunch meat, chips and dip, and carrots.

Ella Kate crashed the feast. JL didn’t mind having her there.

Our friend who works for Robert Aderholt pulled some strings and got this sign put in our neighborhood 1 day after she asked for it. One day turnaround in city government!?! Yes, it can happen.

JL put this on in Target. I said, “Take that off! You don’t know who’s….wait, let me take a picture first…okay now take that off!” I feel like he was channelling his inner Cousin Eddie.

We went to Opp and back in less than a day for Thanksgiving. To say we are running on empty around here would be quite the understatement.

After Opp we welcomed some of our best friends from college for the weekend. We celebrate Thanksgiving together every year and we watch Thanksgiving episodes of Friends as part of our celebration. We call our get together “Truth Day.” Remember the episode where everyone is telling everyone else’s secrets and Ross screams, “It’s Thanksgiving, not TRUTH DAY!” Love it.

This is a picture of Michael teaching the kids some sort of English lesson. Caden was giving us homework while we were watching the Alabama vs. Auburn game. At this point we were ahead 49-0.
We had 1 cat. Cat #1 left. 2 weeks later we got cat #2. 2 weeks after that we found cat #1. We have 2 cats now.  I have recently discovered I am allergic.  Good times.

We had craft day at our house after Truth Day. Our Sunday School class came over and we made these little nativity scenes. Caden created a lego version.

A couple of years ago I bought a doll at the Dollar Tree and we made him baby Jesus. We swaddled him and the boys LOVED it! Now on Dec. 1 we get out baby Jesus and they kids take turns sleeping with him and carrying him around during the day. It’s just one more way we can drive home the point that Christmas is about the birth of Christ!

My super talented friend Rachel designed some short advent lessons and posted them on It has been so fantastic to have a SHORT advent lesson to do with the kids. They are so ADD when it comes to sitting down and learning as a family. With time I know it will get better, but now, 3-5 minutes is our max.

Also, Jeb and I have both had the flu. We both took tamilflu and were better within 2 days. It is a miracle drug! Jeb tested positive for flu A. I never got tested, but was having severe body aches. I started tamiflu and was significantly better after a day! We both had flu shots, so I think it lessened our symptoms and it wasn’t too bad. The flu is rampant around here. Jeb’s seeing 80 patients a day in Hartselle. He’s exhausted by the time he gets home…and so am I.


Ella Kate would like to tell you, she’s so excited about the Cullman city school system agreeing to provide her with AV Therapy!  They will be paying for her to go to therapy in Birmingham at the HEAR Center.  We are praising the Lord!  These meetings were prayed over, and we give Him 100% of the credit for the outcome.

She’s pretty pumped.  :)  We had a 2 1/2 hour meeting Monday morning trying to revise her IEP.  I am very pleased with the outcome.  She will continue 1 hour of speech therapy in Bham 1 time per week and also start the preschool at the Primary school in our city.  She will resume School for Hearing when she is 100% potty trained.  I don’t want to put her in and then her have another accident. We may wait until November or so…

Remember the adoption fundraiser I mentioned in the last post?  This is the treat John Luke wanted from Frostings.  He called it a “cookie burger.”  It was close to the size of this head.  He ate approximately 1/8 of it and said he was finished. $5 well spent.  Glad 25% of it went to Jim and Kelly to bring Anna Grace home from The Congo.

This makes for some interesting conversations with Caden.  He has quite a time saying different words right now with his lack of teeth.  He has to try multiple times to say certain things.  He has 2 teeth growing in on the bottom, and no teeth on the top.  We’re having family pictures made in 3 weeks.  :)

This is our neighborhood biker gang.  Aren’t they fierce?  One of EK’s favorite things to do when she gets home is to go play with them and steal one of their bikes to ride.  :)

We had speech therapy today and we have 10 vocab words to work on with EK this week.  She’s going to be “tested” next Tuesday to see if she’s learned her words and can say them.  This is a new challenge for EK.  Hoping we’re to the point where she can rise to the challenge.  I have high expectations for her.  Praying she decides to not be stubborn, and meet my expectations. :)

