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My Mom Thinks I’m Smart


Caden started drum lessons.  It’s loud.  He plays in the basement.  I can hear them 2 floors up.  He is quite the musician, so I try to get over it. :)

I started chalk painting a little bit.  We don’t have the extra money to go out and buy all new furniture, so we painted what we had.  It was pretty easy, and looks good.

I had to deal with some unfortunate stuff toward the end of the summer.  Life isn’t always easy, and I’m never going to please everyone…then I found this on Instagram.  It was exactly what I needed.   And then, this glorious day happened.  It was PSL time again.  I had it 3 days in a row.  It came out the day before my birthday.  It was like Starbucks little present to me.  Then, I woke up one morning and decided to see how many calories my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte had in it…I get Nonfat and No Whip..surely it wasn’t many.  Ugh, a regular size is 210 calories. :(  I haven’t had one since.  Sad story.  It will definitely be a special treat, not an every day occurrence.  Alabama has been playing like a #1 team, and EK, the encourager, is happy to cheer them along.  ”Good job!!  Good job!!”JL was the FIRST golden apple in his class.  When Caden got upset that he wasn’t the first golden apple, JL told him, “It’s because I listen, obey, and am sweet.”  The same day he got the golden apple (which is basically an award for being polite, listening, following directions, etc.) he also got the BUG award (“Being Unusually Good”) for finding his sight words in a book.  He told me the night before he had been trying very hard and had been doing his best to get a BUG award.  So thankful he was rewarded for his efforts.
Caden had Grandparent’s Day and my Mom and Dad were able to come.  Don’t they look great?!?  I love my parents.  I am so thankful that they are so close and can be involved with our kids. :) This cracks me up.  ”My mom thinks I AM SMART.”  Well, yes I do buddy.  Apparently I tell you that a lot.  His favorite thing to do is go to Disney.  We all miss Disney.  It’s been since May.   Caden is playing soccer.  He had one rough game where he acted a little ugly to other players, but this game (when this picture was taken) I was SO incredibly proud of him.  His team was losing, he got a ball kicked in his face so hard it confused him for a few seconds, but HE PLAYED HIS LITTLE HEART OUT AND DID.  NOT.  QUIT.  So thankful and so proud of him.   He wasn’t the only one who enjoyed Yogurt Mountain (or Yo Mo as C calls it) that day.  The little 2 had a blast too.  Unfortunately Jeb was working. :(

Hey, I’m almost caught up with current life! Only glasses, a concert, and a few details in between. Yay!


EK rockin her “Pebbles” hair (that’s what Mrs. Parks calls her when she has her hair like this). :) Ek’s Valentines box This cutie had Rodeo day.  He had lots of fun and looked super cute! This cutie got some new boots from Mrs. Jennifer.  She LOVES them.  However, they are loud, so they got put on a HIGH shelf.K has started trying to trace things.  It’s not close to tracing at all, but there’s definitely some purpose there.   Saturday Jeb was working.  EK found Neena and Pops picture, sat it in front of her, and played the piano.  Her inspiration. While EK was playing the keyboard to a picture of N and P, Caden was helping me take the skin off potatoes.  He did an excellent job, which was surprising to me.  And no one lost a finger…added bonus.   Just FYI, when school started back I lost the time for running.  Now, I’m back jack.  “Hey Mom, Can I set up my chair and watch them build that house?”  Well of course you can sweetie. Our NKOTB tickets came in!  Our SS class is going to The Package Tour in Nashville.  So excited!! This is such an easy yummy new recipe!oday we had Valentine’s parties.  They were SO fun.  Here’s EK with her buddy, got to go to all of the kids parties with me.  So fun!!!


The last few weeks in pictures…

Caden had his first play, it was the Bugz play.  He was a little disturbed that it was spelled Bugz instead of Bugs.  I totally get that.  Why would you purposefully spell it wrong?  He did a FANTASTIC job.  He was made for the stage.  Love that kid.

We have a new Sunday School class we love.  We had them all over for the Super Bowl.  Ella Kate enjoyed the cupcakes. Ella Kate also enjoyed wearing her Mickey Ears.  Caden had on a hood.  Her dress didn’t have a hood.  She improvised.  Sometimes Caden likes to dance for sport.

K has a new love for watching Choo Choo Soul on the computer.  

This is JL’s first and last game for Upward.  He didn’t care for it.  Jeb was only going to be able to see one of his games and 2 of his practices.  I had to keep up with EK and C while JL was practicing and playing.  We let him quit.  

Jeb spent all day putting together a basketball goal.  He got it finished.  The kids and our neighbors kids played in the box.  

I bought EK a new cheerleader outfit.  She put it on as soon as she saw it.

I think she was smitten.


When I post every couple of weeks it makes it almost impossible to do events justice.  I don’t get to post feelings about events, I just post the facts.  Maybe once I’m not inputing Fall Festival info into spreadsheets I’ll be able to update the blog more often, or not.  Because then, I’ll have something else I’m doing.  I’m big on having a project.  Usually it’s planning a birthday party or a trip.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but we had the privilege of attending the Alabama Academy for Pediatrics conference in Birmingham on Sept. 30.  We spoke on awareness of the newborn hearing screening program.  Dr. Heather Taylor was one of Jeb’s attendings in residency, and she’s the physician over the hearing screening program in Alabama.  She gave a talk with a lot of interesting facts about hearing loss, and then Jeb “brought it home” with our story.  It always helps to remember something when you see how it’s happened to someone, and how it affects them.  I think Jeb did an awesome job.  He was able to talk about early implantation, and EK showed off some of her words.  I was so excited to take the boys to the Wynfrey.  Apparently the world in my head is much more perfect and the timing of things works out so much better there too.  I had ideas of grandeur.  We would go to Birmingham, and we’d eat at Wings (because that would make Jeb happy).  Then we’d go to Build-a-Bear and Lego (because the boys would love that).  Then I’d have extra time to go to Sephora and Ann Taylor Loft.  Reality:  We ate at Wings and shopped at Build-a-Bear and went back to the room.  They wouldn’t give us a roll away bed (because it is a fire hazard), so EK had to sleep in a pack and play.  She’s 3.  She climbs.  She finally fell asleep in our bed, and we transferred her to the Pack n Play.  The Alabama game didn’t start till 8 that night, so we watched a good bit of it after the kids fell asleep.  I fell asleep well before the game was over though.  EK decided 5:45 was an acceptable time to climb into bed with her brothers.  You know what I forget?  Hotels aren’t comfortable for getting ready with 5 people.  They just aren’t.  I know, First World Problems…but whatever.  We are also going to be featured in the newsletter sent out to the Pediatricians and newborn nursery’s in Alabama, continuing to raise awareness, and we will be writing a letter they will send home with parents whose child failed the newborn screen (to show them how important it is to follow up).  We are so thankful to see some of the big picture…to see how God is using our little lives to affect others.

So, after that, we went to NYC with our friends, The Yeagers.  That deserves a post in itself.  Here’s a picture from our trip for good measure.   

Mom and Dad took wonderful care of our babes while we were away.  We came home to happy healthy children who were still in one piece, a clean house, and dinner cooking.  What more could we have asked for or imagined?  We are blessed.  We’ve jumped in with both feet since we’ve been back.  It’s always hard getting back in a routine.  And the laundry, oh the laundry.  It never ends.  We got this guys school pictures back.

I would really appreciate it if the boy in this picture would bring back my baby.  Where did he go?!?  Caden is an old soul.  He’s wise beyond his years, and his body is finally catching up with his mind.  I actually bought some of these pictures.  I thought they were so cute. :)

We’ve been reading our nightly books, which seem to get longer every day.  Caden’s reading so well now.

JL overestimates my iphones ability to snap pictures of moving targets.  He says take my picture, and then starts swinging his hands.  He was not concerned with the temperature outside.  I believe it was in the 70s when he was wearing these.  He just wanted to wear his new pajamas.  He loves Mario.  He has decided he wants a big party at Air It Out.  I had talked him into having friends over to spend the night, but he switched back to a big bday party.  He’s only had one party just for him, so I think he deserves a little spotlight.  So, now I get to plan a Mario bday party. :)

We had a meeting Thursday with Mrs. Parks, who will be EK’s preschool teacher on Mondays.  We are excited to get her around some new kids, and to teach her new behavior skills.  I think she will really like it, once she gets over me not being there.  We’ve kind of been attached at the hip these last few months.  It will be good for both of us to get her back into preschool sooner rather than later.  We’ll still put her in the School for Hearing once she’s definitely potty trained, but that may be another month or so.  She’s good most of the time…but not all of the time.