  • The air conditioning repairman came today.  We have a broken coil.  He didn’t have a replacement for said coil.  He fixed us up good enough to get us through till Monday when he’ll get the coil from Birmingham.  I have the air on 74 because I can.  I’m thinking about turning it down some more.  
  • Ella Kate let Jeb put her to bed tonight. Yay!  She loves Jeb.  She lets him play with her, hold her, she’ll ride with him in the car…but she WILL NOT let him read to her at night, put her to bed, or give her a bath.  Not sure what’s up with that.  Thankful she let him read to her and put her to bed tonight.  She’s started this new thing where if you try to do something to her she doesn’t want to do she’ll yell “Ow!!!!”  For example, Jeb was trying to put her pull up on her tonight, so he stood her up on the counter (she had been sitting on the counter), and she starts yelling “OW!” and making her legs go limp so she doesn’t have to stand up.  She’s such a mess.  She was laughing about it the whole time too.  This was also around the same time she was trying to cut freckles off our hand with a set of keys and then stick the keys up our noses.  Good times.
  • I picked JL up early from school today.  He was prayer helper this week, so he wanted to stay until his job for the day was finished.  He gets to say the prayer at snack time and lunch time.  He’s been calendar helper, teachers pet, and something about a mouse (quiet mouse maybe…I don’t really understand this one).  He takes his job very seriously.  I tell him he doesn’t have to go to school on Fridays, but he chooses to go so he can do his job.
  • Currently I’m watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 392nd time this “season.”  It is my background movie.  Love.
  • The roles are changing around here.  JL has turned into the wild child.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  He suggested I take red dye away from him. Ha!  He’s started not listening and running through the house like a wild Indian.  He’s crazy!!!  Caden on the other hand has been such a helper.  He is cleaning up after himself, taking care of his own things, keeping the car clean inside, listening, etc.  And there was a time tonight when I was sitting with EK changing her pjs (because I accidentally sat her in chocolate ice cream and it was all over her pants…oops), and I thought “how did you get to be the calm one?  I never saw this coming!”
  • We have some friends who are adopting a little girl (Anna Grace) from the Congo.  They are having a fund raiser at Frostings Bakery in Cullman tomorrow from 12-2.  If you could come by, they would be so appreciative.  There will be flyers on site, so don’t worry if you do not have a flyer! 
  • Cochlear came out with a new accessory so EK can swim, shower, bathe, stick her head in water, etc. and hear the whole thing.  This will REVOLUTIONIZE OUR SUMMERS.  We have stopped going to the pool because it was just too hard.  It was too hard to protect her implants from the water.  It was too hard to keep them dry.  If we took her implants off it was too hard to keep up with her because SHE COULDN’T HEAR A THING.  So, this my friends will be phenomenal.  She LOVES the water.  Absolutely LOVES it!  
  • We have 2 soccer games tomorrow, then we plan to come back and clean the boys up, and then head to “sleep in the mall.”  The boys are so excited they can’t stand it!  I’m looking forward to it as well.  I love time with our little family.  They make me smile. :)



It’s the day we’d been waiting for since March.  The day we’d been potty training for.  It was finally here.  My stomach was in knots.  I had Ella Kate home with me all day every day since March.  We had done therapy.  We were inseparable.  I had no idea how this school thing was going to go.  Would she have accident after accident?  Would she cry all day and not get anything out of it?  I knew it was were she needed to be, so we went.

We took the boys to school, and then went off to Birmingham.  We walked her into the school and met other “friends.”  It was so fun to see her with other kids like her (but all older).