Friday is our fun day with JL.  We pick him up early from school every Friday, and we run errands and play.  

This is JL’s food tower he wanted me to take a picture of and send to his Daddy.  He’s so silly.  You can see in the background, EK’s ear fell off and she’s putting it back on.  Life became a little easier when she learned how to put her ear back on by herself.

After Wal-Mart, we came home and did therapy, and then JL decided to color code his bears on boats, and send them “on vacation.”  He made up a little going on vacation song as well.

She adores her big brothers, so she gets so excited when they’re home from school to play for the day.

We had a superhero birthday party to head to at 5:30, so we ate an early bird special around 4:30.  All 3 kids ate dinner in the living room, and sat still for the most part.  It was one of my most cherished parts of the day.  :) Jeb worked Friday, so I loaded up the kids and headed to Air it Out.  It wasn’t as crazy as I imagined it would be.  The boys fended for themselves, and EK wasn’t super wild.  She played with friends, and slid, jumped, etc.  

Here’s EK before the party.  She LOVED her skirt and wings.

Here are all the kids from the party.  They all had a blast!

I hope this is an indication to you that our Saturday has indeed been diptacular.  We had a heavenly corn dip.  It was cream cheese, rotel, white corn, and yellow corn with a sprinkle of garlic.  We ATE. IT. ALL.  I feel like it was okay because it had corn and tomatoes in it. :) That’s vegetables right?!?  We also made jello jigglers, which Caden tried and didn’t like, and JL ate even though he said it was like “rubber.”  He’s something else.  EK wanted the caramel, so we’ll make caramel apples for her tomorrow.  I LOVE FALL!  I’ll be back soon with a NYC post.  Hope y’all are having  a good weekend too!


Tonight I bring you bullet points.

  • Ella Kate was asked to take a month off of school because of potty training issues.  She pooped in her pants 3 days in a row, which was a big no no.  The Lord has been so good to us, and has blessed us with her finally “getting it.”  When we sent her to school we knew she wasn’t really potty trained.  We hoped she’d do good enough.  We sent her in pull ups.  She would have been fine…except if she pooped.  In a miraculous turn of events…she has only had 1 poo poo accident (and it was one she couldn’t really have prevented) since she was asked to stay home.  She has stayed dry most of the time too.  She has been to Wal-Mart, soccer game, to Birmingham, thru therapy, thru dinners at a restaurant, etc. and stayed DRY!  We are so excited!!  It’s amazing how having a child pretty much potty trained will help take stress and pressure off of being out in public. :)  This has been a good time for me to reflect on who I’m putting my trust in for Ella Kate…is it me, cochlear implants, therapy, school, or is it God?  I get pretty stressed out and overwhelmed with life when my focus isn’t on The Lord.  I’m a bit of a control freak, and try to handle it all….and through different events in life, Gods telling me to let go and let Him handle it.
  • School was stressing me out.  Ella Kate was having some behavior issues.  She was having trouble sitting still at story time.  She’d get bored and want attention so she’d get in kids faces or pull their implants off.  She had to sit in time out because she pinched and kicked a kid.  She was taking other kids food at lunch.  Oh my.  It was a bit overwhelming.  Thankfully in the last week without school she seems to have calmed down some.  She will actually walk around the house with me and “help” me do things instead of just reaking havoc on the house and all things inside of it. ;) She’s been a handful the past 3 years.  We ironed together today.  She would repeat, “Cay-en orts” ” Mommy ewt” and then say “OT!” Interpretation…Caden’s shorts, Mommy shirt, HOT!  She repeated other things too, but I won’t bore you with it all.
  • Her vocabulary is really starting to improve!  She’s telling us she needs to potty.  She’s asking me for things she wants.  It’s music to my ears.  It has been a struggle for a couple of months now to get her to use the words she understands.  We have to force her to “use her words.”  We tell her, “This is a monkey! Can you say monkey? Monkey!  A monkey!”  And then she’ll say something that may or may not resemble the sound of monkey.  Just in the last couple of weeks we’ll just say monkey (or whatever word) and she’ll repeat “ma-kee.”  It’s amazing how much easier it is when we’re not struggling to get her to use words.  She still isn’t coming up with lots and lots on her own, but it is so much better.
  • I’m having to work out IEP stuff for her.  Tuesday the SLP and the preschool teacher from the Primary School came to therapy.  They wanted to sit in so they could see the difference between AVT and the type of therapy the therapist at the school does.  The SLP was blown away at the difference.  I knew they were coming to therapy today, and I also know EK doesn’t like therapy.  She is NOT a performer.  She picks and chooses when she wants to do the tasks asked of her.  She throws things sometimes.  It can get ugly.  I prayed and prayed about therapy today.  She did awesome!  It couldn’t have been better.  She was engaging, she repeated phrases, she repeated words.  We meet with the lady over special education again next Monday.  Praying she will decide in our favor.  If not, we will still fight for AVT, but it’s just so much easier to not have to fight.
  • JL decided he didn’t want to wear his gray and orange shoes that tie to school today because he couldn’t take them off easily during nap time.  He said, “My feet don’t stink, so I get to take my shoes off during nap time.”
  • Caden lost a tooth Sunday.  He worked on it all weekend.  It DID NOT WANT TO COME OUT.  
  • John Luke is learning how to read at school.  He’s learning to read his colors.  He won a little game the other day.  He read the most cards or something…he tried to explain it to me, but I never really understood.  Who would have thought the little boy who 1 1/2 years ago couldn’t tell you his colors would be spelling them this year?  He does things in his own timing.  He makes me smile.
  • Our air conditioning is messed up for the 4th time since we moved in 1 1/2 years ago.  That is unacceptable.  The guy’s coming to fix it tomorrow, but I’d like this repair to last longer than 4 months.  Is that to much to ask?  No.  No it is not.
  • Saturday we’re going to spend the night at the Wynfrey at the Galleria.  We have a conference to take Ella Kate to on Sunday morning.  One of Jeb’s attendings from residency is over the newborn hearing screening program in Alabama.  She’s doing a talk to the AAP on Sunday and she’s included Ella Kate in her talk.  The boys are beyond excited about getting to spend the night in the mall.  They are having visions of Build-a-Bear and Lego. ;)
  • I want to go to Disney World.  I’m trying to work it out so we can go…combining the boys birthday sleepovers into one…saving money on parties…telling them we can celebrate BOTH of their birthdays at Disney!  Apparently those tactics don’t magically make money appear in the checking account.  Who would have thought?!?
  • Jeb’s been off work the past 3 days, and it has been so great.  We’ve been so busy lately.  It was nice to not be driving back and forth to Birmingham, no grass mowing, no house cleaning, just spending time together as a family.  LOVE.  He did have to put the treadmill together this afternoon…which meant I didn’t have any excuses for not running.
  • I ran tonight.  I haven’t ran in 2 weeks!!  Eeek!  Long gone are the days I was running 5 times a week.  It’s unfortunate, but life has been a bit overwhelming and one of the first things that got put on the back burner was running.  We have been enjoying large amounts of football and having diptaculars at our house.  You would think from this picture we are Auburn fans, you would be wrong.  I texted this to Jeb because I thought Auburn might lose…again.  We say Roll Tide in our house.  So far, our team has convincingly won all of our football games, and we have enjoyed all of our dips.  We’ve had white rotel, regular rotel, swiss almond dip, and warm bean dip (or texas trash).  Not sure what this weekend will bring.  We are wild and crazy around here.
  • Caden came home 2 days last week with a fever.  He was complaining of a headache Wednesday after school and he ended up having a fever.  We kept him out of school Thursday (even though he seemed fine) since he had a fever the day before.  We sent him back friday, and he came home with a fever…again!  He layed down most of the afternoon but has been completely fine since then.  Who knows?
  • It has finally dropped 1 degree in our home.  It has gone from 78 to 77.  I.  AM.  HOT.  I am not warm natured.  I’m pretty sure I’ll put the air on 70 tomorrow once it fits just because I can.  I’ll sit under 10 blankets and enjoy all of the frigid air.