Her school lasts for 4 hours.  We went back to pick her up and here’s her expression…

I probably was crying at this point.  I shed a lot of happy tears over the past 2 weeks.  Our baby is finally “getting it.”  She’s repeating short phrases.  It doesn’t sound just like what we say, but  it’s getting there.  This school has been the best decision we’ve ever made for her.  She loves it.  She has learned the routines.  She’s doing great at potty training.  She did have one accident, and we’re praying it won’t happen again.  She’s also having trouble staying in her seat at lunch and not touching other friends food.  We’re praying she will learn this routine quickly (that would make meals at home nicer too if she’d learn it).  I have seen such a difference in her.  While I still get down that she’s 3 and isn’t a “normal speaking” 3 year old, I try to remind myself of where we were at the end of July.  At the end of July she understood around 120 words and could come up with 20 words on her own.  Now, in September, she knows over 300 words and can come up with at least 115 on her own.  She’s saying 2 and 3 word phrases…not all of them are super clear, but, like i said, we’re working on it.  That all happened in 1 1/2 months.  When I get down about where we are, I think of how much she’s progressed in such a little time, and I’m so thankful.  I am seeing a light at the end of this tunnel.  I can’t wait to see what every new week holds.

You may be wondering what in the world I do in Birmingham every day.  Mom and dad gave me a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft (yay!), so I’ve been taking advantage of their 40% off sale.  I’ve been able to grocery shop at Publix!  Publix!!!  It really was a pleasure.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pillows for our bed.  I never get to look for any here in Cullman because you know what kids don’t like to do?  Shop for pillows, or follow me around shopping for anything really.  I have looked at Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, World Market, and then the angels sang and trumpets sounded as I entered into Pier 1 and found the perfect little paisley pillows.  It hasn’t been all shopping, although that has taken up a significant portion of my time (I’ve been told to get a handle on that).  I also went running one day, however I decided, being sweaty in Birmingham all day wasn’t going to cut it (we ended up buying a treadmill today in hopes to get back on the running bandwagon…this new schedule and all it demands have killed our running).  And, last but not least, I hung out in Barnes and Noble inputing PTO forms into google docs for 3 hours one day and only got HALF of them done.  I had resorted to using peoples email addresses and requests to be notified by phone but not listing their phone number entertain me, then the man I love (that’s Jeb in case some of you were wondering) sent me a text telling me about a website I needed to go to for a humor break.  Y’all, I was in Barnes and Noble.  I was doing the quiet polite chuckle at first because it was quiet in the bookstore.  Then I would accidentally overcompensate for my quiet chuckle and let out a loud laugh.  I finally had to stop reading and wait until I got into my car.  It was hilarious.  Here is a link if you feel so inclined to read:  Yes, it is a post about a girl who has to fart.  If you think that wouldn’t be something I would think is funny, we probably shouldn’t be friends anymore.  Just kidding.  So, yeah, I find things to fill up my time.

This is what happens most days on the way home.  She is exhausted, and she rests until we get into Cullman.  We’re dealing with some over exhaustion still.  I’m hoping she catches up on sleep soon.  When she gets too tired, she has trouble sleeping.  All of our kids have had this problem, but until now it’s been from a long weekend or something…it hasn’t been something that will be lasting for 3 years.  We’re trying to get her to bed by 730.  She’s been getting up in the middle of the night and again at 5am.

And I’ve been doing a lot of research and writing trying to show our school system why they need to provide Auditory Verbal Therapy for her, so I’ve been up past midnight.  We’re all so very tired.  I sent my last email to the school system yesterday, so I’m hoping our nights get back to being veg out times once the kids go to bed. Advocating for your child is more work than I ever realized it would be.  We have our IEP meeting September 24th to try to get the school to change EK’s IEP to include an AVT (which is what she’s received from the HEAR center for the past 3 years).

As you can see in this last picture, she got a big girl back pack and  new lunch box to match. :)

On our days home (Monday and Friday), we enjoy the “laziness” of the day.  Last Friday, I had a PTO meeting, then we picked JL up from school, went to Walmart, ate Popcorn Chicken as we shopped, and then picked Caden up early from school for fun.


Well friends, I’m still here. Summer proved itself to be bad for the blogging. What have we been up to? Well, we had EK’s birthday party, but I need to be more awake to write about it. We’ve been to the beach, but it deserves a post in its own. Here’s what sums up the trip for me…Build-A-Bear and a lot of sand. What I have for you is a bulleted list of day to day stuff with promises of posts about EK’s birthday and the beach.