Baby girl turned 3!!  We had a little party for her at our house.  We invited sweet family and friends who had been such an encouragement to us throughout her 3 years of life (Tuscaloosa peeps, there are so many of you who were so helpful and encouraging to us…wish you lived closer and could have come).  

We had hamburgers and hotdogs and fellowship with one another.  

Here are the boys with some of their best buddies.  

We have been so blessed with loving friends here in Cullman.

EK loved her cupcake and ice cream. :)

She played hard, ate well, and had lots of fun.  I’m pretty sure her favorite part was opening her presents. 

It was a night of celebration, of friends, family, and especially our little princess.


Here’s baby girl on her actual birthday. She was excited about her new “owne.” 



  • We got internet back tonight after 13 days without it.  Praise God.  Hallelujah.  Amen.
  • We still don’t have our home phone back.
  • Mother’s Day was wonderful.  Jeb made me breakfast in bed (egg whites, fruit, toast, and coffee), I got a fun card that sang to me from the kids (it sang, get on your feet by Gloria Estefan which is so random), we went to church at FBC, we got home and the kids took a wonderful nap while Jeb and I sat on the porch, I got a Vera Bradley laptop case and Caden had the idea to get me a K-Cup Carousel (for my coffee cups that go with the Kurig coffee machine), and we went to Huntsville for dinner with my parents and both sets of grandparents.  It was a fantastic day!!
  • We finally have a breakfast room table!  It was supposed to be delivered to the Vincent’s Furniture warehouse right before the tornado, but it got here later than promised and I am thankful…the Vincents warehouse is now rubble…it was in the direct path of the tornado. :(
  • Yesterday was one of those days where everything’s going smoothly and then something just happens and the smooth quickly changes to all hell breaking loose…I cleaned up poo off of 2 different bathroom floors (one was on various other parts of the bathroom too, but I’ll spare you the story), unclogged 3 toilets, and got peed on all within a matter of about 2 hours.  Once Jeb came home, he took over and I got to sterilize myself in the shower and rest some.
  • The boys had a 3 week spring break once you take into account the time we were off for actual spring break, the 2 days we were in Tuscaloosa, and then the 1 1/2 weeks they were out of school because of the tornado!  They went back Monday and had a blast.  I think they were getting tired of me.  I guess I’m boring after a while.  Their school got hit by the tornado, so they’re meeting across the street in a different building.  I thought they might be a little nervous about that, but it was fine!  They missed their friends, so they were so excited to get back together with them.
  • While our internet was out we rented a few movies from redbox (we use the internet for netflix and hulu instead of watching cable).  We rented World’s Greatest Dad (I cannot NOT recommend this enough – it is sick and twisted), The Switch (cute movie), Johnny Test – Hiiiiyaaaa (the boys have a new love of Johnny Test – I’m not sure why), The Book of Eli (I didn’t watch it, but Jeb said it was good – I have a aversion to movies that don’t end with everyone happy, skipping into the sunset), How Do You Know (it was ok – not sure what the point was), and maybe some more?  My brain is tired.
  • Tomorrow I hope to get caught up with cleaning this house!  We have no plans other than the boys being at school, so maybe EK will grab a feather duster and go to work with me.


Today, as most days do lately, calls for a bulleted list.  Today’s reason you ask?  Because I’ve been a bloggy slacker and have a lot to catch up on…


EK and The “Relaxer”

  • We went to First Baptist Church last Sunday.  I loved it.  I loved it that last time we went too.  Jeb wasn’t on board with me the 1st time.  I’m hoping I get him on board this time.  We went to Sunday School and it was pretty good.  We’re going to try the other young married class next week.  Caden knew a few kids in his class, JL had SADIE in his class (his preschool girlfriend), and EK stayed for an hour and then was done (I count an hour as  a success!)
  • Jeb has worked 7 out of the last 9 days.  He had last Sunday off and Tuesday.  It has been nor so good for mommy’s state of mind.  This morning has been good though!  I’m just so tired by the time 7pm rolls around, but that’s the busy hour around here (cleaning up dinner, baths, bed, etc).  I try to get dinner, baths, and pj’s on before Jeb gets home so we can spend some family time together.
  • Jeb is working his last weekend day for the next few weeks RIGHT NOW.  Praise Jesus.
  • Caden was in the refrigerator today and EK was right with him.  He closed the door and she started fussing.  She started saying “mmmmeh.”  So we looked around and got her milk and she was happy!  She asked for milk!!  Yay!  We’re seeing such improvement with her speech and I couldn’t be happier.
  • Meemaw and Pappaw came down to Cullman with their go-goers group from their church.  They were going to Ave Maria Grotto and the Cullman Museum.  EK and I met them for lunch at Rumor’s Deli and then after I picked up the boys from school I took them to Dairy Queen for snack and we ran into them their too!  It was great to get to spend some time with them!
  • We’re finally getting EK’s 1 year photos made this Wednesday by .  I went to high school with Katie and found her photography site on Facebook.  She does wonderful work.  I can’t wait to get some new pictures of our munchkins!  Just in case you were wondering…EK turns 21 months this month.  We’re only 11 months late.
  • Caden goes around the house singing, “baby, baby, baby…” which is from a U2 song.  We are so proud. :)  Really, we are.  I’m not kidding.  He also can sing the entire Zhu Zhu babies come-er-she-i-al (that’s how he pronounces it) including the ending when they say “zhu zhu babies, hamsters, and play sets sold separately.”  Cracks me up, that kid.
  • Saturday the kids and I went to see Grandpa (my great grandpa and the kids great great grandpa).  He turns 102 this year.  He loves seeing the kids.  We met mom up there.  We talked to all the little old folks and they oohed and ahhed over the kiddos.  They are cute if I say so myself.  After we left there we went to Red Lobster where the kids scored some easter treats from a server of a different table.  Then mom had to leave, so I was on my own.  I took the kids to Bridge Street (a little shopping area in Huntsville) so I could get some conditioner.  We got there and treked to the shops and I realized EK didn’t have her CI.  So we go back to the car.  I couldn’t find it there, so we re-traced our steps (both boys are walking and JL has backless flip flops on).  Couldn’t find it there either, so we went back to the car.  Finally I found it in EK’s seat, so after all that work, I decided we should just go to the cookie company.  We got a wide variety of cookies and an icee.  Next up, Caden wanted to go into the Swarovski store.  The ladies were so kind and showed them all the Disney crystal figures.  One of the ladies noticed EK’s CI and said she was the school speech therapist for CI kids.  We talked for a while about that and she was so encouraging.  After that the kids felt we needed to go to Barnes and Noble to play with Thomas, so we did…because I didn’t have anything else we needed to do…you know other than pass out from exhaustion.  While we were at Barnes and Noble the boys each found a book they wanted so we got a Scooby Doo Book that feels longer than any novel than I’ve ever read and a Zhu Zhu pet book (that Caden thinks is the coolest thing since sliced bread).  And we couldn’t leave EK out, she got a touch and feel book about animals.  So we got in the car and they all promptly passed out.  Once we got home Caden had a list of things we needed to do…first up…painting outside, next, water play…hop scotch and the “relaxer” aka Baby sit and spray thing.  EK even got in on the fun.


Zhu Zhu Pet HopscotchI have more to post, but I ended up doing some stuff with the kids, going to Huntsville, eating dinner with mom and dad, buying lots of zhu zhu pets for $3.50 a piece, eating at 5 guys, driving home, cleaning up vomit, sleeping, going to therapy, eating at chuys, ebaying, and so on and so forth.


I’ll start afresh tomorrow with new and exciting amounts of endless words.  Hope you all had a wonderful Monday and you don’t find yourself still awake at 11:24pm.  Why am I awake you ask?  I have no good reason for it.  I think I’ll go get me a Weight Watchers cake and call it a night.


Last week one of my best friends, the wonderful Carrie Young, facebooked me and mentioned the ladies slumber party NRC was having Friday.  At first,  I thought there was no way I could do it, but then I realized I NEEDED to go.  I am so thankful Jeb and Neena/Pops helped me make it work out.  I left at 430 Friday and headed down to Tusclaoosa while Jeb took the kids to Neena and Pop’s house.  They stayed overnight there because Jeb had to be at work at 8 this morning.