  • We have been doing A LOT of therapy. I was told by Ek’s therapist that she was behind. I already knew that, but it was hard to hear. This was Tuesday and we left for the beach Thursday. The beach was a great time to work with her and try to get a handle on her speech and listening. Since that day, EK has moved to bigger groups of things to choose from when listening to a group of tasks (like give the grapes to Woody), she’s changing vowels in babble (like he ha, na no, nay ne, etc.), she started saying her n’s, she’s gone from saying around 25 words to 100 words ( to count it as a word she has to come up with it herself, she can’t just repeat it), and she’s gone from understanding 115 words to at least 265. It’s been a good month. She’s still behind, but I am amazed by her progress in one month.
  • We’ve still been potty training. It’s going alright. She needs to be trained enough to fake it by September 4. That’s when she starts school.
  • We watched a lot of the Olympics. I’m still sad it’s over. I wish there was still swimming and gymnastics on every night. Love it. 4 more years…
  • Caden learned to ride his bike! Yay! I mean, really, it’s somewhat taxing to teach him anything. Jeb should get a medal for patience. He loves riding his bike so much! He will go outside and just ride in circles. :)
  • The kids enjoyed time hanging out together this summer.
  • Ella Kate is doing just fine with all the extra attention now that the boys have gone back to school.
  • We tried to go to Chick fil a appreciation day, but ended up at Arby’s instead. CFA was so crazy! 3 hungry kids waiting an hour for food wasn’t going to cut it.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our summer. We enjoyed the lazy-ish days. Not having to be anywhere. That’s all over now. We’re enjoying the schedule and routine too, we’re just in the middle of the change over. The change is always the hardest. I’m hoping a couple more weeks will get us into a good groove.
  • In other news, EK isn’t terrified of the neighbor’s cat anymore. I give you exhibit A
  • School started monday, so I need to add that to my list of posts that need to be written…Here’s a pic of the whole crew on the first day. I have many more, including comparisons of the boys from last year to this year. I’ll save them for their own little post, which I may write within the next 3 months…who knows. I promise JL wasn’t choking her. It certainly looks like he was, I know.

Well, I need to call it a night. It’s 11:30, and Jeb is working tomorrow…and EK has been making it a habit to get up at 5:15am, and each of the boys have their first soccer game (that Jeb will miss because he’s working. :( Sad story.)


July 5 we woke up early to head to Bham. We had to get to the HEAR Center at 8am for an audiogram and speech perception. Here are Eks results…



Compare the 2 audiograms. You can see how well she hears with her implants on. It is very exciting to see how she hears almost everything on the audiogram. She may or may not hear the birds chirping or the leaves rustling, only time will tell. Her speech perception test had 3 parts. The first part was the only part she was expected to pass. She had to get an 8 out of 12 to pass. If she got below an 8 they would recommend we try some other form of communication with her, or we begin a different approach in some way…she got a 12 out of 12. So encouraging! She didn’t get many of the next set right and just said a few syllables/letters of the repetition part, however she should make progress and
be able to pass these as well. We are so thankful for these signs of her progress.
After testing we headed to Opp for the weekend. We did a LOT of swimming. The kids had so much fun with their cousins and we enjoyed our time there as well.

EK loves the water so much. We tried to keep her ears on her while she was in, but she kept wanting to get her head wet. We ended up leaving her glasses on (so she wouldn’t cross her eyes) and we’d put her ears on her when she’d wander out of the pool. I can’t wait until
Cochlear comes out with the pouch do she can swim in her ears!

She wore herself and me out with the swimming and not napping.
Here’s a pic of the kids with Grammy and Gramps at their store. They love their Grammy and Gramps!

We headed toward home Saturday with a stop in Millbrook for our twin nieces bday party. We got home late Saturday and resumed our regular schedule Sunday…

That brings me to 2 Sundays ago…I’ll add more in a little bit…


We’re having Ella Kate’s birthday party and celebrating with all of the friends who have been such a blessing and encouragement to us over the past 3 years…our way of saying thank you and celebrating her all at the same time.