I picked up my antibiotics at Publix (because that’s how you start every wild and crazy night), and then met Carrie and April at Chick-fil-a.  Before I saw Carrie and April, I saw their hubby’s.  I told them hey, and then jokingly said, I see you stuck your wives in the dreaded playplace while you guys chatted it up our here.  They then said to me…we have 5 more minutes till we go on duty and we’re taking advantage of it..hilarious…love those guys.

So we left to go to Mrs. Priscilla’s house.  We got to chat it up on the way out there and it was just like old times.  We even drove by our old house, which may I add was just classy….teal lawn chairs in the front…why didn’t we think of doing that?!?  We got to the sleepover and just jumped right in with chatting, talking about random pointless stuff mixed in with deep theological stuff and feelings, giving big hugs, and laughing a lot.  It was just perfect.  These women will never know what they mean to me.  I cannot actually put it into words.  I still miss them like crazy.  I am thankful for facebook, but it doesn’t replace the weekly words of encouragement I would get, the “you’re not a bad mother…I do that too” that I would hear.  If you’ve read this blog for over a month you know my love for the ladies at North River.  This morning I sat on the couch reading the paper, drinking my coffee, and just soaking all the chatter in around me.  It was divine.  Last night when I went to bed I just couldn’t get to sleep, I just kept saying “Thank You Lord for this wonderful night of encouragement” over and over and over.  And then I eventually did fall asleep and according to April, I didn’t move another muscle all night.  So, yeah, I had a pretty awesome Friday night and Saturday morning.  It makes me miss all my Tuscaloosa friends even more, but it was SO worth it. :)  One thing I wish is we were where we are now in our lives back when we lived in Tuscaloosa…but on the other hand I needed them all more then than they will ever know…I needed them during the time we found out about EK’s hearing…but I wish I was there now…when I have more time to invest in Bible Studies, accountability groups, Barnes and Noble play dates, walks through the park, playing on the playground…but alas I’m not there.  I’m here.  And I‘m good with being here.  I love our friends here too!  I just love our friends down there as well.  I’m debating over driving down for Carol’s monthly Bible Study because, hey, that’s better than nothing…and man I MISS me some Ms. Carol!  And Carol, if you’re reading this, I was hoping I would see you Friday night!  Sad story!  I’m also debating on if I should drive down there for church when Jeb’s working on Sundays because we’re not at the place where I can be comfortable with dropping all 3 off by myself..but I could at NRC…and I’d hopefully get to enjoy the service too!

On a lighter note, I ate the breakfast casserole from FIG for breakfast and oh my word it was heavenly-that is if heaven will serve something that could possibly give you an on the spot heart attack….bacon, sausage, cheese, eggs, grease, and instead of bread – GRITS!  A true southerner’s breakfast casserole.  It was absolutely wonderful!  We also had 3 or 4 different kinds of chips and dip last night and then brownie ice cream sundae’s last night.  My pants were tight this morning.  I’m wondering if maybe someone snuck in last night and washed and dryed them on hot water…or maybe it was just the brownie, cadberry eggs, 2 servings of breakfast casserole, and 2 plates of chips and dip I ate, who knows?!?

So this rambling has gone on long enough…let me sum this up. You look young.  We’re having fun.  And here is a key to my apartment….I am now a homeless guy in a VERY serious relationship.  Oh yeah, that’s summing up the wrong thing (that’s a friends quote just in case you didn’t watch them religiously like I did).  Okay back to summing stuff up…I like Cullman, there are nice people here, we have friends,  EK is good, we’re close to my parents, my mom helps with the kids all the time, we’re finally in our house and we love it, we meet my parents most weekends when Jeb works, Jeb loves his job(s), and we’re probably going to be here for a while.  We’re doing well.  I don’t ever want to portray that I’m not happy, or Jeb and I are having issues, or we don’t like it here!  Please just understand that that is still my HOME.  Those are still my best friends.  Really girls, I miss you so much!  I’m glad there’s a Barnes and Noble in Birmingham.  I’m not sure where we’d meet without it. ;)


Wow, this was a post full of feeling, over-analyzation, and rambling.  If you made it to the end kudos.  Kudos to you mom, you may be the only one who did it.  P.S.  It’s 11:30 and I’m highly medicated for this sinus infection/allergy/zoloft withdrawl mess I have going on inside my body.  Fun times.  I may be deleting this post tomorrow If I reread it and it makes no sense.  ha!