Caden read a book to EK last night.  It was so sweet. :) Brown bear brown bear, what do you see?

EK and I do therapy every day at the kitchen table.  This is the bucket game.  She’s really good at it…when she feels like focusing.

She LOVES her some yogurt.  She only had 2 today, usually it’s more like 4.  I’m so glad she likes something with calcium in it.  Capri Sun isn’t cutting it when it comes to strong bones.

He was trying to slide down on his belly.  It was pretty anti-climactic since he ended up having to walk down on his hands.

Miss Priss here wanted to be in the middle of all the fun.  She LOVED the water and wanted to be right where all the boys were rough housing.  Makes this mama super nervous and jumpy.  She survived…and so did her glasses and implants.

The past 2 pictures were from CAden’s tball party.  It was so fun and all the kids had a blast.  There were 4 inflatables, a barbie jeep, see saw, and swing set.  The kids could have played for hours.

Today we went to therapy, to find out we didn’t have therapy.  In an effort to find something to do, we went to Target.  The kids got popcorn and drinks (and JL got a hotdog too – that big belly isn’t going to fill itself) and we meandered through the store and found a few things we didn’t really need, but bought all the same.  After that we ate lunch at full moon (where JL got macaroni and cheese to eat in addition to his hotdog), and then we got ice cream at CFA (yes, JL got an ice-cream cone too).  This is the picture I took right before we headed home.  EK wanted to sit back with the boys, so I let her.  She loved it!  She bothered Caden the whole way home.  She kept getting car cleaning wipes out and cleaning Caden’s feet with them.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures of them.  It captures their personalities so well…and shows how much EK is in love with her 2 crazy brothers.


So, we’re home. Real life started back. Well, real life with VBS. I’m thinking I probably could have benefited from a few more settle into summer and recuperate from vacation days before I started VBS. I’m a crew leader this year, which is a fancy term for child wrangler. Just kidding. We have one more day of VBS and then this weekend I get to hang out with some of my best friends from college to celebrate Karenina’s birthday! Jeb’s going to hold down the fort for me here. Such a great hubby, huh?

So, this week so far…

We got home Friday, I went to Bunco Friday night, and Caden got over his stomach virus. We woke up Saturday and I’m not 100 % sure what we did that day. I remember debating if we were going to join the aquatic center or not. We decided on not. It’s just too hard trying to keep EK’s ears dry and I will not take them off her while we’re there. We decided to buy lots of outside water toys and still come out cheaper than joining the pool. Seriously, I am at a loss for anything else we did. Oh, I just remembered! We went to Neil and Jennifer’s, ate dinner, and let the kids play outside. So much fun! Love the Yeagers.

Sunday, we went to church and EK wore this precious dress we got from a friend.

Sunday afternoon I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess the kids napped while we watched a Burn Notice. I can’t be sure, but it’s a pretty good guess. Oh, I just remembered! I ran Sunday afternoon after it stopped raining. I ran 5 miles straight! Whoop whoop! Jeb played Mario with the boys and EK hung out in the basement with them while they were playing.

Monday started VBS. I also got my ankle x-rayed, because oh my at the pain. It was fine, so I had to rest it Monday. No running for me that day.

Tuesday Jeb was off, so he went to therapy with us. All 5 of us went to therapy. It was not as productive as some of our past therapy sessions. After therapy we went to Chuy’s to celebrate the fact that we made it through therapy. I’m thinking Grangran and Grandaddy might could come keep the boys some so our therapy appointments won’t all be as crazy.


Wednesday we had Mapping at the HEAR center. For those of you who aren’t up on the CI terminology, mapping is when the tweak the CI and make sure all the electrodes are hearing at the same level. Emily didn’t have to change much and EK did awesome. She has mastered a task kids usually don’t get until 3 (praise God!). She dropped the toy in the water when she hears the beep, and this let’s emily know how to program the CI.

I’m trying to wrap up this post from last week, so I’m going to stop with that. :)